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new profile picture time! :3

cropped from minifloofderg's art of plush me, fullsize at (CW: multi, eye contact in art)

I am surrounded by bats, cats, and dragons, and it's lovely.

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On the bright side, I get to try out an alternate big overhaul mod (MOO) that I've heard good things about and compare it to the previous big overhaul mod I was trying (OOO).

and MOO is much better shorthand for a mod name than OOO imho.

That pic I posted last night of the spyro that is just completely fed up is me right now wrt having to completely reinstall oblivion and all my mods b/c I managed to break something in a way I didn't notice until several dozen hours into the game and I had to restart from scratch to fix it


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please take a few moments to consider: taurs

ever since I started HRT my dreams have become ridiculously vivid. it's not exactly a bad thing but sorting reality from dream takes me a while when I wake up

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Accidental theme today is aqua dragons: I had done the machine sewing on two aqua-with-sparkle ones yesterday, and today I found a remnant of a foiled aqua (different manufacturer but still a pretty close color match) and made a couple snowflake dragons.

Pretty sure I'm gonna replace those royal blue eyes though. I like 'em but not with the aqua.

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