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PSA: how to save lives in case of cardiac arrest emergencies 

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I genuinely feel weird using binary pronouns for people at this point

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on the nature of my otherkin identity (long) 

bizarre nsfw thought debris 

This dragon breathes keysmash for some reason?

(about twenty minutes doodling)

Current status: upgrading computer. Kitty status: helping.

social anxiety, out-of-touch researchers 

Slept for ten hours again. (I was late starting work on Friday because I overslept then, too; that totaled 11 hours, I think.) Pretty sure my worse mental health lately is associated with sleep deprivation and general exhaustion from busy days. Weekends alone won’t fix it, I have to fix my sleep habits again.

mh, social... not anxiety but permissions? 

A Web 1.0 chess site for people to play chess over instant messenger: when you make your move, it copies a new link to your clipboard for you to paste into your chat.

The "image preview" for stuff like Telegram or Discord link previews would just be the board.

social anxiety 

Exhaustion has caught up with me _hard_ and now I feel too tired to even relax or recover somehow.

Video games satisfy engineers’ escapist fantasies of being handed well-defined projects with consistent requirements and clear scope / schedule / budget, declaring them complete and moving on once the acceptance criteria are met, and being rewarded with praise for their work

ph, +? 

yet another one of those times when adding a log message trying to show me why my new code wasn’t working as expected was *very* useful for showing me that I wasn’t reaching that code at all, which would explain why its feature wasn’t working


if you multiply an empty floating-point fruit basket by an infinitely full floating-point cornucopia you get a baNaNa

being frustrated with how late it already is and how little I want to be a responsible adult and prepare for bed tends to lead me to procrastinate and sit around being grumpy, which fails to help the situation any

vr, exercise 

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