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Weekend TODO: get super cross faded, commission Weird Furry Porn

(Which these days is probably not too weird by the standards of professional pornmongers, my sex life has been pretty mundane.)

I am pretty sure 90% of the characters in Kushiel’s Dart are as white as snow in Jacquelin Carey’s mind but I am delighted to find that all the images conjured up when I try to envision scenes in my mind’s eye are distinctly... not.

Wandered downtown. Sat in the sun a while in a park. Then an hour at the library working. Would have stayed longer but they closed.

I started poking at coloring a doodle I liked but I couldn’t focus on it. So after a bit I gave up and decided to just try drawing this spaceship I’ve been stressing over in its first panel. Got it mostly done, huzzah, progress!

Got on the train to go downtown. Pulled out the computer and started typing; went six stops past downtown. Now I have a super informal cover letter that I intend to pair with a copy of Rita and some short comics, and send to some LA animation studios.

In related news it took me forever to get the energy together to get out of bed; when I finally poked my nose outside and saw Actual Sunlight, I felt like I was on the verge of crying. I’m way too solar powered to live in Seattle.

why can't I progress in Okami

*checks faq* oh I missed an entire quest immediately after talking to the Empress that gives me what sure looks like the brush technique I need to open up what I *thought* was the next area to go to

oh well, I did some side quests and looked at pretty things and fed lots of fish to some kitties.

Blah. Illustrator has weird little render glitches with its 3d lathe effects. I’m gonna have to build this thing in 3d or draw it by hand ~5x.

Today I learnt that trying to 3d rotate an art brush in Illustrator will (1) produce the An Error Occurred Processing The Appearance Of An Object dialogue, (2) cause the document's window to stop responding, though the palettes still respond?, and (3) leave Illy pretty much unresponsive even after closing the document with the offending object.

I guess I'll just have to cut and paste copies of a group of paths with the 3d rotation applied like a *caveman* instead of bundling things up into a graphic style I can draw a single line with. Oh noes. Teh horreur.

oh geeze i just realized that one of the central conceits of Vx10 tech is loose parts kept together by force fields, which means that this spaceship is really *interesting* and may end up having like 3-4 different models, or maybe get modeled as a mix of Actual 3D Objects and the simple stuff I can make in Illustrator, or... I learn way too much about making complex articulated models and... aaaaggggghhh

peggy why do you have to make everything so complex

Sitting in a cafe listening to a boy going through that Creaky, Breaking Voice phase of teenagerdom tell a girl about Reddit.

Huh. Today I learnt that in addition to backing up all my files in the cloud, Backblaze also lets me geolocate the IP it's connecting from if someone steals it. They have a nice collection of stories about computers getting recovered on their site, including some that lead to pretty large busts.

On one hand, hooray, a semi-secret tracking method that can catch thieves savvy enough to turn off Apple's tracker! On the other hand, I now wonder how long Backblaze retains this data, and if anyone else is watching this data stream with or without their knowledge.

Welcome to the twenty-first century, where the five dozen computers constantly in your proximity may be quietly reporting your every to more people that you can ever realize.

The other day, I got email from Amazon - an Amazon-branded phone battery I'd bought was being recalled. Today I decided to deal with it. Show more

daily snek: coffee smirk

(i really need to get that autopost-wordpress-to-mastodon plugin working again, it will involve either using an old version or figuring out why my site falls over and dies if i use anything besides the incredibly old release of php that was current when I started it.)

In which I express Opinions about lettering.

(FWIW sometimes I think I could totally get into the occasional lettering gig, as long as I wasn't required to use an ALL-CAPS COMICS TYPEFACE.)

Least favorite feature of the 2017 MacBook Pro: if you run the battery all the way down, you are stuck looking at this screen for an annoyingly long time when you plug it in.

me, designing a spaceship: hey these backwards engine-looking pod things are pretty cool, they're kinda like the Liberator from Blake's 7 Show more

When I went out today, I decided I didn't have to work on Parallax. If all I wanted to do was color a that was perfectly cool.

It felt good to do something that I could finish in a timeframe measured in hours rather than months or years. I need that now and then.