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I genuinely feel weird using binary pronouns for people at this point

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on the nature of my otherkin identity (long) 

sweary, incidental birdsite reference 

I like my local pharmacy, except for the part where I call them for same-day delivery (a thing they offer) because I just took the last of a medication I need every morning, they call back to confirm, I confirm, and then I don't realize until after they close that I never got my fucking meds and tomorrow is going to suck

sweary, incidental birdsite reference 

attn. kobolds: authentic artisanal dragon headpats available

You, a barbarian: Primitive, manual, low-tech, dumb, neatherthal light switches.

Me, enlightened:

I have Some Opinions about fountain pen inks 

I have Some Opinions about fountain pen inks 

I have Some Opinions about fountain pen inks 

we just interviewed the kitty:

Us: how are you so kitty?
Her: *purr*
Us: how are you so mew mew mew?
Her: *kneads at carpet*
Us: how is you so kitty mew?
Her: *goes back to sleep*

it was very informative

Life pro tip: laboratory glassware is often cheaper than tableware. There’s a reason my water glasses are gradiated beakers. (Temperature-safe, too; they’re borosilicate glass.)

need heat rock and/or warm kobold this morning

do not click 

furry kink thirst 

Bass Pro Shop is actually just the surface level town where you can buy supplies before heading down into the endless pits of Bass Pro Dungeon

I really hope my employer’s policies don’t continue to effectively ban public transport and carpooling by the time returning to the office is mandatory or I’m just completely hosed

It’s fun to see the local Steller’s jays shifting from “clearly nervous but hopeful about peanuts” to “obviously happy to see me, because I have peanuts”. It takes a while, but they do start to decide I’m probably harmless.

cannabis discontinuation 

datasheets that look like summoning circles/magic incantations

non-vegetarian food, economic politics shitpost 

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