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It's been a while since I did an introduction post. (CW for length) 

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Very old and silly pic of early Julie... who honestly has not changed much in the 10+ years since I doodled this...

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Do you have gender?

It's ok. Many of us either do or did at one time. It's a somewhat common thing, really.

Did you know that you do not need to keep your current gender if it's not working well for you?

You can have more gender... less gender... no gender... all the...

... well, no, you can't have all the gender. I mean, save some gender for others that may want some...

Point is, you get to choose how much and what type(s) of gender you want, and you get to choose how you want to express it.

Yes! You do!! Yes, you!!!

Gonna take it easy, the next few days... it feels like I have a sick coming on... hopefully, it will be minor.

Today, he was given another new-to-him weird part that had to be done... lefty outside thread with a tight tolerance, which is easy to measure if you know how to use pins and can figure out the needed math...

... which he can't... which bothers me for other reasons...

... but they are definitely using sink-or-swim tactics on him, and then leaving him on his own to drown.

I don't argue that he isn't the right skill level for this job, but these mind games don't teach anyone anything except to give up.

In comparison, I am at the stealth- buttplug level of lathe skill.

... as in there are more than a few machines in this shop that lost the plastic cap that covers up an access hole on them, and to stop chips and debris from getting into the machines, I made a few tiny 1-inch buttplugs and inserted them into the holes... all anyone can see is the flat of the bases...

... it makes me giggle.

Work related distrust 

There has been no fallout at work, so that's good, but I am still not ok.

Not at all looking forward to going into work today and dealing with the fallout of sabotage-testing... which I will explain in more detail when I'm saner...

I'm not being sabotaged. I'm being dragged in to help undo the weirdness and all I'm seeing is red flags.


Frustrating work day was frustrating.

I have neither the time, nor the inclination to participate in the sabotage mind games that seem to be happening there, nor do I want to have conversations suddenly thrust at me when I'm trying to be working.

Need a drink.

Despite all my rage I am awake, again... and now I gotta go to work...

... the lyrics need work...

Beer posting. CW: alcohol containers 

Beer posting. CW: alcohol containers 

Beer posting. CW: alcohol containers 

Went out to get BBQ at a place that's been getting really good food reviews...

Walked in to a bar/dining room, the barstools fully packed with guys not wearing masks, the lone bartender/ server not wearing a mask, and heard they had a lot of menu items being out because the line yesterday was literally out the door...

... yeah, I don't care how good the food is, because I doubt the folks in the kitchen are wearing masks any more than the folks out front, and I'm staying in there for another minute to find out.

Getting MacNCheese at a different place.

Pepper vodka: Darn tasty, but dangerous.

You cannot accidentally sniff-inhale while taking a sip without the pepper-tickle making you cough into your drink...

Wisconsin chili is good, don't get me wrong, but it is more earthy and beef tasting.

Coney chili is laced with sweet brown sugar and onions and has tiny meat crumbles that exist without heavily affecting the chili flavor, and to me, that is like PERFECT on a hot dog.

Every time I get a chili dog, I am reminded that what I actually want is a hot dog bun filled with chili, but skip the dog...

... and that I miss coneydogs, because we have no ConeyIslands in Wisconsin...

Beer has been obtained.

Photos will happen later.

I also picked up a spicy pepper vodka (I do not often pick up hard liqvor), and am currently having a VERY peppery DrPepper, because it is apparently a spicy weekend!

Signs that I am alive and ok:

Got a big cheese steak sammich and a bottle of pepper sauce, and I'm demolishing said sammich by sqvirting the bottle in one hand, and eating without napkins in the other, like a fully functioning adult.

Signs that I may not be as functional or adult as I think:

Pepper sauce is creeping dangerously close to my crotch as I brought no napkins to clean up and then I accidentally drop and spill the bottle all over my thighs.

... but I keep eating anyway.

Done with work for the week... managed to complete all my projects for the week's due date, but not the specific day date, but I can accept that... if they want 100% on-time completion, then the scheduler needs to grok that parts don't get made instantaneously and that rework or emergency orders destroy plans.

Got soda and shelf-groceries.

Getting sammiches.

Will get drinksies, tomorrow.

Reminder that it's OK to try out different identities, personalities, genders, aspects, and sides of yourself.

It's also OK to express those attempts to whatever capacity you feel safe in doing.

If something suits you really well, then it's OK to embrace it!

If something doesn't fit, then that's OK, too!

I need to go to bed.

One more sleep (and work shift) until sqveakend-weekend!

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