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Enby fashion decisions.
🤔 Should I get a ...

🗣: "Hey, can you recommend some webcomics to read?"
me: (starts to wonder about myself when I'm making my fifth suggestion that has a content warning in front of it.) 😐

oh yeah, sure, when it crashes, its MYduino

Living in the future means "I guess I will download this 55 Gb file".


I am less bad today.
I want to sit down and just cry myself to sleep, but failing that, I am going to sleep.

I am filled with a mix of unpleasant emotions. But one of them is exhaustion, so I'm going to bed.

introspection; multi stuff 

various scrap images from April 2021 

I've since been informed that I might have some transference going on. 🤔 That I probably am angry at being queer but I'm sublimating.

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