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Friend of ours just described us as having the goal of "being reborn into draconic majesty and cybernetic grace" and.

Extremely yes. that is a very succinct way of describing our goals.

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Eye Contact in art 

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Be Gay. Do Crimes. ACAB. Stonewall was a Riot.

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Synth, eye contact in art I guess? swear 

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art, multi, taur, synth 

mh negative. death, family 

and not only lost sight of the goal but also lost the ability to design levels aren't extremely painful


ever run into one of those games where it feels like the dev lost sight of any sort of goal halfway through the game?

mh musings 

i am looking for a cat shaped car toy for astrid. she used to have one and donated it to goodwill which i didn’t think to stop her bc it’s a baby toy. now, literally 2 years later, she is often upset about it. i don’t care if it’s the same one i am just trying to find one that looks like a cat for her bday. if you have any ideas where i can get this please let me know bc search results are all just broken links or cat toys

me: [sees literally any pastel pink and yellow color scheme]
me: oh? fluttershy? fluttershy?? fluttersh

using a binary gender is not recommended, they dont contain enough bits of entropy to be secure

We loathe smartphone design so much. We have no choice but to use something we absolutely hate

Why eat the rich when you can have more fun defenestrating them

snowrunner grousing 

snowrunner grousing 

Requesting suggestions for a controller to get 

Mh frustrations 

grousing about teardown 

I loathe games that make you play absolutely perfectly to 100% 'em

birdsite link, children's show about taurs apparently 

grousing at ffxiv 

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