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Julie Sqveakaroo @JulieSqveakaroo@dragon.style

Out of work for the extended weekend chair dance party... GO!!!!

*Butt scoots & sqveaks!*

Sometimes you need an Elf...

Sometimes you need a Half-elf... but if you don't have a Half-elf, then a 12mm Elf will work in a pinch. Just be gentle and you shouldn't strip the bolts too badly...

Dear glasses frens,

If you have a strong af prescription (I'm a -5.75, for example) and shops try to sell you polycarbonate or high-index, tell them no; you want Trivex. If they refuse, leave and find someone else.

Context: I just spent /a month and a half/ fighting with shops that insisted I didn't know what I was talking about re lens materials and multifocal cuts, then blaming /me/ when /their/ lenses were unusable and I needed a refund. Found someone who'd do it how I wanted — zero issues!

... of course, now I've got naughty chompin's in my mental playground all day... while stuck at work... so... it's not *entirely* wonderful...

Last week I had changed my Thursday go-to-work alarms so I could meet dad for lunch, and forgot about doing so... so this morning I was happily doodling Pac smut before work and not paying attention until suddenly realizing CRAP, IT'S OH-SHIT-I'M-LATE-O'CLOCK!!

... made it on time.

Also, the smut was worth it.

Cartoon crushes Show more

I've started going through my pin-up ref books and taking pose/anatomy pics that I think I can remix... also, I started sorting through all the photos on my phone and I have a LOT of sketches on there... some that I don't remember making, but I'm sure I did... just... you lose track after the first few thousands, or so...

So... @Phorm ... I found this while looking for a new bar in Milwaukee... and... um...

Bad Genie

Bad Genie
789 N Jefferson St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

... your team??

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Huh... so that's what it feels like to be able to "aim" in Fortnite... good to know!

I haven't been able to play it on my compy, before, and I have personally never had the fine-tuning knack for being able to track my aim on a controller pad... so it's been grenades, shotguns, and other wide-spread damage weapons for me this whole time.


New compy stack is 90% set up, and at this point, I'll enter the passwords into pages as I need to get to them... everything seems to work, and I keep making mis-typoes on the new keyboard because it's not the same size as my old one, and my muscle memory is having issues...

Minor issues.

The hardware works fine. It recognizes the pen on my screen. My Photoshop install is likely the last one I'm going to be able to do... but for now, everything works as far as I can tell, and I'll take that.

A link to the afore-mentioned MsPac pin-up, BTW...


The more I look at it, and mind you, I'm very happy with it, the more I can see changes that I'd make to the artwork and think that I can do at least this good of detail work, if not better.

I need more practice with the coloring, though... the blending is qvite nice on that pic.

Home... playing with my compy setup, again! I think I'm about ready!

Currently wearing a new-to-me humanized MsPac pin-up shirt... the looks that I'm getting are... varied...

Currently at a craft art show in Milwaukee.

I have made purchases, done the tour, and am now sitting down outside in a wet metal chair because it's been raining all day and there are no chairs inside.

Raccoon is kibitzing and talking with art friends inside at their booth, and will likely continue to do so for the next half hour.

Nothing is wrong with that, but I don't social well, and I've entered my awkward phase of "Ok, I'm done, I'd like to leave soon or now, now would be ok"... so I'm outside in a wet chair being patient.

I have roughly enough patience to last until I run out of content here to distract me.

A Guide To Creatures With Humanoid Upper Bodies, & Animal Lower Bodies, Including Some Lesser-Knowns:
horse = centaur
donkey = onokentaur
goat = centaur
bovine = kusarikku
feline = chakat (neologism)
sea life, generally = merfolk
octopus = cecaelia (neologism)
dragon, wyrm, or serpent = drakaina (if gorl)
snek = naga
spider = drider or tsuchigumo
scorpion = girtablilu
birb, generally = harpy or kinnara/kinnari

Home safe.

Bed now.

Tech later.

Ni nite!

... sudden desire to draw a Goodra in hockey gear, hip-checking someone into the boards and then absorbing them, but looking confused over it of "now where did they go??"

Currently at a semi-large brewery in Waukesha... 14 TV's all tuned to the Bucks basketball game (which is a huge Wisconsin thing, right now) and 1 TV showing the hockey StanleyCup playoffs... and we're the distinct minority of what game is being watched, and it's disconcerting.

Everyone in the place cheers when something basketball happens, and I keep wondering what hip check they see that I'm completely missing.

I am a christian, but I am ALL-IN for the concept of punitive kharmic reincarnation.