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Oh also: do you want Super Ultra Night Mode on your iThings?

Open Settings. Go to the General pane; choose Accessibility. Hit Display Accomodations near the top; choose Color Filters, then tell it you want a red Color Tint at full intensity.

Then go back up to Accessibility, down at the bottom you want Accessibility Shortcut. Turn on Color Filters. Now triple-clicking the Home button turns off ALL THE BLUES AND GREENS, giving you an iThing you can use without ruining your night vision or making your brain think it’s perpetually midday!

Makes bedtime reading SO much nicer.

Today I learnt that a long press on IOS11 control panel items can reveal extra controls. Who knew?

workin' on Parallax while iTunes plays lovingly scavenged music from JSRF that was NOT on the Official Soundtrack

because I am a fucking nerd who just cannot get enough Jet Set Radio

I really need to spend some time getting a kickstarter together for the second edition of the Silicon Dawn but UGH WORK.

I took this pendant off and put it down and the cord just kinda decided to take the shape of a cartoon heart...

Improbable Kink Of The Week: Feeding pie and cake to crucified furries.

I should start drawing more of the backgrounds in this spread. Once I draw enough it starts to be more about cutting, pasting, and skewing than actually drawing. But getting to that point requires focus in a way that just turning a character rough into a drawing doesn’t.

Still: progress is progress.

It’s amazing how suicidal I stop being once the sun comes out. I am such a solar-powered creature.

Wandering around the UW campus drawing. I found a pretty little space I didn’t even know existed. I think I’ll be coming back here.

why does this music sound so WHIMSICAL. Oh it's Tally Hall. Did they ever do another album? Wikipedia says NOPE.

if you're asparagus, white wine. if you're a cow, you'll like the red. if you're some kind of ornamental jewelled death claw thing, we recommend our sparkling coolers

You know you’re a grownup when your dreams segue into “doing laundry” and you wake up and say, yes, that sounds like a good idea.

Me: I think I'll get baked and play some Bloodborne tonight.

Me, twenty minutes after creating a character: oh right this game is hard, and I don't feel like playing any of the other games on this thing


“Imagine you’re watching Yogi’s Space Race but it’s actually a good show.” - alternate Parallax pitch?

This is not necessarily a *good* drawing of Olivia. But it is a *funny* drawing of her, and sometimes that’s what counts.

Felt mopey and depressed. Dragged myself out for a walk. Stopped at a cafe for a cup of chai and a tasty pastry, drew for an hour.

I still feel kinda depressed and crappy. But this page is that much closer to done, and that’s always good.

Drew a decent model sheet of Olivia so that I could pay a friend to draw her.

I spent like an hour staring at interlocking puzzles because I am designing a prop for Parallax that I want to have that vibe. It will come apart into weird floating pieces kinda like the Infinity Judge weapon in Okami and the thing in one old drawing of a lava-lamp lady.

Colors very not final, these are just to think about SHAPES. Now that I've decided my first instinct to shape it like an egg was a good one, I get to think about colors and details and whatnot...