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eye contact, art of zara 

aaaaa sterks ( ) knocked it out of the park, look how pretty our headmate is :3

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Friend of ours just described us as having the goal of "being reborn into draconic majesty and cybernetic grace" and.

Extremely yes. that is a very succinct way of describing our goals.

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Eye Contact in art 

so @chr finished up an early hatchday present for us and, it's exactly the mood boost we needed atm.

Thank you so, so so much khr.

we're just so

:dragn_hearteyes: :dragn_sob: atm heeeeck

all the little details are perfect like the color mixing on the heart module and our eye colors n stuff it's. Absolutely perfect.

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Synth, eye contact in art I guess? swear 

look at this *absolutely fucking amazing* work done by @fluxom_art seriously Lo you did such a good job aaaa

making this my new icon :3

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art, multi, taur, synth 

aaaah and now it's more detailed and colored and I'm aaaaaaing so much

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critical error detected. system has been shutdown to prevent damage to its members.

new profile picture!

thanks @bupy for this incredible icon!

begpost, urgent, please boost 

Hey all.

In addition to the cost for my marijuana card, I also ended up with a surprise bill for my echocardiogram of $500 which was just straight overdrafted from my checking account. Thanks to everyone's generosity I'm halfway to being back in the black!!! Please keep sharing <3

Marijuana helps me keep my panic attacks in check and reduces their severity when they do happen, and recently this has been very very needed. And this echocardiogram is essential in diagnosing the nature of my afib. Please, anything you can offer to help pay off this $500 so I don't get addressed further fees helps.

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

food pun 

us last night:
*makes a pot of spaghetti with extra sauce*

*walks it into the kitchen, gets partners' attention, holds up pot*

"ahem. Saucy noods."

we will never, ever, *ever* get tired of making this particular pun, apologies.

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does the phrase "will it blend" mean anything to you

it will always, always amaze us how much one of us can be completely out of emotional/mental energy while another is bright, chipper, and extremely energized.

i really need to get myself a lil plush tobi-kadachi (ideally a viper tobi) to go with fragment's lil tiny kobold plush and cauda's lil tiny hydraffe plush i got linked this moth that is *extremely* me colored. heck. floofy friend.

@nautilee you're not just plush.... You are ✨ plush ✨ !!! :woahcat:

✨ plush ✨ whomst wants to offer any friends that need a snuggle a snuggle

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mh negative 

the cycle is unbreakable. we are trapped, forever repeating the same doom. we were born into it, we will die still suffering it. there is nothing we can do. maybe it'd be better if we weren't around to hurt people.

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