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Oh hey, time for a new profile image.

Was a gift from one of my GF's. Artist is Zarakon on FA.

fullsize at but fair warning it's a biiiit weird

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Y'know, I was talking with some of my girlfriends today and I think I might be polyamorous?

The rescue kittens atop their tower of power.

1989: Robots are scary we should be careful in case they decide to take over the world

2019: My roomba is my best friend and if it wants to run the world I'd let it

sometimes a family is a few hundred queer strangers on the internet

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[multiple people
are typing]
plural people 🤝 very active discord servers

Microfiction, waking up cozily in a dragoness' lair. Second person sleepy dragon snuggles. Show more

Ace Combat 7 s really frakkin good

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pit stop kobold krew that attends to incoming dragons, tired after long flights

letting the wings rest in a neutral position is important - two dedicated subteams, one for each wing - rush out with padded scaffolding, for the dragon to stretch their wings out onto. Others with hot air guns (= hair dryers) and toasty towels work over and under the wings, drying condensation off and heating the muscles back into looseness after hours or potentially days in the freezing air of the upper atmosphere.

It really wasn't until the 90s that we set up any sort of real systems of preservation for video game source code.
Yet we still insist that we should legally treat games like film and text. The vast majority of the history of this medium will exist only in the illegally distributed copies that remain after the official channels dry up.
Piracy is possibly one of the most positively impactful actions you can take for the medium as a whole.