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Oh hey, time for a new profile image.

Was a gift from one of my GF's. Artist is Zarakon on FA.

fullsize at but fair warning it's a biiiit weird

sure she has a big tail, but what if we made it... bigger

woke up with no spoons today, blegh.

@monorail @nautilee YES!!!! It's a species and genus of cat, cousin to the serval, historically trained as a hunting animal. They are roughly the size of a large dog, but leaner. Their vertical leaping ability is one of the best, certainly of cats. They have round instead of vertical pupils. Their tails are half-length but not bobbed. The short tail, large feet and extra large, tufted-tip ears mean they are often misnomered as a lynx, despite not being particularly related to lynxes or bobcats.

@InspectorCaracal friend
(image description: caracal ear flicks, at normal speed and in slow motion)

I'm pretty sure I'm an infohazard. A few people have ended up getting very into tails as a result of knowing me.

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It was just past dawn when they rode into town upon cats the size of horses.

Not lions, nor tigers, nor leopards - cats. A Persian, a Ginger tabby, a Tuxedo and a Sphynx.

There was pandemonium - fear, awe and confusion for about an hour.

Finally, the newly promoted Mayor, shoved forward, meekly asked, "Ah... are you the, uh, Four... Horse...? Men...? Of the Apocalypse?"

One rider snorted and rolled her eyes, "Clearly not."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy


"Then who...?"

"We're the Four Cat-Riders of the A-purr-calypse," stated another, slightly more helpfully.

The crowd murmured.

"I don't understand," the mayor whimpered.

"I'm Pest-Control, that's Good-Vibrations, over there is Healthy-Beans and in the puffy vest is Always-Asking-For-Food-Even-Though-There's-Biscuits-In-The-Bowl. She goes by Affy."

"But is our town doomed," asked the Mayor, eye twitching from stress.

"Oh naaah. We'll just knock over a few expensive things and leave.

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I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

is there a word for "pan but only for queer folk," cuz there should be

It's not enough that Toothless had to lay her cat arse on my leg when I need to get up and go do something, no, she also made sure to pin my headphone cord underneath her.

Cats are butts.

The harder and shittier a job is, the more it should pay. That means CEOs should be getting minimum wage and single parents should be making serious fucking bank.

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eeee I totally forgot someone did a sketch of meeeeee :} :} :} :} :}

by Giles Leven, donno if they have a page or anything for it!

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