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on the nature of my otherkin identity (long) 

heads-up to Livejournal folx: got an email about a breach from a few years ago that just got publicized. Email accounts and plaintext passwords.

- 🦊 ✏️

@ElfLord needed a way to figure out how much fabric to buy for a sewing project, based on the pieces she needed to cut. Surprisingly, I couldn't find a website or app to calculate this. YouTube videos seemed to suggest that the best approach was to print templates and do it all by hand.

So… long story short, this is what I spent my three-day weekend doing 😅

Btw, who around here does use ? I go by Kistaro on there, too.

ph -, mh - 

mh, -- 

"Toast, being an inanimate object, lacks both the ability and the desire to right itself.". --Important information from Wikipedia

Covid-19, - - - 

Furality: just like a furry convention, including the part where I'm surrounded by strangers and I don't know how to interact with anyone, except at 5 FPS

my poor graphics card. my poor brain, strapped into a headset at that framerate...

body and gender 


cryptocurrency, video games 

what classic amusement park ride uses magnets to gently lift riders in a circular pattern of motion? 

“Tooth And Claw”, Jo Walton’s dragon romance novel, is free this month.

housecat: n. A small carnivore that, over the course of centuries, domesticated humans to act as their servants

Sometimes I learn new things about my computer's features when my cat walks on the keyboard.

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