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"Being Held Accountable For Software You Had Nothing To Do With", chapter 3 of my coming-never book on the difference between software as taught academically and practiced as an engineer

reading back over what i've written for this book so far

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**You pet the small robotic dragon.
**The small robotic dragon purrs contentedly, a sound like Windows 95 swapping.

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As much as I think is the more difficult, deep, and skill-testing game compared to Magic: the Gathering, I have to note that I feel like I am very proficient at the game and can meaningfully challenge the recommendations of draft guides/tier lists and *come out ahead*, after less than 80 hours of the game. is a game I've played for years and years and I still feel like I'm maybe barely okay at it. I'm wondering if Artifact's depth is largely illusory, and Magic: the Gathering is genuinely deeper.

That or it's just easier to get results out of small skill differences in Artifact...

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Making videogames should be able to be a perfectly mundane 9-5 job.

“Passion” shouldn’t be a requirement.

People don’t have to be head-over-heels in love with what they’re making to be good at their jobs.

I'm buying a subscription to an every-other-month Escape Room In A Box service. this means I will need teammates on a semi-regular basis. This is really "secretly" an "evil" plot in which I try to make myself get out and be more social, as I continue to learn to deal with antidepressant side effects (fatigue is the one I'm still dealing with now)

going through my Steam library, adding the "Lizard People" tag to games as appropriate

user-defined tags are kind of a popularity contest; fellow scalie gamers, please help in this project

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The Media feels threatened when people feel safe, because fear and hate and stress line their pockets.

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Going to bed early is useful for getting me awake on time and not very helpful for getting me more sleep. I can't sleep more than seven and a half hours regardless of how tired I still feel in the morning. Although accepting it, getting up, drinking tea, and then going back to bed can get me another 45 minutes or so.

The world needs a much higher percentage population of nagas. I am very pro-snake-person.

I feel like the blog post Discord put up explaining their "if you post stuff to our service, we can show it to the people you're sharing it with" legalese is really good: