@saphire Also it freaking... blurs the CW along with the CWed content ._.

@saphire Oh no, what the heck, did this client just mantle newlines on sending?

Test :<

Oh gosh I forgot about this place entirely >.>

1/2 vaccines got, wee

I really really need to sleep now <-<

question for people taking testoerone gel 

GoFundMe, Cancer, Boosts and reblogs would be wonderful 

important PSA for cat owners in the UK 

Due to recent management controversies, IRC network #FreeNode has being abandoned by most of its users and staff.

The most popular replacement is #LiberaChat (libera.chat), a new network set up by former Freenode staff.

Libera Chat has also just set up an official Fediverse account at:


Give them a follow if you are escaping from Freenode 👍

here's my favorite example:

when you become medicare eligible, you don't just automatically get it unless you're already receiving SSI. you aren't contacted about it in any way either! you have to go out of your way to make sure you enroll in it!

if you forget to enroll when you first become eligible, when you finally do decide to enroll, your monthly premiums will be higher! FOREVER! you will literally be penalized for the rest of your life!

I gotta say as an autistic person— I’ve noticed having an actual -physical- mask on ironically relieves me of some of the mental stress of masking.
If I think of something funny & physically can’t stop myself from grinning, no one’s gonna give me a weird look and ask or wonder why I’ve got a huge goofy smile on because they can’t see it. I can silently rehearse conversations while moving my lips without anyone noticing.

Today I learnt that the original vision for the American freeway system was "inter-city/state roads that end at ring roads that go AROUND the city" rather than "inter-city/state roads that carve a gaping wound through the heart of the city". Damn, that'd be a different world.


Have you ever considered that your mental image of a person who has normal, healthy desires and who thinks for themselves is actually the result of a constant barrage of advertising you've been absorbing since childhood?

these are resources for blocking some of the yuckier websites from appearing in your search results 

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