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Julie Sqveakaroo @JulieSqveakaroo@dragon.style

Stupid qvestion...

So, yesterday we were vending at a Krampus event at a Ratt-Fink/hearse-show kind of bar concert room... which was awesome, btw... and there was tons of spoopy stuff and gothic holiday things, but I got a little confused/drunk-and-had-stupid-ideas at one point...

Krampus is definitely associated with Christian Christmas, ie a counter to St Nicholas/Santa... but is there a jewish contemporary? I mean, would that even be possible/plausible to have some sort of a Chanukah variant that doesn't immediately become Adolph Sandler, or something? 'Cause I REALLY don't want that...

I just want to know if there's different variations.

I may want to make a plush account, just for the sake of redundancy...

Stupid stuff from birbsite...

... what in the ever-loving heck is a trancell?!?!?

As in, a trans-incel...

I slept like near 12 hours... didn't qvite realize how mentally exhausted I was.

Norbie is doing ok, and doesn't seem to mind that I mash up his new medication into his soft food. Hopefully, that will help with the seizures.

I could use hugs.

Had an emergency vet trip after another kitty seizure... and there are likely going to be more.

Norbie's cancer returned, and the seizures are likely related.

I'm gonna lose him sooner than later.

I am amused... they have not found my smutty Tumblr account.

Literally nothing is flagged.

Also, it's a sub-account that is password locked and does not appear on the timeline at all because no one can actually subscribe to it...

I'm thinking loophole!!!

I'M NOT GONNA TAKE ANYTHING DOWN, and lets see how long I can keep a secret weirdo smut account up and alive on the Tumblrs!!

Having a difficult time, today.

Norbie (my elderly kitty) had what I think was a siezure, last night. He seemed ok once he calmed down and seemed normal-for-him this morning, but I still can't be at home right now so I can't check on him and my emotions are spiralling all over the place.

He's slowing down, and I can see it, and I don't want this to be happening.

Do a little dance...

Eat some little dots...

Get CHOMPED tonight!!!

The kiddos are 9 and 6, respectively. They do ok playing Arms and RocketLeague, but they were doing great with Pokken.

... playing on the easiest difficulty with no time limit, and completely flailing on the buttons, but I'm not gonna tell a sqvirmingly enthusiastic 6 yr old who's never played before that he's not really doing all that great with wrestling Pikachu.

Let him dream, for a while.

Also, no I've never had this before. The thought never occurred to me and the opportunity had never presented itself before... but Coney diners have chili on a LOT of things, and I thought why not?

No, I was not kidding.

It's similar to sausage and gravy biscuits, but spicier and with beef instead of sausage.

Say what you will about Detroit, but they do not even bat an eye when I soberly request chili on my pancakes at 5 in the morning.

That is saying something!

Hotel hot tubs.

Great when you need that break away from your family.

Cringetastic when there's a completely different family already in the tub/pool, you're out of social spoons, and you need a break away from them within 2 minutes of meeting them, their beer, and their racist jokes.

The kiddos are a little too young yet for Minecraft, but they get the gist of RocketLeague... at least as far as smashing into each other's blind spots, and that's close enough.

We have been family cooking all day, switching off kiddo entertaining... my Switch will come out later, and I am hoping they will not break it.

It has only been any hour with the kiddos, and I have already been relegated to communal jungle gym...

Made it safely to Detroit... stupid-tired.

Ni nite

Making it through Indiana in one piece is the difficult part.

Will be in Detroit for the next couple days... I'll check in off and on as I can!

Survived the trip through the wasteland of Indiana... another 4 hours to go.