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"No one fights like Gaston, no one bites like Gaston, no one takes away women's reproductive rights like Gaston! ...I didn't plan that, it just rhymed."

-thing i was told to post

I just found what's behind Ditto's "natural form".

Truth is, they were imitating a Poke Bean all along. Ditto has no natural form

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we need to reclaim programming as something for everyone

we need to reclaim it as a thing to use for fun and as a personal tool, instead of something you learn for careers to impress corporations

computer programming should be a place where misogyny, sexism, corporations, and capitalism don't belong

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I would not have predicted that adding MORE cats to the household would help the tension between Sonyaaa and Flamel sooo much, but it does.

So we've all just kinda been... welp. Mikleo can stay.

(This evolutionary line is one of my favourite Pokemon species. I'm still attached to my Kadabra from last game, Triangles. โ™ก)

I would also like to only give my spoons to people I trust.

Until 1979, Sweden classified homosexuality as a mental illness. That year, activists took the classification as an illness to its logical extent - Swedes called in too gay to go to work.

So the guy (whose name i refuse to mention) who shot up that garlic festeval was of course, a young white male with white supremacist leanings.

Completely silly, but I laughed like a drain.

Time to fly. Have a good afternoon and stay mindful of people with minor mental illnesses that can be managed in most situations with a lil thought.

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I wish airports had a special, distinct bell they would sound when announcing changes.

They literally make some routine announcement, like a reminder not to leave bags unattended, every 2 minutes. For people with auditory processing difficulties and/or attention problems, it can be a choice between ignoring most announcements (unless lucky enough to catch one) and having a complete sensory meltdown.

If there were a special bell for changes then people could just pay attention to those and block the rest out.

"Let's find out what the squirt of 10 is."


Might we stop using "don't deserve" as a synonym for "appreciate" or "are lucky to have"?

As I see it, there's enough crap out there to be justifiably bleak about w/o trying to use one of humanity's noblest impulses (love/awe/respect) as further evidence of our unworthiness.