bepis? oh, its actually a greek root, so it should be bepopodes

Years ago you found a baby dragon that had been abandoned. You carefully helped mend its wounds and taught it to hunt and survive on its own. Now, it just sits at home and plays video games all day. You try to convince it to get a job terrorizing villages or something like that.
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Berqli (pronounced "Berkeley") has a complicated past that I'll explain later, but for now here's how he looks. I'll spend some more posts in the coming days talking about him.

for the new folks! I'm Merino, a brass dragon. I live in a cave in the Negev with a big hoard of yarn, knitted things, and supplies. Also sometimes my friends @Pyrite and @gwyfyndraig . Come drop by if you ever want a cup of .

worldbuilding hangups 

mastodon weirdness 

mastodon weirdness 

Mad body-shaping science is well and good, but at the end of the day sometimes all you want is a comfy couch, a glass of your favorite beverage, and a kitty.

worldbuilding :: weather, climate, and seasons 

worldbuilding, a digital version of the map 

I gotta stop looking at those little Japanese vending machine toys...

affection directed at reader 

my map making process 

worldbuilding, the weather 

worldbuilding, some assorted details 

worldbuilding, a map 

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