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Hey! I made another Pico 8 game. It's a Rubik's cube that is also a slot machine that is also a roulette wheel that is also an endless runner. It's probably not a TF trigger. That would be ridiculous.

It's playable on Lexaloffle here ( ) and Itch here ( )

Also, if someone can boost this on a vaguely gamedev-related instance (since I'm not on any) that would be great!

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f(x,y) = ((((x + 14) * (y - x)) % (~(y + y))) / (((12 ^ y) | (~y)) ^ ((13 % x) + (22 + y)))) % 5

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

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Today I decided to make a Pico-8 game!

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Maybe I should revive my attempt to make a playable dragon civ in Dwarf Fortress. I'm not skilled enough at raw editing to make major gameplay changes but it should be simple enough to just copy the dwarven civ and change the non-gameplay elements like body part names and descriptions to be draconic instead of dwarvish.

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We froze the code last Friday for a feature I worked on. This coming Monday, we were going to release it. Today (a day I'm on vacation) the CEO pulled me into a meeting and asked me how the feature worked.

He asserted that my design didn't match the product spec -- I showed him the product spec, and my design was an exact match.

In response to that, he admitted he hadn't really read it but said it would need to be changed anyway. I'm feeling guilted over not being in today and tomorrow, and we're now delaying the release again until I can fix it on Monday, after which we will presumably need to do another round of user testing.

If this feature change was so important, why didn't it come up sometime over the two months we spent building and implementing it?

My stress level is a lot higher than it was on my actual work days.

I took the day off from work, so I think later today I'm going to eat a whole muffin and then try to understand the Prenda Law thing one more time.

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(nostrils twitch)

Someone's using Raku in production.

Does anybody here remember the Achewood cookbook? Some of the recipes in it are really good!

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The existence of Extreme Tetrom implies the existence of Boring-Ass Regular Tetrom somewhere else.

It's morning and I'm really sleepy! I want grape soda and a large ham.

I am remarkably sleepy today! I'm doing well, I'm just very tired.

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I painted a blue dragon without ever using the color blue because color theory is fun witchcraft

(For MarchDragon) #furry #furryart

hello!!! i am not actually new here but it certainly seems that way. hope you're all well!

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