Those that fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it, over HTTP

Woo, my site has an actual projects page now.

...and navigation. So it isn't a bunch of independent things! That's good I guess?

I have discovered CSS "scrollbar-width" and "scrollbar-color" non-prefixed mozilla-only properties.

Setting it to have transparent track is darn weird.

Aaaand looks like @matrix ( is down, and defaced.

Well darn.

Thoughts after leaving abusive/toxic household, longpost rambling (-) 

I got my own place!

Well, rented. And it's not quite my own of course, because Russian renting stuff is weird. Specifically it is not really... Well defined.

Currently making a small thing I always wanted to do... Dotfiles!

Specifically a script and config file format that will deploy things nicely instead of just... silly symlink of everything. The structure of dotfiles shouldn't resemble the structure of the actual destinations, no?


I have completely neglected intra-instance level communications >.<


And aw, no "instance only" posting c.c

Mastalab got renamed into Fedilab. Woohoo fediverse~!

tech support customers:
"but you're a god!
you can do anything!"

actual gods:
"see this is the shit we deal with"

(~-?) Feelings about parents, confusion, probably domestic abuse? idk 

Being unable to describe father, being annoyed when I'm getting asked to do.. just about anything by him, and him being more annoyed/aggressive to me lately...

That's not a good thing, is it?

Now I want to root my phone, just to extract the Steam's shared secret for their stupid custom OTP. Fun to implement though.

Maybe I should throw my collection of tiny usercss stuff in somewhere...


Poking around at ASP.NET Core. It's... interesting!

And I had to take it from the basics to understand that some things it does are automatic and implicit. After C and such, it just feels so weird x3

Early release blues, heh. Aesthetics spoilers 

Impression on Aquaman (lol, earlier than USA!) 

Anxiety, bleh (-) 

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