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We don't need no education

(Yes, yes we do. So far being stupid Americans hasn't worked out so well, so how's about we try learning, hmm?)

We don't need no thought control

(Look, it's not my kink either, but let's not just go about blanketly shaming folks who are into that sort of thing. Not cool, Floyd.)

No dark sarcasm... in the classroom

(ARE YOU KIDDING?? Have you even SEEN the kinds of things kids are having to face in those classrooms, these days? Let them snark the heck out!!!)

Teacher leave them kids alone

(... ok, that we agree on.)

Do you ever catch yourself saying things to the effect of "I'm gonna do a home-repair project this weekend, just like a real adult!"... and then realize you're like mid-40s, and likely should have struck "adult" by now, if you were ever gonna?

How did adults manage to seem so "adult" when we were little?

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... having a day.

The thermostat is not holding temp on the home water heater... gotta get that fixed.

Work stuff is being damaged... my circus, my monkeys.

The laptop prep is not going well due to me forgetting the OS was Vista, and I can't reformat it because of previous damage to the hard drive... so... it works, but it's outdated, and I can't vouch for how long. Doing the best that I can, with that.

Just, overall, a day.

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I would pay money for a voxel depiction of Blocko's Modern Life...

Mostly because I want to see the comparison to a single vox Spunky vs how many voxes it would take to make Missus Bighead.

... is that the right numeric here? One vox, multiple voxes? I never learned Voxel...

... did I mention that you're cute?

... 'cause you are!!!

It is a bothersome feeling when you mathematically track down the answer to why your work has been specifically frustrating the last few days, and it concludes in 'previous idjit did not do their job right' ... like by roughly .01 inches right, which is a YUGE problem in machining...

Yay, it's not me, but that means I can't actually fix it, either.

Made snark comment to a political noting on birdsite about 7 hours ago... which got discovered by random.white.intellectual from a keyword search (I'm guessing), and now I'm suddenly in a 3am impromptu argument because I assume he needed to jerk off to something, 'cause I can't really think of any other reason in a non-sketch-comedy setting where you'd just impromptively seek out a snark comment to insert yourself into a PatrickStar-circle-logic argument over...

... but I gave two attempts at an informed reply (which naturally led back around to nowheresville, man), and that's all I have the patience for.

I am at work, but I'd rather not, and I realize that I'm saying that a lot.

I don't hate my job. I hate the awkward forced conversations I need to have while doing my job, because that is what normal, non-introverted folks do, and I don't. I nod, I engage in responses, I half listen, but I never start these conversations. I just get talked to a lot, and it's exhausting.

Head feels like it's on fire from work... gonna try to relax for a bit before bed.

An' the'ss spiders as big as yor 'and, Boiyo... an' not the fun kine', nietheh'!

... and I'm like, THERE'S A FUN KIND?!?!?

... and that's why I will never set foot in Australia.

Need to get going to work... dun' wanna... wanna go back to nap, or hunt more monsties...

I don't watch tv at all, if I can help it... well, as much as you can help it with the way the world is, placing tv's in every bar, gas station, restaurant, etc... but I try not to.

Raccoon likes the tv on for background stuff while she's working on art and things, and she often binge-watches series that I find obnoxious and I put my earplugs in and put on headsets and make do... but there are a few shows that I do enjoy watching with her...

Mostly 'Grace and Frankie' because I adore LilyTomlin...

I love half-written instructions at work on unfamiliar setups on a Saturday when we're a qvarter staffed and have no useful tech support!

... I mean, we got it, but that's an hour wasted...

I just picked up a 4TB drive, and I can easily remember when 5 1/4 floppies were a dominant thing...

... tech is insane, friends.