@Snapai I have, and yes, I should have clarified that this is more so a critique of the default "Dragon Style" theme here on this instance, more so than something universal for Mastodon/the fediverse itself.
(another critique of the theme I forgot to mention is the way it hides the name of users on re-toots/echoed rar's, while making their text serif'd and... smaller?)

However, I did not know the site theme adjusted page/post/attribution order, I'll have to look into that some more

As for the Default/"Advanced" layouts, I am actually very happy with being given the option, and only really wish it was easier to switch between without having to go into the separate settings page.

The spoiler/CW system, while great in theory; both to condense longer messages and hide potentially sensitive topics, remains a hurdle to me, as replies appear to inherit their previous post's "content warning" but, when instead used as an introduction by the author to the body of their post, leads to replies with "warnings" that seldom have much to do with their own said replies

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Currently events have reminded me to revisit this charming little nook, but I have to say, the layout remains somewhat confusing after all this time to my lizard brain.
Most of of it just seems to stem from the lack of visual borders between elements in the interface, making it hard to make out where one post starts and another begins, or a comment hops in.

It's been a while since I posted anything on here, but today; I connected to a Cisco switch over serial through my GPU, and that just feels like something worth logging onto here

The most emotionally invested I've ever been for a Taiwanese roof-tile commerical;


I was meaning to respond to this toot with a revised version of her backstory, was cooking it up in drafts until one day, it just... dissappeared.

So that left a sour taste...

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Screengrab of an animated ad found on FA. I am gonna guess English is not this artist’s first language.

How about bloated GIFs?

Behold; "_DISTORT"
A piece so reminiscent of crypto-art, that I honestly anticipated it to be stolen and turned into an NFT...

1024x 30FPS (26.7MB) - No go...
800x 30FPS (17.8MB) - No go...
512x 30FPS (7.83MB) - ...Mm?

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Curious how video uploads work on here, ReUp'N something from twitter:

"Shiny Lizard"

Been taking baby-steps into the world of digital-art.

Had this little sketch of a liz that I thought I could do something shiny with in 3D.

End is rough but it's been a while since I rendered in Cycles

Then again, I'd be happy to talk to basically anyone else who identifies themselves as a scalie either way...

I've never really gotten to socialize with anyone with more than just a passing interest in dragons and reptiles

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It's sort of a goal of mine, to try to find more like-minded people, with a longer history, who might've been more involved in its origins for longer. I'm talking Usenet and back here..

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I want to see if there were ever any early "underground comix scene offshoots" similar to that which the furry scene had in its beginning...

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As a relatively new member of this "community", I am just really intrigued by how the fanbase looked, say 30 years back, if it even existed.

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As time goes on, the more I long to make some sort of scalie documentary, exploring the origins and offshoots of the fandom...

Feel like sharing another OC:

Meet Krip:

Krip is a bright-scaled Kobold known for her gleeful spirit and her unweildy ~9 foot long Bolt-Action Long Distance Anti-Materiel Rifle she found in the desert which never leaves her side.

(and uh, let's also try some tags on this one aswell: )

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