so uh. I guess i have to make an #introduction post. yeah

so hiya. I'm Tillian, a punk polyamorous queer fox from Kazakhstan, my pronouns are he/she/they and I'm a furry.

I write, I play guitar and ukulele, I sing, I draw, I like photography, learning languages, traveling, cooking, and meeting cool people!

I am also interested in video games, literature, movies, anime, politics and philosophy.

I know 🇷🇺, 🇬🇧, 🇰🇿 and I am learning 🇺🇦, 🇳🇱, 🇨🇳, 🇰🇷

cya there :3

#mutualaid @mutualaid I've been on sick leave for more than a year due to #fibromyalgia. Social Security pays me €242,20/month, but that's never enough for my monthly appointment, and meds for the fibro, ibs and asthma. Fortunately, the wife is working, but we've been late on rent a few times bc money is always short and we also need to eat. If you can help me, I'll be very thankful ❤️


#boosts are appreciated ❤️


Erika needs to make her rent or else she is going to lose her kids. Her truck was recently reclaimed so they will not even have a vehicle to stay in if they're evicted

Erika and I have been talking for a year or two now and she is such a nice woman who deserves the goddamn world tbh

Please send ANYTHING you can, she really really deserves and needs to keep her children and housing (fucking obviously!)

#mutualaid #mutualaidfunds #payitforward #blacklivesmatter

quick q: (boost if you may know someone who can answer)

if I intended to commission character art for a CCG prototype, do you have any recs for people who can be commissioned for multiple pieces?

Putting out a new begpost now that I’m moved into my new place, anything you can spare for food and gas would be greatly appreciated as I try to get the hell out of dodge. I have a few donation vectors if you're willing to offer any support, it is *greatly* appreciated.

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

TransPlus visit, blood pressure 

And some cheering news! My blood pressure, which had remained stubbornly around the threshold of hypotension at around 140/90 for some time, clocked in at 132/84 today. ^_^ Certainly could be better, but perhaps the initial weight loss is bearing benefits? Simply being a bit more physically active certainly can't be a bad thing either, versus the sedentary life of 2020/2021.

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"When people give me compliments I feel like a vending machine trying to accept a wrinkled dollar and it's completely frustrating for everyone involved." #stolenfromelsewhere

if people are named after trees and flowers and hydrological features I think it's entirely reasonable for robots to take names like "subnet", "router", and "catalytic converter"

#SummerSchool 2022 

Hey friends,

For the last 2 years, we've hosted an interdisciplinary inter-time-zone all-online all-free conference for the Fediverse

So I'm gauging interest for #SummerSchool 2022

If you want to be one of the co-organizers (one of the people who makes sure that presenters have moderators and fills out the schedule, etc—we're not recruiting moderators or presenters yet), please reply to this message as a DM before 2022-06-04 and I'll schedule a meeting!

TransPlus visit 

Nothing major, though I was surprised to learn the very low E2 may have been anomalous after all - the time previous was in the 500 region, which is far more where I'd hope to be. I've brought back some alcohol swabs to help prepare the skin. Couldn't hurt. ^_^

No news yet on progesterone availability, but it seems to be something they're getting a lot of enquiries about. She suggested asking in my email next week to request the results (apparently they need to explicitly be asked in order to send them, for permission considerations), once they've had their weekly team meeting. Other E2 delivery options not currently available might also be coming, such as sprays.

As usual, had a good time chatting, left with the usual prescription, no fees involved. Was tempted to go to the nearby large pharmacy, but that'd all taken rather longer than I'd originally anticipated, and I had a meeting whenever I got back online. Maybe something for the morrow - another Chinese supermarket visit feels like a good idea. More sauces! More udon! More vegetables I'll never find in the big supermarkets!

In the US, companies are under no obligation to honor any request that they stop sending you physical mail. Send them as many requests in as varied a format as you like; they can ignore each and every one.

EXCEPT. If you say "please stop, this mailing made me horny", they are required by federal law to immediately block your address. It doesn't have to be honest or sincere; just saying "your ad turned me on, and I don't like it" is enough. 🌈⭐️

Let Me Save You Some Time: On Transitioning Like You're Opening A Candy Bar In A Crowded Movie Theater With A Really Loud Wrapper
"One can “go slowly” or “go quickly” or develop any relationship between time and transition they like, but treading softly over the floorboards in a wretched little game of Don’t Wake Daddy pleases no one."

Since I took this picture three years ago, I'm more and more convinced that I'll never take a better one.

Curiosity poll regarding social media approach.

Please boost because we're really curious about the experience-approach for as many users as possible.

We have excluded two options here and will explain why:

Twitter exclusively: probably not gonna see this poll if you don't use Fediverse at all

Spiderman: We assume everyone would add Spiderman to their options because of how polls work.

Found this remote job opportunity

Half time operations. $30/hr. Help with membership and donor management, event planning and admin.

It's a nonprofit that works on autonomy and humane and empowering approaches to psychosis.

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