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Today I was out walking
when I had a brief flash
and saw the people I was passing
as collections of cells gathered together into muscles
pulling against the bones that they grew for some cells to live inside
slithering against each other like a bucket of live eels

And it was kind of beautiful.

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Is it time again? Sorta seems to be. I'd boost the old one but it's a little out of date.

Hi, I'm Peggy, and I run If "maintaining a Patreon to pay the hosting, putting off updating it for a year, and occasionally opening the place up for new users" qualifies as "running" it.

I am a trans lady who spends most of her time drawing complicated sci-fi comics and sort of earning a living doing that via Patreon.

Adobe Illustrator has been my main medium since 2000, it's a pretty unusual choice but it works for me.

I used to do burlesque, then pole dance, as a hobby and a way to stay fit. I miss it and should find something similar again.

You may know me from elsewhere as Egypt Urnash.

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Today we went to the Insectarium downtown and met Tina who was very very insistent that we be introduced to Rachel and Charlotte, the two Large Resident Spiders.

I kinda feel in retrospect like I may have been introduced to royalty.

Anyway have some photos of butterflies, and of the curious decor in the gift shop.

This thought is somewhat inspired by the blog post I just wrote:

The Internet, considered as a mirror.

Feature thought:

When replying to someone, what if their profile text was pulled up and placed somewhere near the box you were typing in, to give you a better idea of who the fuck they ARE in this modern nightmare hellscape free of all signifiers of a person beyond "their choice of username and maybe an icon, if you're lucky"?

uspol (~) 

Oh man we stopped for fried chicken for dinner tonight at Willie’s and, hell yeah I sure needed some of that. New Orleans fast food fried chicken is just so damn GROUNDING.

Or at least it is if you grew up here, I dunno.

Wikipedia is trying to start a social network.
I made an account there. I ain't paying for it though...

I should probably go check out Contraflow (local SF con) this weekend but oh man I really don't feel like journeying out to Airportistania.

So apparently this has been Trans Awareness Week?

Hi, I'm Peggy, and I'm a trans lady who spends most of her time drawing comics. if you are curious about them.

I am required to make a list of Things Nick's Mom Could Give Me For Christmas now that I am finally going to visit his family this year and I have no goddamn idea of anything I actually want. I have managed to come up with a tiny handful of things.

It's kind of exciting to see the files for Parallax go from "in progress" (purple) to "finished and paid for" (blue/yellow).

New page up on Patreon, in which we get back to our space goth dryad heros.

Damn my motivation sure vanished when I changed locations.

I just keep listening to this copy of Wendy Carlos' "Switched-On Bach" that I downloaded. It probably has about as many scratches as my parents' old copy from before she publicly transitioned would have if I'd kept it and a record player.

Oh yeah also my mother died and I fell apart for at least a year. That wasn't fun.

When I left the house this was just a scribbly rough. One hour and ten minutes at a cafe later, it is this.

I *really* love being able to quickly re-use parts from earlier pages without it being too obvious, and being able to go from character rough to full-color final character drawing so quickly.

today i woke up and there was a small black kitty in bed with us because we just could not bear his sad mewling cries when we left him in the other room all alone

there was also a sad piteous mew outside of one of the other kitties, who has now been joined by the small black kitty because we would like some time without our allergies being tickled please

Twitter meme: there’s one month left in the decade, what did you accomplish?

Two cross country moves.
Three kickstarters.
A graphic novel that got blurbs from four people with (IIRC) five Hugos between them.
Won like a thirtieth of an Ignatz.
Did not kill myself despite multiple Seattle winters.
Experimented with burlesque and pole dance. Need to get back to one of those or at least regular yoga.
Started running a deliberately-obscure node of The People’s Glorious Social Network.
Kept a black kitten from freezing.

There is a small black kitten here and I think he may be spending the night. Normally he sleeps next door but he was all alone when I got back with stuff to wrap the pipes up and it’s going to be below freezing tonight. He’d probably be a catsicle tomorrow if I left him.

Good thing we got a litter box for kitty visitors. He knew exactly what to do once we set it up.

I wonder how poorly this will handle posting to Masto. Okay it has absolutely no clue what to do when I tap one of them. Points to Apple for having no gender-linked options and multiple hairstyles for Black hair though.

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