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bi boys are the best because I can date them but they arent straight

hey what's up i just posted a deltarune dressup fangame made by me and my brother. enjoy!

jim sterling just invented the word "hetconned" and i dont think ive ever loved a man more in my life

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I hate having executive dysfunction about things that I actually *want* to do and are not that bad at all, though.

Cat. Just. Pick up the notebook. And copy the diagrams!! Badly drawn is better than not copied over at all!!

(also a mood: putting tons of decorative stickers in my planner with stars and mittens and snowflakes and hearts, to make it look like there's much more on the page than there actually is...)

I just cat vacuumed up all my time to start a thing before this weekend's trip... Oh well. Travel makes a reallllllly good excuse. But I better get to work when I get back!

oh yeah, i forgot to mention the reason my partner spilled water on their keyboard and had to borrow mine:

they were startled because i suddenly ran down the hallway meowing.

i don't even know why i did it. i normally don't run. or move much at all. i guess, though, we now have an answer to what cats are thinking when they suddenly run through the house for no reason:

we don't know, either.

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Wanna have a bit of fun watching people get all confused while revealing society's inherent patriarchal bias?

Refer to your sewing machine as a 'power tool.'

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