mutual aid req, nd & traumatized trans girl and her spouse behind on rent, pls boost 

Hey folks, my partner is in recovery from bottom surgery but has no income remaining and nothing in savings and can't work. Best part? Benifits haven't decided if she is going to get funding - even tho she was supposed to have it a month and a half ago.

Literally anything would help them, but they are seeking $550

ukpol, Dorries 

Well, now we see what toadying up to Johnson par excellence gets you..

He's planning on giving her a peerage, according to the Sunday Times, along with Paul Dacre.

Extreme Hearts - surprisingly good fun! Our hero can't crack the big time as a singer, so, she tries getting into Extreme Sports instead. It's less about the sports, thankfully, than her friendships, which come into play literally toward the end of the episode. It's not going to break any new ground, but it'll be an enjoyable journey. ^_^

The Independent covered Trans+ Pride! Yay!

The Independent now requires registration to read almost anything! Boo!

And it's actually a good article!

oops its a track...

coming soon maybe? probably. if i can summon the emotional spoons to create a release

Some fine design on the Trans and Non-Binary Educators banner at Saturday's Trans Pride in London - which, by all accounts, was huge. ^_^

Prima Doll, thankfully, provided a welcome salve. ^_^ Former military gynoids (mostly; there are some more mechanical sorts as well) now salvaged and given new purpose at a cafe. It's essentially a slice of life anime - not as deep as Deiamon, but promises some heartwarming moments, with some darker background notes.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer: hoo, that was a bit of a slog. Half the ep's showing our protagonist to be either feckless or an outright shit; his test for his new telekinesis field is trying upskirting his teacher. O.o Oddly, it's from the same source as the excellent Planet With, so, hopefully this is just a very rough opening. In animation terms, too - this looks remarkably cheap. Still, the /other/ protagonist seems far more interesting, making it worth continuing a while longer.

Initial test firings of's main engines show positive. =:)

"Ceramic Mayan whistle in the form of the moon goddess and her rabbit consort.

CE 600–800. Princeton University Art Museum."

surveillance state vs. good cheer 

someone wrote this in private:

There is no way to make a phone fully secure. Down to the very simplest function of a phone (IMSI catchers).
Always assume a compromise is happening right now. The only certainty: there are not an unlimited amount of cops and prison cells.

riffing on this idea, I would like to point everyone to my favourite Malatesta text:

They mean to strip us of our right to engage in propaganda? —Let us, always, proudly and openly and relentlessly proclaim our principles. They would haul us in front of the courts? —Let us ensure that the proceedings become an occasion for greater, more sensational propaganda.

They mean to strip us of our right of association? Treat us as criminal conspirators? Then let us associate even more, publicly and demonstrably; wherever we can, let us convene in public venues; let us publish the programme and the addresses of our groups, circles, and federations in the press. The public will eventually wonder who these strange new malefactors are who, rather than lurking in the shadows, insist upon the light of day and who gladly suffer on behalf of an openly avowed cause—and every girl with a heart will feel, in her heart of hearts, that she is something of a ~crimegirl~ herself.

—Enrico Malatesta, "Let Us Be Of Good Cheer!"

now I'm not saying you should go and literally publish your addresses and get arrested for no reason. Let Us Be Of Good Cheer But Like, Minimally Tactical And Stuff, Your Friends Worry About You Think Of Them Too.

but if you fight for a better world and takes precautions and nonetheless get arrested—call all your orgs, make a ruckus, draw the media, agitate the prisoners, start a campaign, write a book or record a podcast or whatever you can still do, as long as you're not assassinated or like in solitary prison or s/t, use the thing as an opportunity. it's the end of the world and we're al lgoing to die and your dayjob sucks anyway, why not do something you're proud of? the fear of repression is a much heavier chain on your life than the punishments themselves.

in my own life, after having been detained, profiled, physically hurt, mocked, deadnamed aggressively etc. by cops for no other reason than legal registered protests, I can say with confidence that the State got nothin' on us being of good cheer. nothing they can do beats the magic of friendship and the power of love and justice. I know I'm at a heightened risk of being deported due to my political opinions, and I really don't want to be deported; but mark my words if I'm deported I'm going to fucking livestream it on Twitch, I'm going to be a huge headache for the State of Germany, and I'll look hot af doing it too.

“I didn’t choose to be trans - I just got lucky” is a mood :heart_trans:

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help an undocumented anarchist immigrant with your cash, :boosts_ok_gay: 

I met this sweet sweet girl earlier this year, she almost moved in with me but moved somewhere else to look for jobs. Having no visa, she failed to find anyone willing to hire her, and is now forced to return to her country. She's from a non-Western area and found it really hard to make bonds with the community here, even anarchist comrades.

My friend asked me for money for her trip back (tomorrow). I have a cushy salary but I'm pressed for cash this month because my children are immigrating next month. So I'm sending my friend 255€, and maybe friendly friends from the Internet can help fill my lil budget back up? If I get more than 255€ I'm sending the extra all to her.

Account holder: Quengas International Inc
IBAN: DE75500310001082287007
Description/Verwendungszweck: fuck borders
Can also do paypal, ask me for email

CA to manufacture its own insulin, sell at near cost 

CA guv Newsom announce the state will invest $100 million and begin manufacturing it's own insulin, selling it at near cost.

I'm not usually one for spoonerisms, but I feel there deserves to be a definition for "snipperwhapper".

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