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Eye Contact in art 

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Look ma, I'm a space dragon!!

@VoxSomniator did this lovely retrofit of me into one of their adorable space robot dragon critters I love it so much

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Synth, eye contact in art I guess? swear 

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art, multi, taur, synth 

Mh negative 

(to a gay couple) so which of you's the dragon and which one's the kobold

here's one from six years ago. return "Even" or "Odd" depending on the parity of the input 

i almost never use like, good practices on codewars, i just use it to find challenges to golf, so every once in a while i get an email like "your solution has been commented on! 'what on earth'"

Someone posted a link to an article recently (well, in the last month? I think?) about the development of selfishness / greed as a product of capitalism, rather than being an inherent "human nature" trait.

I thought I'd saved my but can't find it. :/ Anyone have the link? tia!



Ex Christians Quit Acting Like The "Old Testament" Is Yours To Mock 2021 Challenge

nsfw furry porn!! big feral dragon lady plays videogames and also has a dildo up her cloaca 

mutual aid, PLEASE BOOST, seizures 

nsfw synth nonsensepost 

NGC 6240 is a greedy jerk of a galaxy. Who needs 3 supermassive black holes anyway? Share 'em!

hypnokink, woo, kin stuff 

cw anti-hypnokink. if you're under trance this will break you out of it 

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