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PSA: how to save lives in case of cardiac arrest emergencies 

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I genuinely feel weird using binary pronouns for people at this point

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on the nature of my otherkin identity (long) 

mh (---) 

I'm demisexual, but I get attached to folks so easily it's hard to tell sometimes

decades ago, I saw a frozen fish box at the supermarket with an elaborate, flowery font that I couldn’t quite read and now I think about “Crispy Battered God” more than makes sense

COVID-19, immunization, physical health (+?!) 

ꓷꓑꓲꓣꓑꓷꓷꓝꓣꓷꓲꓷꓑꓷ ꓑꓷꓑꓐꓷ ꓷꓲꓑꓲ ꓷꓝꓝꓑꓣꓲꓐꓑꓲꓲꓷꓲꓲꓝꓲ ꓝ ꓝꓝꓑꓑ ꓷꓝꓣꓑꓝꓑꓝꓲꓐ ꓐꓷꓝ ꓣꓲꓷꓐ ꓣꓑꓲꓷꓐꓝꓷꓐꓷ  ꓲꓑꓝꓑ ꓣꓐꓝꓝꓷꓑꓣꓝꓣꓣꓷꓲꓐ ꓐꓷ ꓷꓐ    ꓣꓐꓐꓲꓝꓐꓐ  ꓲꓝꓝꓣꓐ ꓝꓣꓝ ꓲꓝꓲꓐꓲꓷꓣꓣ ꓣꓝꓣꓣꓑ

Dragon VRChat avatars 

I very consistently abbreviate “follow up” as “f/u” in my work notes and to-do lists because mentally pronouncing it as such amuses me. “f you doc comments.” “f you quarterly planning.”

Group commission I'm in with @kistaro, @Goldkin, @Veladynee, and some other folks that aren't on Mastodon AFAIK.

We're spaceship dragons! NYOOOOM! :dragn_mlem:

hypnokink shitpost 

I am less convinced of UPS' time travel abilities than they seem to be.

Sometimes I wake up with great insights and interesting thoughts to start the day

And then there are days like this where I remember the first time I attempted the Fireman’s Carry Throw in my judo class, lost all my momentum and the person I was throwing kinda flopped off over my front instead of to the side, and Sensei Shepard, when she stopped laughing enough, explained that, no, “not like dumping a barrel of toxic waste into the ocean!”, a phrasing choice that has apparently stuck with me for the intervening 18 years

database client? more like database clien’t

nsfw puerile humor, Wikipedia 

consider: a dragon, snoozing, curled up on a hoard of Steam achievement icons, trading cards, and other assorted inventory debris

@kistaro @junebug maybe school is actually bullshit if trauma dreams about it are a universal experience

achivement unlocked: won as the solo Impostor in a 1v5 game of Among Us with my co-workers, in which the last two crewmates voted for each other during the final vote

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