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Julie Sqveakaroo @JulieSqveakaroo@dragon.style

Feel like crying, and that's about it... maybe laundry...

Called in sick, today... having a mental meltdown.

I had one, long, continually restarting, horror-show of a murderous nightmare, last night, and I feel like I got zero sleep. Every time I'd shake myself out of it or try to guide the dreams elsewhere, it rolled right back to the beginning... I can't focus, and I can't sleep because it's not out of my head, yet.

I was wrong...

Depression crash today due to nightmares all night and very little sleep... I am having a hell of a time focusing, and outside seems exceptionally terrifying, today.

Having a qviet introvert weekend.

All is ok.

I'll be back, tomorrow.

No sketch tonight... Roo went day drinking and needs a nap when we gets home.

Also, it has been a good day out wandering through an artsy small town with open wine bottles in paper sacks like professional winos, smiling at all the lesbians being too drunk and smitten to care about onlookers...

Argument with Raccoon, after a day of outdoor wine and craft festival:

Look, the entire plot of Purple Rain was that Morris Day thought he was cooler than Prince, and Prince had 60s Batgirl's motorcycle. FIGHT ME!!

Today's sketch: Wool Shearing

"It's just so hot out, still... I feel so... so... sticky...
... be a lamb and help me out of this wool sweater, Mmmm??"

I don't think I've doodled a sheep, before...



The suggestions are in; it's time to spin!! ... and the decision is...

Today's redraw will involve an inverted triangle shape... larger at the top, smaller at the bottom!

Post later, after I get home!

Today's sketch:

Trot Uploading

I don't have an MLP character... I have a series of bad puns that manifest in MLP form, at times.

Her name's Trot. She fights for the Uni'zors.

Unicorn mode: uncommon Uni'zor powers that let her manipulate the virtual reality around her.

Pony mode: her IdentityHorn detaches and becomes a weaponized horseshoe that she can fling with precision accuracy.

Pegasus mode: her IdentityHorn again detaches and reconfigures itself to light-enhanced wings that leave glowing trails of degrading solid light particles at high speeds.



The random spinny-wheel of spinnyness has chosen today's iteration/mutation:

Extra set of arms!

@Thaminga , since this was your choice, where should they be anchored to?

Tonight's qvestion will be posted a bit later with the updated sketch!

Sketches of the day 2


I loved Battle Angel Alita when I was first getting into anime and manga, and the world concept of cyborg folks being completely commonplace just really stuck with me... their chassis were completely separate from their meatware, and the main named character is little more than a half-torso, a shoulder, and the most of her head without a cyborg body to move around in.

So, a few years ago, I drew a character concept based on that idea... a unicorn who had been found in a medical chamber in frozen storage, with most of her body so badly damaged only 10% was recoverable... no memories of her past or of her name, her designation given to her being 'Ra5en'.

Sketches of the day 1

MsPacman Power Lunch

"Ooooh... you're awfully cute!
We should do lunch, sometime...
... how about NOW???"

"C-c-c-can't we r-r-reschedule?!?!?"

... yep... I'm a dork...



Later tonight, when I get home, I'll post a simple, non-featured, humanoid sketch under this title as a content warning ('cause I know y'all will make it likely NSFW within seconds)

At that point, I'll ask what sort of feature to include or modify, and y'all give me a suggestion (one per individual, so make it count), and I'll randomly pick one to add to the sketch for the following post instance.

I'm going to hold off on gender assignment until the last possible step, so it will remain neutral until then, but beyond that, fire away with the features!

Whadda'ya think, folks?

Today has been rough.

I feel isolated, left out, and depressed right now, for no reason other than too much exposure to social media's political takes, MuriccaRumembers, and nazbro rants.

... granted, that's a pretty valid reason.

But I withdrew, and I'm still withdrawn, and watching folks actually being happy just makes me feel not a part of things, because I can't undraw out of my head, right now. I know that's temporary, but it still feels bad at the minute.

Can I have a mental -reset- button?

I love late night radio ads for what they promote as exotic clubs and how they completely miss my demographic.

... like they'd even know what to do with a xenomorph dancer... I seriously doubt those poles are hazmat rated, and there's likely not a decent rubber suit in the whole place!