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Sarina Nautilee

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Oh hey, time for a new profile image.

Was a gift from one of my GF's. Artist is Zarakon on FA.

fullsize at but fair warning it's a biiiit weird


I've been playing Elite Dangerous again and felt like doing alittle doodle~
Might start a new Squadron for anyone who wants to hang out~


Good morning! I am a fluffy dragon.

I hope you get to be a fluffy dragon too~ or not! I appriciate you either way. ❤️

nsfw: nudity and giant cartoon donger Show more

-vague growling noises coming from under a frankly absurd amount of blankets-

Nnngh. Just five more minutes. Or years.

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migraines Show more

Oh hey I should show this off here

was watching an friend of a friend's artstream and they gave me a sketch

which my lovely partners, @Tryn and @Siruco then put some flats on.

I could gush about this so much it's so good

Linework artist is fair warning there's some NSFW stuff in their gallery there

Just in case anyone has questions about dragon in the last post

sorta psa.

i guess.

im seeing a lot of political posting. while thats great and debating is good. can we please CW that stuff.

speaking for myself. and maybe a few others. i find political subjects stressful and i like having the option to not see it right off the bat. you know?

Oh man, being on a new instance is exciting!

Dragons are pretty hecking great btw.

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