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Yes, hello! I am Xin Jin Meng, the Novelty of the Golden Fantastic. Welcome to my social medium!

I am a furry, a dragon, an enby, a primadonna, a virago, a vorarephile, a sybarite, an aesthete, and if there's any time left over after all that, an artist.

I have come to Mastodon because I want to talk about things that matter to me on a personal level. I will endeavor to respect your feelings, with content warnings and elsewhere, but I am not safe for work.

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At this moment, I am at this mix of tired, sad, angry, and aware that "tired, sad, angry" is a volatile mix. 😬

♪ And nothing's smelling like a rose.
♪ But I don't care if no one's coming up for air.
♪ 'Cause I know nothing's going to change my clothes, ever anymore.

A distressingly-large portion of my effort is spent to impress people who will never be impressed by anything that I do. 🤔


Calorie, Lucius, and Xin are huge!
That means they have huge art streams! 

News about my relocation 

My house has passed one of three inspections! If I'm lucky, I'll be in-doors before the end of Q2.

vanity art 🖼 

Third challenge to draw in other art styles, suggestions from the twitter.

I remember when getting a new Patreon signup was "how exciting!" instead of, "Welp, time to run a background check to see if they're a nazi scraper."

Windows UX Roulette:
"Will Ctrl-W actually close this file?"

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I'm a grumpy queer dragon lady and this is my quiet cave for me and some friends.