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(There's irony in a *tote* bag that says "can't move", but it continues my tradition of lazy cat merchandise that says weird things. I can pair it with my sleepy cat shirt with erroneous French on it.)

You guys, this official Pusheen tote bag

1) Cost $2 USD

2) 100% of the proceeds go to charity. That's kinda suspicious and I know nothing about the validity of this charity; I bought it because Pusheen is cute.

3) It's not too high quality and I'm gonna reinforce the stitching, but like I said

4) $2 Pusheen tote bag.

Attempted pizza burglar Mikleo was caught white-pawed and unrepentant in the act of biting pizza crust this evening.

it's all fun and games until the vowels go on strike. then t's ll fn n gms

the thing about kittens is that they just randomly injure you. like you're playing with them or just sitting there minding your own business when suddenly "OW!! Jesus! God! Why!?'

they're cute tho

I highly doubt I will ever run a masto instance, but if I did, I would call it smilodon.

"...different grammars, such as Japanese, where 'never gonna give you up' is one word."

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A mug that says "World's Best Spy".

You can tell which part of our neighbours' grass spawns wild pokemon encounters.

I mean, our lawn needs cutting too, but uniformly...

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Me: Did you just refer to my cat as Miss Grumpypants.

Jyasu: Yes.

Me: You know, that is COMPLETELY unfair and untrue.

Jyasu: We could make a pair of pants to fit her.

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Kitty update: Mikleo is now in jyasu's bathroom recovering what turns out to be a broken toe. So I guess this means we're fostering him. He got a clean bill of health otherwise, but dang, is this cat covered in scars. New ones and old. No wonder he seemed like he wanted our attention.

...Also I swear when I decided to call him Mikleo, I wasn't even thinking about the fact that when he first got here he had a tabby sibling who constantly went around with him *everywhere*, and then one day the sibling disappeared and never came back.

But now I am.

I think I will choose to believe that sibling is just sleeping in some ancient ruins somewhere, and will wake up and they will reunite someday. ;;

(yes, we did put that cardboard box out for him. We kinda have Neko Atsume going on out there. Except we can't leave food outside overnight, because raccoons come to steal it and he fights with them and they kick his ass.)