also hello new followers! - hope you enjoy my musings on valve time. my social media skills are bad and I more or less only dragonpost or make bad jokes :dragnwitch:

yxera ΘΔ :verified_dragon: boosted

day 1 of adhd medication: haven't spontaneously combusted yet

paying $8 a month to verify having my legal species changed to dragon

8pm, first now realised I haven't had a drop to drink yet. whoops

late announcement but the ADD is official. guess it wasn't all coincidental like people wanted me to think it was :)))

I really need upper case numbers so I can adequately communicate to people that I AM YELLING NUMBERS AT THEM. Bolding them just doesn't feel the same

add stuff appointment meeting thing tomorrow and I can already feel my brain leaking out of my nostrils

transfemme musings 

today I got misgendered by an older lady that then loudly corrected herself citing she noticed I have tits. it has definitely been the day ever


missing horns is like the clearest example of a skull issue

nd stuff 

my parents slowly but surely learning about my ADD and not blaming me for the issues that causes is actually fantastic

got my age estimated at 17 today

my world is falling apart

preg mention, nd? 

I have reached the point where when I talk about my (neurodivergent) issues like inconsistent appetite or headaches, people automatically assume it's because I'm pregnant. I do not know how to feel about this

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