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Julie Sqveakaroo @JulieSqveakaroo@dragon.style

Today's sketches: dragon.style/media/RDbBxaWW27U

My Pac-mouse, whom I've never actually named because I always just used her as a MarySue in my doodles but I really should name beyond that, just posing and being cute!


Val the GhostVixen being somewhat annoyed at having to wear clothes.

"I don't mind the shirt, really, but I HATE the pants"

... it's a skirt, Val.

"Whatever... I DON'T LIKE CLOTHES ON MY BUTT!! It just feels WEIRD!!"

We're trying to tone things down a little, Val... can't have you floating around all naked all the time.

"Then just let me wear my null body-suit, and I'll be fine..."

That still bothers some folks, Val.


I seem to be back on my weird Pac-smut again...

It takes a while to get decent at this game... but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it! One of my best runs, so far!



Where we deep fry everything.

What you are looking at is a cheese - stuffed meatloaf, wrapped in bacon, cooked, sliced into medallions, and then deep fried in a beer batter.

... and, it was delicious.

I shall now have a well deserved food coma.


Today's sketch: An as yet unnamed platypus who wants to be a magical girl when he grows up!


Doodling smut at work... just like old times... ahhhh!

Real talk... this image haunts me. dragon.style/media/PjFracn__Da

Simpsons characters only have 3 fingers... why are there 4 skeletal digits???????????


I kicked TheCheat for a little bit, and I feel a little better... but I am really tired of making garbage at work for completely stupid reasons that should not happen.

I am up for a promotion/raise at work.

I am also going to be trained (in a month or so) on some higher-tech machines that is definitely a transferable job-skill if the pay raise falls short.

... when the heck did I become skilled???

OK... I'm glad I decided to give this a try! I'm also glad I used a different email for the PS version, so I have zero conflicts with the accounts!

Woo! Sniped someone before I got taken out!

I can see why folks enjoy it, though... and it's not bad. I just have very poor combat awareness. At least on the Switch you have no voice chat, so I don't have that anxiety... I may try this a bit!

Ok... gonna try this Fortnite battle-royale thingie... fully expect to suck at it!

I made it up until about 9:30p or so, and then had a good cry in the bathroom at work because I just can't take any more reality from this toxic world...

... I'll try again, tomorrow, but today broke me a bit.

Every day, I expect birdsite to be different...

... every day, I'm disappointed in myself for thinking that...

The machine I'm on at work gives me a lot of free-time, but I can't pull out my phone or 3DS because there are cameras around, and that's a no-no... I mean, I still do it, but very discreet-like.

But, it also means I have a ton of time for doodling!!

Gracie, my sqveaky-snek being all cute and posing!

I have not drawn Mocha, my older fursona, in ages.

"Mocha won't let me buy a new swimsuit for this year, because my old one still fits... wanna help me outgrow it???" dragon.style/media/-RD6UzHi856 dragon.style/media/UfSlIEamnUV dragon.style/media/NYev3NqAdY2