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I genuinely feel weird using binary pronouns for people at this point

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on the nature of my otherkin identity (long) 

BattleBots makes me enthusiastic to fold laundry

gross life hack 

at some point, I fell into “just trying to deal with the next day in front of me” mode and never escaped it, which is why I haven’t been around at all. dunno how to escape.

More people need to make fursonas.


I recognise people by their avatars, such that if I associate someone with... say, using an avatar of Madeline from Celeste, when I see someone else with the same avatar, I briefly think it's the same person.

Make your own fursonas. Get commissions. Use them as avatars. Be you, not just an ambiguous manifestation with an arbitrary name and face.

imagine thinking gcc is the better backend when the competition has this logo

I forgot about tea I was making and it steeped for four hours and the result is this kind of oil slick on it

Not drinking it - because it’s too late in the day for caffeine now!

I just spent the last six hours playing Stellaris.


I tried to program my programmable light panels to be vaporwave-y, but actually cast enough white light to use as normal room lighting when I need to see more than just my monitor

I wound up creating a trans pride color scheme. Oh wellllll~

Maybe I should keep my lights brighter in my computer room in the evenings.

Finished the ink in a fountain pen, time to try a new sample!

After cleaning the residual ink from the previous sample out first, of course, so now my bathroom sink looks like I murdered a Smurf.

I think the best feature of the “divot” in the middle of an IKEA Fredde is how friendly it is to clamp-on keyboard trays, for those of us too short to actually use an IKEA Fredde as intended. I should have installed a cheap clamp-on tray years ago




paleontology news (dinosaur buttholes) 

systemic racism thought debris 

maliciously bad idea 

How do I even dragons?
Especially noodles, they're so... noodley.
(about fifteen minutes scribbling)

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