A lot of cultures that recognize transfeminine roles or identities associate a surprisingly consistent collection of supernatural gifts with that role: being able to bless, curse, bring luck, tell the future, & call down lightning to smite the foes of their people. Transfeminine folks, how does that align with your experience?

@frameacloud all werewolves are trans and I will hear no arguments to the contrary

@frameacloud At best, if I've had any soothsaying abilities they've been Cassandra-style, where I've been able to make extrapolations which nobody believes until it's too late.

(And then when the techbro dude I warned observes the same thing I predicted they say "nobody could have predicted it" take credit for having noticed the problem.)

@frameacloud It was actually Way more crucial to my gender journey than HRT or any of that. Then again, I had some serious religious indoctrination to get over.

Like how as an AMAB person I wasn't allowed to touch the special sparkly Womyn Magick.

Turns out the AMAB bit was a clerical error, I'm the Big Witch around here and was always supposed to be.

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