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Eye Contact in art 

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Look ma, I'm a space dragon!!

@VoxSomniator did this lovely retrofit of me into one of their adorable space robot dragon critters I love it so much

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Synth, eye contact in art I guess? swear 

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art, multi, taur, synth 

monster hunter rise 

monster hunter rise critter eye contact 

Mh neg 

look at this absolutely adorable image our cuddlefriend @BatElite commed of us and @pillowcat Cal from @Artemis :3

mh neg 

What if the Palamutes from the new Monster Hunter game had their own game: Squirrel Hunter!

is there a kobold bot that posts pictures of kobolds

lewd musings 

cannabis, food, pluralstuff 

mh ph neg cannabis 

mh sui ment 


extreme neg mh sui ment 

extreme neg mh 

Ph mh neg 

A macro catgirl wearing glasses, or 

It's lovely being part of the loop of a comm that's not of us and frankly we've got no control over beyond being the one that started the process and watching our gf and the artist work together to bring said gf to life in art :3

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