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It's been a while since I did an introduction post. (CW for length) 

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Very old and silly pic of early Julie... who honestly has not changed much in the 10+ years since I doodled this...

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Do you have gender?

It's ok. Many of us either do or did at one time. It's a somewhat common thing, really.

Did you know that you do not need to keep your current gender if it's not working well for you?

You can have more gender... less gender... no gender... all the...

... well, no, you can't have all the gender. I mean, save some gender for others that may want some...

Point is, you get to choose how much and what type(s) of gender you want, and you get to choose how you want to express it.

Yes! You do!! Yes, you!!!

I got home from work... Stormycat was snoozing and curled up on the couch in her cat-nest instead of getting up as soon as I get home for foods, so I sat down next to her and petted her and she was all rolling and purring and nuzzling and stuff...

... and I dozed off...

I am apparently tired and kitty is comfy.

Cool idea:

If you have the moolah to spend on a new console, spend it on a game on instead. Every game that allows payment lets you pay more than asking price. Heck, spread it out over several games if you want.

Giving $100 or so to a small dev for their $15 game is so much more rewarding than a hunk of plastic filled with rare earth conflict metals and shitty labour practices.

In case I'm not the last one to hear about this, there's an online game expo this Saturday about games made by people of colour.

The schedule looks interesting, there's already a number of talks I'm thinking of attending. Lots of short talks too, which is a plus in my view, so you can quickly get an overview of a subject.

Phone found, right where I left it... didn't even look like it had been noticed or touched.


I left my phone at work!

I keep it auto-locked after ten minutes, and any password stuff on there is behind a separate and more complicated lock, so I'm not really worried about anyone casually getting into stuff on it (like weirdo smut doodles that I do not at all want to explain to my normie-het tiny-town coworkers), but...

... it's my phone... and it needs me...

Nothing I can do about it now, and I'll get it tomorrow when I get there... I just... I don't just leave my phone places... I got distracted at the last minute, and forgot to grab it... I know that's what happened...


There is apparently a limit to how much naan bread I can eat in one sitting.

So... I've learned something!

Someday, I shall learn to stay off birbsite.

Today was not that day.

*curls up and cries for a bit*

Home from work... kitty is fed... laundry is running...

Time to waste away yet another evening in escapism gaming, because I'm am out of spuns and have to face outside again, tomorrow.

They cut down some trees in the apartment area, today (dead ones, I assume/hope... I know at least 1 was definitely dead and had no leaves at all, this year), and piled up all the logs in the last parking space... as in, I had to move a log pile in the dark when I pulled in, so I could have a place to park.

I want to live somewhere else... but no matter where we move to, it'll still be in this stupid moron-run country, and it'll have it's own problems...

... still gives me chills... still makes me tear up... that scene always will... that furious, righteous anger...

Currently, there is a live (online and distanced) reading of ThePrincessBride from the original cast going on (that are still alive, of course). They are taking donations as admission for the event... the donations going to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin...

I donated... because there is very little that would not give to hear and see Mandy Patinkin demand that he wants his father back.

The video and audio is not the best, but it is still very much soothing my heart.

I follow one account on birbsite that posts interesting art and photos, and whom chirps entirely in an arabic text... I think. I am honestly not sure because I can't read it, and I apologize if I'm wrong.

Today, my feed is entirely full of reposts in this text... like every other post, easily.

On the one hand, I have a strong feeling they got hacked and are bot-posting...

On the other, my feed hasn't looked this pretty in years, and I am not drowning in the daily sea of horrific images of what IdjitOrange or his legion of morons are corrupting today... it's a beautiful appearing script language.

Stress Kobolds.

Like, emotional-support doggos, but tiny dragonkin that just want to hug you when you're getting nervous and scared.

Currently drinking a white russian stout... a nitro coffee stout with vanilla.

It's very interesting, but I prefer an actual white russian...

Went out to a bier garden for an outdoor fish fry with Raccoon, dad, and my sister, and she brought her 3 border collies!


I am... now covered in paw print smears and mud, because it was drizzly-raining...

... worth it!

friendly reminder that 3DS games are ridiculously expensive but thankfully it's ridiculously easy to hack a 3DS and pirate like every game

so easy i was able to do it

here's a guide

Gotta be honest...

... I'm pretty tired in nearly every stat this simulation has...

Link to a metal as heck cat 

Modern English 

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