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Yes, hello! I am Xin Jin Meng, the Novelty of the Golden Fantastic. Welcome to my social medium!

I am a furry, a dragon, an enby, a primadonna, a virago, a vorarephile, a sybarite, an aesthete, and if there's any time left over after all that, an artist.

I have come to Mastodon because I want to talk about things that matter to me on a personal level. I will endeavor to respect your feelings, with content warnings and elsewhere, but I am not safe for work.

I'll confess that I've been guiltily taking heart in the fact that when I feel bad about the quality of my own writing … it's still better than Robert Galbraith's.

As this affirmation does NOT use a serial comma, it has had the opposite effect of calming me!! 🙃

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I have this memory of a stand-up comedian holding up a Halloween costume cape, with the punch-line, "If I'm the kind of person who thinks a little plastic cape is going to allow me to fly, I don't think I'd let a little tag that says 'Cape does not allow wearer to fly' stop me."
I think about this, a lot.

I can hardly think of anything more 2022 than a royalty-free-music app with an option for "daily affirmations".

I got my first solicitation for NFTs! I've arrived!
The only thing worse than being grifted is not being grifted! 🍷

Today's TMI 

Carbonated soda gets really flat, nine months after its sell-by date.

Has anyone used
This is a different site from Ko-Fi. They require *all* users to be 18+. There's nothing in their policy that's anti-adult materials, and they're certainly hosting adult sites.

Am discovering all the videos still sitting in my "Watch Later" list after the two years of unpleasantness.

When you've declined all the usual tags like 'movies' and 'video games' and 'entertainment' and 'sports' … so the social media is reduced to tracking your IP and sending you links to all the local television and radio stations. 🤔

The Internet fascinates me 

👤: "I don't know if this game has any problematic content."
👤: "I did some research. One of the devs worked on Binding of Isaac DLC, so I'm going to assume it's fine."
That was not a path of logic I would expect to hear. 🤔

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