Drug use is not morally repugnant. As I said, why, how, and whether people use drugs is none of your fucking business. The judgment upon drug users is a social construct and people should reflect upon why they hate drug users and deconstruct why.

request for help/general support 

You don't owe anyone any explanation for blocking.

wip dragon n kobble art! surprisingly not lewd 

My little freefall comic reader now autouodates! It will not handle anything beyond basic "bump the number up" but that's already pretty good, wee~

Should probably add "last updated" info..

no matter how much rebranding discord does it won't change the business model from "uber for killing communities"

oh yeah I forgot that I finished a page of Stella's Guide that I can post publicly because it's the next one in the sequence, too! egypt.urnash.com/stella/

MewnBase v0.52.1 has **finally** been uploaded to the stable branch on Steam and itch.io!

Includes the first of what I hope is a handful of hostile critters that roam the world, some new vehicle tools, and other useful items you can build.

#gamedev #indiegames

reminder that emperaux is the gender neutral word for emperor/empress and its the coolest word

I've finally achieved the level of sandwich making when there's actually enough of the stuff for it to start falling apart

*proud huzzah*

The whole meme around "isekai" as a concept is honestly fascinating because it highlights both the highly illusory nature of genre distinctions while ALSO illustrating precisely why they're useful

fuck it, if you're a cryptobro i'm going to chain you to a block (in a non lewd way)

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