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assistance request, paypal link 

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Be Gay. Do Crimes. ACAB. Stonewall was a Riot.

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Look ma, I'm a space dragon!!

@VoxSomniator did this lovely retrofit of me into one of their adorable space robot dragon critters I love it so much

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Synth, eye contact in art I guess? swear 

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art, multi, taur, synth 

commission for @sharkNserg of connie’s fluffshark with a naga body. there’s so much of them!

mh (-) 

payday 2 silly achievement 

lewd signage in payday 2 

lewd signage in payday 2 

lewd signage in payday 2 

Reminder of my hot bird art by fluffy_GF on Twitter. Boosting her is mandatory! (nudity, eye contact)

“Alone on a Friday night?”

We have just been informed about the Aandrisks from Becky Chambers' "Long Way to a Small Angry Planet" and we have to say we find their views on family *very relatable*

Cute idea:

You signed up to a taxi service for extra scratch, the app gives you hours, and as you prep to get into your car for your first day, you find a second set of legs growing in as you're covered in fur. You stumble a bit as you become a taur.

Time to give some rides.

mental health PSA, boosts appreciated 

kinstuff and phantom feels 

lewd, kink, story link, null 

Tonight is a night of silly jokes and teasing our partners~

payday 2 screenshot, meme 

Crowdfunding: single Black mom needs money for groceries; goal = $50; cashapp, paypal, or venmo 

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