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on the nature of my otherkin identity (long) 

vrchat drgn avatar ads for other people 

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haven't picked up Shenzhen I/O for years. It's satisfying to open it up and solve a puzzle. Sure, my power consumption was terrible and I used more parts than either of the other folks who play it on my Steam Fiends List, but it's still fun to tinker with fake microcode and make something pretend to work.

Wikipedia is 50% encyclopedia and 50% an experiment in self-governing debate club.

doctor recommendations? (King County, WA) 

Ancient greek architects wanted to find some user-seeded cryptids for their labyrinths, so they decided to download some Minotorrents

uncomfortable hot take 


underrated song of the day:

The entirety of “More Songs About Me” is brilliant, but this song specifically seems relevant lately.

vr shitposting 

uspol, the kind of trivia that interests me 

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Periodic PSA: Go turn on 2-factor authentication for every single account you have that supports it. Almost all major tech companies support it, as do many banks and assorted other web sites. The risk of account hijacking drops by several orders of magnitude if you have 2-factor auth enabled.

SMS is the worst kind of 2-factor auth because customer service agents at phone companies are typically a weak link (and will reassign your number to the hijacker when they call). A physical FIDO key (YubiKey’s products, for example), the Google Authenticator app, or Authy are all better substitutes; many password managers also have 2-factor auth management.

nonvegetarian food mention 

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