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on the nature of my otherkin identity (long) 

pros of merino wool: very good at temperature regulation due to moisture wicking, saves water because it only needs cleaning very infrequently, sustainable

cons of merino wool: I got caught in the rain and now I smell vaguely of sheep


169 years since Tolstoy bought the unnecessary horse


How to become a specialist in tech jobs:

you have to do something with a tool you don’t know
You hate it instantly
Turns out this tool is driving you mad
You spend 2 weeks fixing this particular tool and learning trough pain
You finally made it work
Congrats, now you are a specialist on something you hate.

idle nsfw 

My order from a retailer specializing in clothes for short men came in. This is... kind of a revelation. So this is how a shirt is supposed to fit. I can move my arms freely and I don’t feel like I hung a sack over my shoulders. This is new.


weird furry porn: dragons, tentacles, inflation, corruption, mind control, eldritch horrors, tits, etc. 

i dreamt that i was driving down the road with someone and crabs kept appearing on and near the road

in a city, several hundred miles from the ocean

at the end of the dream, i walked into a room, revealing i had found a cheat menu for life itself

but the only one unlocked and enabled was "cool crustacean pathways"

A scaly magical piece for @kistaro ! I had an absolute blast working with these colours and details, not to mention the pleasure of painting this lovely dragon again! <3

#commission #dragon #moon #stars #magical #fantasy #painting #illustration

I can't find anything appealing on the few remaining manufacturers who specialize in clothes for short men, for that matter. "44-inch chest, 5'6" is not a combination that *anybody* aims for. Peter Manning's largest size (4X) might fit, but everything that looks good is sold out.

I wish shirt manufacturers made anything for my body shape. I'm 5'6" and broad-shouldered. My upper body doesn't fit into medium size shirts and large size shirts billow comically off of me. If I measure my chest and compare it to shirt charts, apparently I need an XL.



There are squirrels out here harvesting carrots from melted snowmen, the monuments to inevitable mortality created by children in temperate climates. I think there’s a philosophical point of some sort here, but I’m not quite sure what it is.

Sometimes I wish I was a little housecat-sized dragon so people could pet me and I could bite them or set them on fire if they refused to pay attention to me, just like a real housecat

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