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Oooh. No, this toolset was /used/ to examine branch prediction. It actually implements a MIPS-inspired processor of the author's devising, designed to enable experimental configurations and strategies. So, I won't be able to /only/ look at prediction, but inside /other/ fun aspects, like out of order execution implementation.

Building it might be fun - the compiler it uses to produce the soft processor executables is a port of gcc 2.6.3. =:D

TFW you accidentally discover Finder can speak ftp, in order to secure an obscure set of tools to model branch prediction methodologies, last updated in June 1997. ^_^

(Compatibility is confirmed with FreeBSD 2.2, Linux 1.3, SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2, and more)

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Mohammed Agbadi: Stay away from Kim Jung-Gi's art until you have a better understanding of perspective, because he would just confuse you.

me (looking at a Kim Jung-Gi sketch of a girl whose legs are in sections practicing dentistry on an anthro fish and there's also a samurai riding a tiger): my confusion here actually doesn't relate to his use of curvilinear perspective

Ooh, exciting times! Possibly. may be coming back with Mastodon 3.2.0 later on.

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TFW you see a comic that's been sitting in the "dormant" section for eight years suddenly spring back into life. =:D

Kukuburi, by Ramón Pérez:

video games are teaching our kids to view the world as a stream of ephemeral polygons loosely bound together by arbitrary and exploitable rules, apparent order dissolving into chaos and nothingness the instant a cat sits on the power button

it'll be good practice for the upload era

Oop! Looks like took a nap. Hopefully @self will be along to set things right..

Well, looks like may be down for updating, so, time for me to pop up here. ^_^

Dragon Style

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