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PROTIP: AI’s 3D effects are also pretty slow. Get your object’s rotation roughed in with the display set to “wireframe”. Especially if doing this is one of the last steps in a page full of shapes, patterns, transparencies, and textures.

(And yes, I use photo reference regularly too. Block in the pose you need from it, turn it off, and work on top of the rough sketch.)

So really all that stands between me and finishing this page is tweaking some rudimentary 3D objects in Illustrator, then adding a little detail and maybe some cleanup - AI’s 3D effects are pretty messy sometimes.

Dear Capitol Hill lady with one worried-looking midsized dog on a leash and a pug in a polka-dot stroller with a matching ruff: I applaud your efforts to become a Local Eccentric. You are well on the way.

I feel like the pages I am producing now are the end of a very long process that began when I was a kid and had my mind blown by's amazing painted art for the otherwise-utterly-forgettable "Starriors" toy tie-in comic.

Thanks, Bill.

Well that's done. Just uploaded a little Wordpress style for Parallax that will loop through all the pages posted to a chapter, separate them out based on the tags for one side or the other, then pick one to display first.

Right now there's just a handful of finished pages for one side. And there is no effort made to make a graceful transition between one side and the other. But it's good enough for now. Guess I get to decide what to do with the rest of today - turn roughs into pages? turn scripts into roughs? Or something Not Parallax?

Oh hey cool, it managed to realize the update had wedged up and aborted it! Wordpress is pretty damn sophisticated now.

Ugh, I spent most of the day knocking together a just-good-enough style for Parallax. Put it on my site, uploaded the first few pages, then I decided to update WP and its plugins... and it has wedged up while decompressing Jetpack. Everything on now shows "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance".

It's 10pm. I will deal with it TOMORROW.

You know that point in a project where you're looking at an old pile of code, trying to decide if it'd be easier to kludge a copy to your new needs, or to start from scratch?

I'm right there on Parallax. And holy shit I sure do not remember much about how my custom ComicPress style works right now.

Yesterday I bleached my hair for the first time in months. Today I put some dye on it. Show more

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It’s been a while since I had a plain buttermilk biscuit from Morsel. I keep on getting whatever the days special is. But today I had one. And holy fuck their buttermilk biscuit is just so DIVINE.

I just checked. Looks like the price for a pair of Industrial Stilts ranges from $100-500, depending on height and materials.

A small stepladder is probably far more sensible for the occasional times I need to reach something higher than my natural range around the house, but...

STILT UPDATE: I got to see him using them. Super useful for those jobs where you would otherwise have to scurry up a ladder, do a thing, come back down, move it, and repeat.

1. He says there are models that are twelve feet tall.
2. There are springs in them that absorb some of the shock of walking around.
3. I do not have any earthly use for these things but now that I know they exist I want a pair SO BADLY.


Brought in by the guy who is plastering the walls. I did not see him using them; I was in the back sorting laundry and making some kind of disjointed Twitter post about being a cyborg artist.

At least i have a kitchen wall again as of today. They are going to be coming in tomorrow morning to plaster and paint it, apparently. I was resigned to not seeing any forwards motion on it until next Monday, so that’s a nice surprise.

The transcendent joy of doing a near perfect run through a level is pierced when Jeff suggests that I BE SLIGHTLY CROSS WITH RUNNING OUT OF LOO ROLL.

Seriously this game is perfection and it is a fucking shame hasn’t even covered his costs for making the damn thing; Polybius is the work of someone who has been a master of his craft for years, taking multiple risks and nailing every single one. IMHO at least.

Sitting here playing Polybius in YOLO mode (start at level 1, no extra lives, ever) and wondering why I am crying.

GOTY 2017, 2018, and forevermore.