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HUGE shoutout and thank you to folks who stick around here, creators posting their arts, fans liking and sharing same, and everyone keeping the conversation going here.

Rather that setting up an account then leaving it idle and abandoned while just slinking back to the familiar comfort of birdsite.

Thanks for putting in the effort to help build a community here ❤️

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Inbox zero. 8500+ emails removed in one inbox, 600+ in the other.

Guess the ADHD meds are working.

Also discovered that Thunderbird supports Matrix. Neat.

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You can use the CW as a subject line 

If you're worried about it, the AP field that Mastodon actually sends it in is called "summary" not "content warning".

Apparently there has been a thing called for three years. I might have to make some storyboards
... :dragn_think: an 8 hour sleep that puts the sleep types in the right ranges on the sleep app doesn't necessarily feel any better than any other night's sleep.

...well at least I can stop worrying about target numbers :P

Snapai :verified_dragon: boosted rule change update: we're no longer allowing *any* AI art here on .art. Read the full info at the link above.

Last night was a great D&D game.
Party found the player who missed a session and the new player joining the game in some animated armor in a field. The armor was enchanted to mirror the nearest creature, so the rest wound up doing flexing and dancing, until they heard muffled noises of friends new and old inside!

Then after a good 30 minutes of rp socializing, the group went off to rescue a candy farm from mysterious vandalism, met a bunch of harengons and an ettercap, saved a few goats, got some lore, and a banquet of desserts.

Much fun all around!

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Werewolves, silly, profanity 

With Valentine's Day approaching, it's vital to once again mention that has created the very important Valentines for Werewolves browser extension that replaces "Valentines" with "Horny Werewolf".



Warren Ellis in 2013: "Valentine’s Day is a Christian corruption of a pagan festival involving werewolves, blood and fucking. So wish people a happy Horny Werewolf Day and see what happens."

2023 still has "fine, I'll do it myself" vibes.

While I was grabbing lunch, I saw a digital billboard truck announcing the opening of a new T-Mobile stire pull up and park immediately in front of the windows of the AT&T store in the little strip mall.

Driver may have just been grabbing lunch, and I don't care about the well being of giant corporations, but never before felt like I was witnessing the physical embodiment of a quote tweet. 😠

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3/n The more tournaments one wins, the harder it becomes to appreciate how corrosive debating is to authentic intellectual inquiry and to character. Debate teaches you to regard all conversations as a chance to score points and to avoid admitting when you don't know the answer.
Speaking personally, it took years before I could shake off my forensics training and say - to anyone, about anything - "Huh. That's a good point. I never thought of that."...

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Before I got meds for ADHD I would be late to work because I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed until it was urgent.

After I got meds for ADHD, I could be late for work because I spent 20 minutes cleaning my room coz it needed it.

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So the CEO of online ads giant IAB made a pretty… remarkable speech, saying:

"These extremists (referring to privacy advocates) are political opportunists who’ve made it their mission to cripple the advertising industry and eliminate it from the American economy and culture."

And this, friends, is our mission statement RIGHT THERE.

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There are NO physical characteristics that are unique to terrible people and making fun of terrible people’s physical characteristics will always refer to white supremacist and patriarchal beauty standards that ultimately harm the marginalized. Choose a different tactic.

The corollary to all the latest things, and that enshittifcation article @pluralistic wrote is-

Once that happens, the old "hard way" is now the easy way.

The companies have switched to extracting value, dancing for the algorithms doesn't work because that's where they extract it from.

If I want to build an art following again, it'll be the old fashioned way....making cool stuff and interacting with people. The only algorithm I want or need is you, showing your friends my things if you like them. It's slower, but truer.

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