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on the nature of my otherkin identity (long) Show more

My “madly refreshing a web service” of the day is looking for iOS 13 and Apple Arcade, which I honestly care about a lot more than a new iPhone (mine is a few weeks out anyway).

nsfw furry social anxiety Show more

Suspicion: phone camera bumps came about because phone designers realized that almost everybody uses a phone case anyway, so they might as well use the space inevitably carved out by the camera orifice

RMS, Damore, nerd behaviors, and cancel culture Show more

Monday morning brings with it the clarity about what I *wish* I’d spent my weekend doing, now that I have to go to work instead

we all love big gec, but don't forget: tiny gec

Are you ready kids? I can’t heeeeer you! Ohhhhh

Who lives in a sepulcher under the sea
all rugose and squamous and bloated is he!
that which is not dead may eternal lie
and with strange aeons even death may die

*nauseating piping*

At least I hit all my exercise goals this entire week, though.

hating every moment of it is just part of The Exercise Experience, I suppose. when it's not Beat Saber, at least, and I felt too out-of-it to actually play a rhythm game, so I didn't

Bah. I'm going to need better window blinds in my office if I want to be able to use room-scale VR during the day, controller tracking doesn't work in a big chunk of the room during sunlight.

Windows 7 was *so good*. Windows 10 is rapidly approaching Windows 95 levels of fucked up, and at the rate Microsoft is going they're going to achieve outright Windows ME within a year.

I'm not sure GPT-2 understands how dragons work. @OCRbot

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me: sees a crow
crow: ...
me: tosses a couple of peanuts
the entire local crow population:

trying to focus on work, would rather be sprawled lazily on a heat rock being attended to by a varied harem of scalies

My neck and left wrist have been hurting all day today, I slept weird and I am aching from it. >..<

Wait. I actually do expect myself to remember everything I read and everything everyone says to me. Why do I feel like that’s a normal and appropriate expectation?


Emerald City Resource Guide

This is the complete guide to public services in Seattle. Homeless? LGTBQIA+? Native/Indigenous? PoC?

This has everything you need!

Consider: feathered velociraptors and they want to cuddle.

"as automation increases, proportionally more and more labor will be in maintaining machines"

what we thought that meant: more skilled mechanic jobs

what that actually meant: come home from work figuring out why the ci system didnt run again, only to have to figure out why the roomba didnt run again