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art, multi, taur, synth 

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assistance request, ongoing long thing, paypal link, mh (--) 

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new profile picture time! :3

cropped from minifloofderg's art of plush me, fullsize at (CW: multi, eye contact in art)

Me, looking around for a flash drive, can't find one

*lightbulb pops up on face screen*

Reaches over, grabs the nearest tiny @Tryn synthdragon

gently sets them on top of the computer case.

Tugs on the tip of their tail

oh hey, there's a USB adapter here

using my GF for storage <3

Non-lewd drone kink thought. 

Non-lewd drone kink thought. 

Consider: Synths that do not physically require sleep as their bodies do not tire, but still willingly sleep to give themselves time to mentally rest.

Also consider: Synths that connect to their synth significant other(s) while sleeping so that they may experience dreams together.

@nautilee @monorail TBF when it comes to size, deviation from the norm equals fun. :P

robofeels (+++) 

if i ever make a thing with user accounts i'll make the "gender" field be some completely inexplicable input method

name: text input

email: text input

gender: seventeen unlabeled sliders

horny art concept, direct flirt at reader 

horny art concept 

horny art concept 

big robot! 

art, multi, taur, synth 

I think she knows I had a rough night and is trying to comfort me in her own way

Toothless is being absurdly chatty and friendly and attention hoggy this morning, it's the most needy I've seen her in a long time and it's adorable.

sketch, multi, taur, synth 

PSA: this one goes out to the singlets 

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