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Be Gay. Do Crimes. ACAB. Stonewall was a Riot.

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Look ma, I'm a space dragon!!

@VoxSomniator did this lovely retrofit of me into one of their adorable space robot dragon critters I love it so much

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Synth, eye contact in art I guess? swear 

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art, multi, taur, synth 

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assistance request, ongoing long thing, paypal link, mh (--) 

cannabis, drug use ment 

have been sitting here for like 30 minutes listening to the sound of rain in this game we're not even playing

hrt, insurance woes (-) 

It is less that I am old school, you dork, and more that you are incapable of appreciating the classics, Syster. /1

So it turns out, er.

seems S4R1 is the one that wanted to play around in a MUCK. She's old school. /4

cannabis, drug use, swears, horizon zero dawn 

cannabis, drug use, swears 

ADHD is like “I’m more powerful than God, I can write a novel before lunch, I’ll fight a tiger, I can chew glass and shit champagne flutes”

and ten mins later

“I do not have the will to open this envelope”

ADHD, or as i like to call it, Conditional Object Permanence

tonight is apparently Halo 1 Science Night for us.

happy dragons got a lot done today.

our reward is a comfy nap

mh, food, (++) 

mh, food, (++) 

mh, food, (++) 

fangirling over silly food, food ment 

with input from @error_1202 and @stelepami and dear admin @lawremipsum , i made :help_describe: which can be used when you don't have the ability to describe an image, audio, or video, to ask for descriptions in replies! :boost_ok: to federate this friend far and wide.

holding a scalie's snout in your paws & forgetting how to words because heck
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