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PSA: how to save lives in case of cardiac arrest emergencies 

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I genuinely feel weird using binary pronouns for people at this point

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on the nature of my otherkin identity (long) 

important, underutilized technique when assembling IKEA furniture: pelvic thrusts

PSA: Medtronic insulin pump users, the FDA is pissed off 

I have read enough Calvin & Hobbes that I see a snowman and automatically think “snow effigy”

I seem to be in an obonoxious alternating pattern of sleeping way late on one day followed by waking up early and being unable sleep more than five hours the next day. this sucks

just ADHD+ASD things 

zero for six in removing 3M Command adhesive strips holding up my room’s light panels that I’m trying to rearrange. ugh. I’m going to have to very carefully scrape these things off the wall with dental floss.

shitposting, unleash the kraken 

hot take: television, racism 

How alert I feel on any given morning is weirdly uncorrelated with how much sleep Igot

I like how the last 25% or so of the season in Digimon Tamers is basically an extended metaphor for depression both from the perspective of the depressed person and from the perspective of their friends

vrchat, social anxiety 

just hypnodom things 

hypnokink curiosities! (contains mentions of my other kinks) 

hypnokink curiosities! (contains mentions of my other kinks) 

probably *the* most important trait in a roll of washi tape is the ratio between adhesion strength to paper strength and it never ceases to amaze me how many brands that aren’t MT get this wildly wrong

Software engineering is an awful lot like getting a tattoo.

The initial hours of pain will pass; once the work is complete, you have an entire lifetime to regret it

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