"Oh no! We're snowed in! Er, I mean: We're too late!"

Speaking of Homestarrunner

The scene from Jibblies 2 where the phone rings is genius.

Marzipan: "Homestar, could you answer the phone?"

HSR: "No way!"

Marzipan: *fumbling with the guitar with her costume*
"Homestar! I'm busy tuning my costume!"

HSR: "And I'm busy not answering the phone!"

Wanting to be a girl is a symptom of being a girl.

what if people just called me the funslinger. fastest jokester on cue in the west :dragn_sweats:

wish I had it in me to be funnier on social media without context

sheepish pun 

What's a dragon's favourite archiving extension? 

sometimes dragons go rar and science just can't explain why

what do yall think about this? does it look finished enough to turn in ? b/c my group wont give me feedback fast enough


werewolf in her people form but her ears and tail are out because she is excited and can't contain her excitment over her new name

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Dragon Style

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