official halloween costumes of 2019 are Untitled Goose and Sexy Untitled Goose

I still can't figure out how to handle how Shadowbringers just completely broke my character. Her life's work is based on a lie, apparently.

I've started working on a screenshot comic. It relies on a ton of speculation, and a few of the events are altered a bit, but it's at least gonna be interesting. I was planning on doing this before ShB, but now it's gonna be completely different... but now I've got a reason I wanna write through to the end.

Somehow I don’t think I’ve seen any anthropomorphic fanart of Siri or Alexa, which seems like a very strange gap in human culture

the sun is too bright and hot can't believe we went through all of undertale for this bullshit

Fellow admins of the Fediverse, you should consider blocking, instance-wide and immediately.
Kiwi Farms is a far right online forum dedicated to harassment, doxxing and gaslighting. They are *very* dangerous. Some of their favorite target have been harassed by them for years and they love to target vulnerable people.
They opened a Pleroma instance some months ago. Suspend them and be careful.

I played so much ffxiv today...

Like somehow if I just kept playing enough, it would change the ending of Shadowbringers from being so sad...

Yes, because that's *totally* the quest reward for leveling crafting/gathering jobs. *rolls eyes at self*

Need some help from #autistic #autism folks! I've got a friend on who's working on paper and needs some resources.

Here's what she says: " write a paper on how the Neurodiversity Movement is a resistance to effect of neoliberalism hegemonic educational trends upon autistic people. I want to demonstrate how Autism Speaks is part of the hegemony and how society ignores the fact that they don't work for the best interest of autistic people."

Boosts welcome! TY for anything you can offer!

Fake Italian stereotypes 

Mario for Olive Garden mascot

They're equally fake and delightful.

Shadowbringers, spoilers 

I finished ShB today, but the ending felt so unreal I decided that not only did C'rrahsa dream the whole thing, but everything from the final dungeon onward didn't even happen in her DREAM.

C'rrah wouldn't do that, and she wouldn't smile if it happened.

The expac was an extremely good game; it's just that the ending goes against most of what my catte cares about, yet neither could she quite act to assist the opposing side? It's an impossible plotline for her to *survive*. Also just... some of the premises involve don't really mesh well with the premises that her story hangs on.

So ... yeah. What a mess. When she wakes up she's going to be like "That was intense. Also, I didn't realize I missed G'raha Tia that much."

Shadowbringers, spoilers 

I was all like, "I think I see where this is going. The game is gonna end by making the hero choose what I think is wrong, all the party members are going to say shortsighted things, the villain's going to be right... it's one of those games, isn't it?"

I'm close to the end, and... I called it. :/

I love it when there are stories about this topic, but I almost always disagree with the ending... *sigh*

Emet-Selch is far more than merely charismatic. He is also, in my opinion, doing the right thing in a bad situation, where all the options are unfortunate.

Shadowbringers spoiler / FFIV reference 

"When you initially described it as a 'giant feathered flying whale', I naturally assumed you had taken some liberties..." - Alphinaud

Shadowbringers, spoilers, leave alone the catte 

Wow it ramped up fast.

I had to grind out a level before going on, and then do a dungeon. Midboss had a floor attack UNDER the dramatically signalled aoes and it was invisible? I could not figure out what was killing me. It took forever to get that sorted out.

Then of course more boss fights. Vauthry somehow turned all golden and pretty? I did not think he had it in him. It turns out he really WAS innocent: not free of wrongdoing, but rather, so spoiled and coddled that he never had a chance to see what a monster he was. So finally I have the "Enemy of Innocence" title, but now that I know it's really just a boss name, it's lost its glitter.

And then plot exploded everywhere, of course. Since we've now beaten each of the Wardens in their domains, classical rpg logic demands the secret-keepers are gonna have to lay down some cards to advance the plot. But did Urianger actually have any tricks up his sleeve? No. He just didn't want to tell me that nobody had a solution but we were gonna do the thing anyway. And he figured probably the Exarch will show up and die in C'rrah's place. Which doesn't take much insight, since the Exarch is gloomy and reticent, and won't talk about what future plans he's considering, except that he wants them all to involve hanging out with C'rrah.

But hey, this is gonna get even darker (no pun intended) because this may be the first time the WoL actually just wasn't strong enough to do the thing. Oops the Scions kinda didn't plan for "what if she can't" because this is the WoL, right; she'll manage it somehow. Except what if not. And apparently not. Even Emet-Selch is just like, you're a big disappointing failure lel. Poor C'rrah just writhes in silent agony for several minutes of dramatic reveals and villain monologuing. Ryne apparently can make it better, but she politely waits for all the plot and drama to finish first.

I'm worried about the Exarch and I really want nothing more than to go rescue him and also make Emet-Selch like C'rrah again. I really don't want the Exarch to die. He is a good cat.

Win 10 just hates ffxiv and doesn't want me to play it. Now it keeps turning off bluetooth so my controller spontaneously stops working. Hisssssss

still playing shadowbringers, spoilers, what is it with this weird character 

Right now it's time for character development through comic relief, but the twins and Urianger aren't here. What shall we do? Cat soap opera!

Crystal Exarch is brooding about being like 120 years old and half made of crystal, and is clearly in love with the Warrior of Light. Amazingly, he still does not seem to flirt; he just can't stop gushing over her. At this point she is seriously considering what to make of this guy whom, back when she thought she'd never see him again, she had affectionately called "the only tia I ever trusted, except my brothers (who are like kids forever to me, anyway)." What is this nervous lesbian WoL going to do? The Chais keep awkwardly watching this drama like they're shipping it.

If I hadn't been spoiled about who the Exarch was, it would have been obvious, with this lineup, that his character model was consistent with Nuzz. However, C'rrah herself KNOWS already, because miqo have sensitive cat noses and can recognise people by smell even when they've used too much perfume. Exarch still thinks he's hiding it. Someday she is going to have to tell him, "I know who you are by your scent, the pattern of your aetheric Tower link, and the fact that you softly go 'rrt?' every time someone calls me Rrah."

Got the lali-ho emote (which included being tested on whether it was lali-ho or hi-ho, in a village called Tomra, even though the people of the original Tomra said hi-ho...)

I do not understand how Zenos actually is alive after all? Is this perhaps a clone? Because it has been lavishly pointed out to us that he was Very Dead and Buried and Everybody Saw It. Zenos Is Super Dead, Really He Is. So... how dead is he? Find out next time when we show like one scene about what's up in Garlemald.

And that's basically all today. I yearn to know more about Emet-Selch. Someone called this "Final Fantasy Evangelion" and I have a suspiiiiicion of where this is all going and yes, I am super interested. Also, why is he so magnetically compelling? Why is this a Thing? Like I heard he was popular and everyone loved him, and he's so not trying to be fanservice in any way, and it seemed weird, and then in like the second scene he showed up in, he fascinated me. From zero to 100 almost instantly. What *is* it about him that apparently does this to "like half the fandom"?

Shadowbringers (teal dear: this is an awesome game in so many ways!) 

And I'm not even done playing it, and it hasn't yet gone deeply into the story that Behemoth thinks I'm gonna like... so... what else am I gonna feel before it's all over?

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Shadowbringers (teal dear: this is an awesome game in so many ways!) 

Someone said, and I agree, that it feels like I'm playing a real Final Fantasy game for the first time in, I don't know. A very, very long time.

I mean, yeah, we save the world every other day, but there's so much more to it than that. It has a flavor. You know?

Also, it is beautiful. And I mean *stunning*. The setting is a world that's drenched in everlasting day and you have to bring the night back. As conceived by S-E's artists, styles, and production values. It looks like paintings of heavens and flower fields, except where it looks like crystal faerie-tale castles, or lush mossy underwater cathedrals with stained glass window arches, or forests full of glowing mushrooms and trails of flowers. So far.

I'm not even all that far into his story and already I want so badly to give Emet-Selch a hug. It seems like he is suffering from... something I think I understand. (Which feels like I'm playing a very different kind of FF game, for the first time in a slightly shorter time, but yeah.)

Also, the story doesn't pull any punches. I've cried watching the deaths of NPCs we just met in that section of the game. This is a game that points out that there are horrible ways to die, and then what actually happens is worse. And goes, "We have to have hope, because only we can do this, and if we give up, it'll be the end of the world." (Perhaps it's that "hope in the face of despair" business that makes it feel like a real, proper Final Fantasy.)

ShB is a game worth playing, worth all the hours I spent slogging through the last expac (which just felt like a badly-written version of Suikoden with no compelling characters and boring scenery.) It is worth every hour I have put into playing this multi-game rpg, that it all meant I could play this beautiful story. Heck, even Thancred (whose job is usually to stand around and brood over his tragic backstory while looking pretty) had some interesting moments!

And I am glad to be immersing in it this week. I'm glad this game got made (when I think how ffxiv almost died before blossoming, I realize how close we came to simply... not having it) and that I chose to resubscribe and play it, which was more or less a whim... Thank you, universe, for getting me to play Shadowbringers.


really enjoying this peaceful full-moon friday the 13th evening.

a breeze is blowing, the world is calm, and our heart is filled with a melancholic love for this world's dwellers-in-darkness, those living in the shadowy between-spaces, the souls who have been lost for so long that "lost" has become their home.

fellow friends-in-liminality, rejoice! the darkness is no place of terror, no home to evil, and no punishment for those insufficiently normative to live in the light.

the night can be a calm, peaceful time, and the darkness can be protective, soothing, healing.

if you need refuge from the day's glaring light, its searing heat, its bustle and demands, the night and its darkness are here for you.
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