federating abuse (quick, slapdash post about fediverse instance moderation) 

Aaaa f- heck. I am going to end up trying to figure out how to add some resistance to the scrolling in this client, aren't I.

b/w inked magazine cover design for @flyingfox ! that looks like a real comfy pile~

The human version of cat meowing to go outside then immediately meowing to come back inside is feeling lonely when you don't have anyone around you and then immediately overwhelmed and anxious when you have a human encounter

it's so obvious that abled people know how to make things accessible and just don't care usually.

there's this scene in Sex Education that takes place between two people on a very noisy dance floor.

Hand-drawn captioning was added that is *SO MUCH BETTER* than the closed caption stream, reflecting more of the emotion, tone and volume, as well as making it very easy to tell which person is speaking.


fuck outta here with [speaking foreign language] too

@drifa I often think this when I tune to a local LGBT radio station and hear their "LGBT News" bulletins - often the entire bulletin is "here's a person or entity being shitty to queer people in some way"

I wish they could temper the constant diet of (in particular) transphobia with some positive stories about LGBT people, otherwise it's just a platform for shitty people to be shitty and have their shitty opinions rebroadcast in queer media

Fuck fuck fuck tooth pain

Very very mild but present and constant. It's not going away. This is very not good >.<

I wish Tusky on Android had a bit less sensitivity for swipe between the tabs. It's a bit too sensitive and keeps getting me to switch the panes when I don't intend to...

Signal boost of indigenous reparations nonprofit 

"This person is An Important Community Figure, how dare you criticize them!" is how cults of personality get started, kiddos.

People with megaphones ought to use them responsibly, and questions about how responsible they are being with their megaphones ought to be answered - not drowned out.

(Promoted by Anarchy :anarchy:​ )

thing about suckless is like
it's not just oh i don't like them so i'm gonna call them nazis as an epic funne internet own
they're literally actual nazis

Bleh. Still vague constant "aaa" about "HEY HOW DO I LOOK" and there's just so much stuff to go through and like, hard no is very rare and everything sounds neat and bleh >.>

Bonus when I am torn between two wildly incompatible things at once v:

NSFW furry art, breasts, bondage-y 

I like my body like I like my coffee

Full of estrogen

I like my queers like I like my coffee

Making me shaky and giving me a weird feeling in my stomach

SFW furry art, needle, HRT 

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