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Friend of ours just described us as having the goal of "being reborn into draconic majesty and cybernetic grace" and.

Extremely yes. that is a very succinct way of describing our goals.

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Eye Contact in art 

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Be Gay. Do Crimes. ACAB. Stonewall was a Riot.

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Synth, eye contact in art I guess? swear 

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art, multi, taur, synth 

big dragon (or other large creature) power move:

instead of using honorifics such as mr. mrs. mx. etc, go by mt. (short for mountain)

I have some art of myself and it's extremely good <3

cw for eye contact

(friend who wishes to remain anonymous drew this for us after we mentioned there's not enough Aivu fanart)

I should bring back our coilcat chassis. I have been feeling a bit... out of place and uncomfortable as of late, a bit lost amongst all the other kobolds. I think I need to differentiate myself a bit. -S4R1

That moment when you headcanon that a character is trans because of some small detail... and it turns out that the headcanon is literally canon :v

we really wanna comm someone to draw some fanart of aivu getting *all the cookies* but, uh, money :(

assistance request 

Out of context quote 

assistance request, paypal link 

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