TIL: the original version of the Serenity Prayer was very different, and much stronger! the modern version that everyone knows goes

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference"

but the original version, as written by Reinhold Niebuhr, is

"Father, give us courage to change what must be altered, serenity to accept what cannot be helped, and the insight to know the one from the other"

three key changes weakened it substantially:

* us -> me
* what *must* be altered -> what i *can* change
* switching the first two clauses, placing the emphasis on serene acceptance rather than reforming courage

@001zlnv exactly. and back then Nibuhr was heavily involved in socialist organisations, so i'm positive it was *intended* as such

@thamesynne @001zlnv shitty centrists mangling socialism to justify neoliberalism? I am SHOCKED


I am morally compelled to repost this any time it crosses my timeline. It guts the whole thing.

@thamesynne When translating it back to german it hits me that a lot of the original wording seems like just regular use of modal verbs in german.

@thamesynne Thx a lot, will try and make it a subject of debate next time I'll attend a NA meeting.
🙏🏻 🤘🏻

@thamesynne I wonder if @welshpixie would be interested in doing a calligraphy version of the original (paid obvs) 👀

@welshpixie @thamesynne oh understood! I like the socialist bent of the original, but I totally get that, sorry!

@MmeLibertine @thamesynne yeah, would be nicer if it wasn't a) a prayer, b) written by an evangelican Christian, and c) used by the AA, I have issues with hiw the AA pretty much enforces the idea of a higher power on you and they won't help you if you don't do that (I don't have personal experience but have some friends who do and were rejected by AA for refusing to believe in god)

@welshpixie I'm really sorry :( that's cruel shit and I apologize for overstepping.

@thamesynne I like the version an engineering professor had on the notice board outside of his office:

"Lord, give me coffee to change what can be changed, liquor to accept what can't be changed, and an opaque mug so that my co-workers can't tell the difference".

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