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Today I was out walking
when I had a brief flash
and saw the people I was passing
as collections of cells gathered together into muscles
pulling against the bones that they grew for some cells to live inside
slithering against each other like a bucket of live eels

And it was kind of beautiful.

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Is it time again? Sorta seems to be. I'd boost the old one but it's a little out of date.

Hi, I'm Peggy, and I run If "maintaining a Patreon to pay the hosting, putting off updating it for a year, and occasionally opening the place up for new users" qualifies as "running" it.

I am a trans lady who spends most of her time drawing complicated sci-fi comics and sort of earning a living doing that via Patreon.

Adobe Illustrator has been my main medium since 2000, it's a pretty unusual choice but it works for me.

I used to do burlesque, then pole dance, as a hobby and a way to stay fit. I miss it and should find something similar again.

You may know me from elsewhere as Egypt Urnash.

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May well be a touch of bronchitis. X-rays looked good though. Got some antibiotics waiting for me at CVS and I guess I can mostly get back to normal life now...

I just got my first x-ray in, like, I can’t even remember when. Teenage dental exam was the last one I think? I wonder if I can get them to email me a copy.

Finally trying to get someone to look at this stupid cough I’ve had for a week after inhaling a piece of bread. I was trying to acquire a PCP to have a look at it but I spent the first half of this week playing phone tag, and I’d promised Nick that if I didn’t get an appointment when I called them this morning we’d go to the local walk-in urgent care clinic. Who at first didn’t wanna let me in because I have the wrong insurance. Despite having seen me before.

The American healthcare system is such a huge damn mess. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to mostly avoid it throughout my life so far.

I really hate the “archive” button in iOS mail. I never know where the hell mail goes when I hit it by accident because it’s where the “flag” button used to be.

Maybe I should check out some of the alternative clients someday.

I had a sandwich and felt less terrible. Did laundry. Got a panel of Parallax drawn.

Blew off calling the doctor because something had to lose and it was that.

vent, don’t bother reading 

Multiple comics people I follow are tweeting “only 100 days to ECCC!” (Which I guess is some kind of promotion ECCC is trying to get them to do) and all I can think is how incredibly glad I am to not have four or five days of sitting on an overcrowded show floor breathing the same air a hundred thousand people have already breathed and trying to get someone, anyone, to give a shit about my comics.

*denies another application with absolutely nothing in the 'why I want an account here' field*

seriously it is not marked as mandatory but if you don't put anything in there I am gonna assume you are a spambot and let your application sit there a while then deny it.

Persona 5 has suddenly turned into Archetype Pokémon. This is just a weird ass game.

Huzzah, thanks for quietly deleting every Adobe font I had on my machine, Adobe Creative Cloud App! Extra thanks for insisting they were all still enabled.

If this happens to you, the quickest fix is to go to the Adobe fonts management webpage, hit the 'disable all fonts' button, then go to the 'recently enabled fonts' page and turn them all on. Of course there is not a 'turn all fonts on' button, why would you think there would be?

Shadow (couch) and Sugarfoot (suitcase) still don’t live here. But they sure do feel free to jump in the window.

I dread the day Sugarfoot’s younger brothers begin making that jump.

I am up and if I really felt like an adult I would throw together a sandwich or have some yogurt and start right in on finishing up the last panel of this page.

today's social media thing seems to be "list stages of your life and what job you wanted/had" and well:

child: strawberry farmer in polyamorous relationship

preteen: I like drawing I guess, I dunno, animating is neat too

teen: dead empty void of depression

young adult: animator

now: obscure web cartoonist, occasional furry porn artist

Headline on Hacker News: "What does a healthy game developer/publisher relationship look like?"

My instant response: NOBODY KNOWS.

Perhaps I have heard too many horror stories from that industry; the actual article purports to be talking about just such a relationship.

Persona 5 is a really interesting game but I am finding its habit of telling me that I just attained a new ability tied to fusing Personas when I have not attained the basic ability to fuse Personas to be somewhat annoying. Its desire to only let me save in certain special rooms is not very charming, either, especially since it's very much On Rails.

But it is pretty and weird and I am pretty invested into wanting to do horrible things to the abusive gym coach who is its first boss. Maybe I'll finally get to do that the next time I play it? It's been like 6h already according to the clock on the save file.

Persona 5 sure does have a lot of tutorial to get through. I am beginning to suspect the entire Castle Of The Creepy Gym Teacher is gonna be tutorial. Hopefully there won’t be much more for a while.

Got a panel from “loose rough” to “done enough” in an hour. Pretty happy about that. Then I went to another cafe, got a drink and snack, sat down... and discovered I now had zero energy to do any more work. Some days are just like that.

I might have had some energy for doing horny art but I’m not doing that in a public place. Dunno. I’m heading home.

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