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A shortcoming of social media (and asynchronous electronic communication in general): It's all too easy to assume that the other party is as eager, ready, or prepared to reply as ourselves since we can't see whether they're tired, distracted, asleep, or the like.

Be the Lego piece in the world that you want your enemies to step on.

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I've been busy:

PenPal, a Linux daemon to sync your Wacom Bamboo devices and render drawings:



Mutant Standard is made by a disabled queer person who doesn't have a stable income, so if you've enjoyed Mutant Standard emoji and have the money, consider kicking a few bucks this way:

➡️ paypal.me/mutantstandard
➡️ ko-fi.com/mutantstandard

I took a look at the game Satisfactory last night after watching vids of it... and it's only on the Epic store...

... yeah, no. Sorry.

If I had known what Epic would turn into these days, I never would have tried and picked up Fortnite back then at the start.

Raccoon watches garbage tv.

Raccoon has some hearing difficulties.

Raccoon watches tv at high volume to compensate.

I do not watch tv if I can at all help it.

But when Raccoon watches garbage tv, then I have to listen to garbage tv.

... I wear earplugs a lot.

Was... was there ever a point that I was supposed to like Chris Elliot?

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I am supposed to be doodling, today...

Naturally, my depression is kicking in HARD...

Started playing GraveyardKeeper last night...

It's Stardew Valley, but with no end game timer constantly ticking away in the background... and, frankly, I need that.

I'm not good at min-maxing my time in real life. I absolutely stink at it in games where I want to go wander off and explore. This is a mechanic that I honestly do not want in games, and I have a difficult time going back to games once I know it's in place.

I had balsamic vinegar ice cream in a waffle cone, and the cone crumbled and fashioned me... and now I am sticky...

... she also does not understand why my calling myself drunk as "sloshy" is amusing... I may have to edjucate her, ClockworkOrange style...

I keep referrencing "Summer Tawlk", but Raccoon does not speak HomestarRunner, so she's not getting it...

We are at a brewery in Milwaukee.

I am a little sloshy.

There is an indoor skate park next door, and I am overly excited to go watch kids getting hurt on bmx bikes and boards!!!

While sloshy!!!

This is the best day drinking idea, ever!!!

Today was better... I am calmer... still feel stupid