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/"what is going on?"/

Okay, I am learning.
Unlocked padlock means... huh, this is like... this is like living on a small space station. Everything I do here has an impact, and I really can overlight my area. So... I needta just... shield my area of the space station to broadcast into space, instead of also to every last module here.

Well... okay got it I think?
Nah, this is like living on a small crewed sailboat and everything I do is audible by everyone else. I have yet to find an analogy to shout football only to followers and not also at everyone else aboard our boat. Something something Channel 16, DSC signals, switch to working channel 71 or something I'm sure.
huh. o.o

Holy goals 2-0 for Ecudor, with an incredible header! Also one Ecudorian player with yellowcard. :O

And first true goal of this World Cup is a penalty kick shuffled in by Ecuador, we are 1-0! ⚽️

@Doran_Eirok Smoochy! n.n

I feel like we found each other onna Maquis or Rebel transport! I almost wanna ask where you've been posted to haha cx

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Hey furry masto admins who still have room for more users: check out furryfediverse.org and maybe hit up furryfediverse.org/add-instanc to add yours.

There's a bit more about it from its creator at this toot: cyberfurz.social/@hack13/10936

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On a different note, while we wait for it all to blow up in a more undeniable way, bear this in mind.

While we all knew that Russia was fucked in their invasion of Ukraine within a week or so, it took about 6 months for it to become undeniable to everyone.

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I made a 'Your Dragon Here' wing hug sticker, and I made another version with a friend's dragon hugging me as a surprise :3

A new age. I'm back again, and fresh as cool high tide. :3

nothing major 

by nothing major, i mean nothing terrifyingly soulcrushing or absolutely agony :s

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nothing major 

idle thought:

if i were to move far away, it seems and sounds in my head as if i would be laying down my life as i knew it, and taking up a new almost foreign one. family, real blood family would be far, very far. all the faces would be different. even the sun risings and settings would happen differently. i would not have all the pains and stresses i know, yet i would miss those fond stresses and things, let alone the natural spaces and parks i take for granted. i would be alone. no family, at least they would be a day away.

...i find that... i am hopelessly clingy and connected to family, and i feel very five years old just at the prospect of leaving home, even in the face of family conflict urging me out.

....I have never been apart from at least one family member always, and i would be leaving my beloved mother, the only human who has ever stayed in my life for its entirety. ❀

I love her. πŸ’›

i don't know how i could, and i know eventually will, live without her. i am afraid, not of being apart but ultimately of knowing, i won't have the option of making a call, writing a letter, just knowing that in the world she is thinking of me, and her knowing i am thinking of her.

how do i move? will it be scary the first month? will i be homesick or dissatisfied with my new location? will i feel alone surrounded by or even living with friends? will my new residence ever feel like home? will i cry a lot? will it get better? will i become someone else who maybe forgets to call my mother and family, like i see stereotypes of on tv? will i become callous to family by moving away from them? will i age fast, will this make me 'older?'

one question i am comforted about, that i will never have to ask, is 'will i be able to move back?' There is no question, i have been assured that i always have a home, at home. and that is what i cling to.

i have so many questions and fears. i don't want to lose my life as i knew it, all the good family and things i have here. i just don't know. I ask God to comfort me, and show me it'll be easy and okay and there was never anything worth worrying about. u_u

my morning went from soft sleepy chillhop and thoughts of socks, to mad rush to be at work on time
the necklash was monumental
but i am building a nanohabitat at work again, and partly restoring the snuggly chillhopness
.... youtu.be/bebuiaSKtU4

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my experiment's principle is valid, but fails in application

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good morning all. i am going to experiment starti g today with getting up earlier, having lofi chill, making soft socks and little things.

also, serene quiet time meditating with my Creator

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