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It's been a while since I did an introduction post. (CW for length) 

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Very old and silly pic of early Julie... who honestly has not changed much in the 10+ years since I doodled this...

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Do you have gender?

It's ok. Many of us either do or did at one time. It's a somewhat common thing, really.

Did you know that you do not need to keep your current gender if it's not working well for you?

You can have more gender... less gender... no gender... all the...

... well, no, you can't have all the gender. I mean, save some gender for others that may want some...

Point is, you get to choose how much and what type(s) of gender you want, and you get to choose how you want to express it.

Yes! You do!! Yes, you!!!

Home safe.

I need to lay down for a bit before posting the pics.

Currently listening to a German techno cover of "I Will Survive"...

... getting some serious flashbacks to the modern Wolfenstein games!

This is a Bavarian bier garden, and they are playing German-vocals techno over the loudspeakers... so Raccoon and I are playing "Can we picture David Hasselhoff dancing to this...", which could be a very dangerous drinking game...

Stopped in Cedarburg on the way home for some walking around... but that got cut short due to conservative religious nuts holding IdjitOrange signs pro-life protesting outside of the Penzey's storefront...

... got angry, so we left...

Now having a bier at an outdoor bier garden before the next stop.

Why am I awake at 8am, you ask...

... yes that was a few hours ago, but the point still stands...

A friend of Raccoon's just opened up a non-profit art supply/arts & crafts space in Sheboygan (a bit north of Milwaukee, after many farm fields), and we went to support and check the place out.

Pics later!

Home from work for the weekend.

I am calming down... still not 100%, but... calming down...

My brain, I mean... my focus is still kinda croakused...

I'm gonna try to get some sleep... my concentration is completely shot for the night...

medical debt and a gofundme for a broke queer indigenous writer 

I have tried hard to stop preordering and buying games on release, over the years. They will always drop in price, later... and it's not like I don't have a ton of games to play already.

... I mean, unless the games are by Nintendo, who NEVER drop their price points even years after, by more than 5$... that just seems crazy.

I miss the funny pages...

... but at the same time, it keeps me awake late at night... the thought that somebody... somewhere... liked 'Shoe'...

I found the charging cable for my audio player over the weekend... about 50 gigs worth of albums... and a dead battery that I can't easily replace because it's an old and discontinued model.

I will try to order one, but that's an if.

But, I now have the cable, so I can use it plugged in!

My playlist is still active, and apparently I had a LOT of TomWaits qveue'd up the last time I used it.

... I like TomWaits, but it is absolutely not the right apocalyptic time to be listening to lyrics like, "The one thing they say about man-kind is there's nothing kind about man..."

That's... not helpful as a distraction, right now... let's switch to some INXS and some Extreme...

... Devil Inside, followed by Decadent Dance...

... le sigh...

I started playing Shipbreaker last night, and I'm very much enjoying it, and will likely stream some of it this week.

The world its set in is very unethical corporate dystopia, and you literally have to purchase your oxygen and rent your tools and spacesuit... all of which you can eventually purchase your way out of, but it creates limitations and timers that you need to adapt to, and although annoying at first, it's organic progression through the game world, and I appreciate that.

Today is Saturday.

There is very little else about this day worth celebrating in these chaotic times.

There could be, but we have a ton of work to do in getting rid of the racists, bigots, zealots, militarized oppressors and abusers, and oligarchic plunderers.

Keep resisting. Keep fighting.

This Independence Day, remember the native people who have suffered but preserved and survived for all these years despite our government's best efforts:

Donate to the Navajo Nation Covid-19 relief fund (both money and supplies, like homemade cloth masks!):

Support native owned businesses:

Donate to the Black Hills Bail and Legal Defense Fund:

Don't just decry America, help support and bring about its future

u.s. independence day, navajo, covid-19 

I napped and have calmed down.

Sorry for my post earlier.

There are only a few things in this world that will make me instantly see red, and individuals that actively hurt those I consider kin are a big one.



Rather drunk.

Nothing hap0pened.

I should sleep this off.

If I get arrested for assault tonight, then I am sorry.

I am a little drunk.

The adult bastard who touched and assaulted my underage godkid, years ago, just sat down a table away from me... and likely does not recognize me...

I will do nothing if he starts nothing...

... but I should stop drinking now.

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