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Friend of ours just described us as having the goal of "being reborn into draconic majesty and cybernetic grace" and.

Extremely yes. that is a very succinct way of describing our goals.

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Eye Contact in art 

so @chr finished up an early hatchday present for us and, it's exactly the mood boost we needed atm.

Thank you so, so so much khr.

we're just so

:dragn_hearteyes: :dragn_sob: atm heeeeck

all the little details are perfect like the color mixing on the heart module and our eye colors n stuff it's. Absolutely perfect.

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Synth, eye contact in art I guess? swear 

look at this *absolutely fucking amazing* work done by @fluxom_art seriously Lo you did such a good job aaaa

making this my new icon :3

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art, multi, taur, synth 

aaaah and now it's more detailed and colored and I'm aaaaaaing so much

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passing around a partner's assistance request 

our lovely partner six is in need of some help paying some bills and rent this month, and we figured we'd pass around her assistance request. her post is here

boosts and such greatly appreciated

Hi! New to the service, thought I'd start with one of my favorite paintings of mine, "Dreamspace". It combines many of my favorite things.

#traditionalart #painting #furry #feline #acrylic #underwater

Boost this fox to teleport him across the Fediverse and brighten someone's day! :blobfox:

Let's see how many instances the fox can reach on his journey!

UPDATE re: assistance request 

Thank y'all so much for the help, we've gotten enough we should be good for a few days at least, so please find someone who more urgently needs the help

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assistance request 

Hi, we're a household of disabled neurodiverse queer critters who are completely burnt out and desperately in need of some help buying some food because none of us can cook right now. Any assistance (including boosts) extremely appreciated. Thank you.

Morning sketch-stream results! Just a pretty simple one this time!

Happy #TransAwarenessWeek !

Be sure to give a piggyback ride to your local transbian catgirl today.

#mastoart #art #lgbtq

i've been using forums since i was a tender little tadpole of eleven and let me tell you this. the secret to any online social space is just to say weird shit until you make friends

The thing about Twitter is that it really lacks a lot of the features you'd expect from a true Mastodon replacement.

For example, there's no way to edit your toots (which they, confusingly call "tweets"—let's face it, it's a bit of a silly name that's difficult to take seriously).

"Tweets" can't be covered by a content warning. There's no way to let the poster know you like their tweet without also sharing it, and no bookmark feature.

There's no way to set up your own instance, and you're basically stuck on a single instance of Twitter. That means there's no community moderators you can reach out to to quickly resolve issues. Also, you can't de-federate instances with a lot of problematic content.

It also doesn't Integrate with other fediverse platforms, and I couldn't find the option to turn the ads off.

Really, Twitter has made a good start, but it will need to add a lot of additional features before it gets to the point where it becomes a true Mastodon replacement for most users.

#twitter #mastodon #twittermigration

An ironically serious tip for comedy on the Fediverse:

If you're going for a misinformation joke, you should mention that it's misinformation through a CW.

You're not hiding the joke by saying it's a joke, you're allowing others to recognize that you're not trying to lie to them.

Toxic misinformation is very real and it's up to us comedians to use it as a tool for laughs, not evil.


referring to your extremely large partner as your "gf"

it's short for "gigafauna"

referring to your extremely large partner as your "gf"

it's short for "gigafauna"

Sometimes big ponders require somewhere remote and a suitably large form to contain them.

Echo, by Hornbuckle.

Looks like that spell didn't quite go as planned. But you gotta admit he looks damn adorable now

Sketch for Pohners

#Furry #FurryArt #Transformation #PlushTF

learned recently that someone reverse engineered space cadet pinball, and it's on github

not only that, but it's been ported to the switch, wii u, amigaos...

and web browers.

you can click here just to place space cadet pinball immediately lmao

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