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Oh hey, time for a new profile image.

Was a gift from one of my GF's. Artist is Zarakon on FA.

fullsize at furaffinity.net/view/28407424/ but fair warning it's a biiiit weird

It's possible to understand a viewpoint without agreeing with it and, related, two people can look at exactly the same facts and reach two different, mutually contradictory conclusions.

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Me, thinking about dragons: majestic, beautiful creatures of magic and mystery! Their stories stretch eons and their form is one of both absolute terror and wonder!

Me, trying to verbalize this: BIG lizard... good

@dopple wow, that's a really pretty profile pic

So our cat just stumbled on a wonderful discovery in the middle of the night when she took a nap on a keyboard.

If you press 6 and 9 in the same frame, you can type 69 repeating just by holding the buttons down.

Do y'all realize what this means?

This means there's legit speedrun strats to shitposting.

out of context @pillowcat quote: "you know what this means? there's speedrun strats for shitposting!"

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i'm dating dragons


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reasons to hire giraffe—
• tall: excellent lookout, access high shelves
• big, strong: carry several heavy things
• leggy: run fast, powerful kick
• eat: keeps leafs in check
• pretty: lovely pattern, long elegant neck, full eyelash, knowing eyes, flippy lil tail, several muscle, hoofs, fashionable mane :giraffic:

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tall girls. boost me pls

...i cant reach the top shelf

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Tbh I'd rather call a locksmith but we can't afford to and my roommate refuses to spend any money on this problem even if it causes her to miss work *again* tomorrow...