Make "silver fox" a gender-inclusive term of aesthetic admiration for older women and chic seniors of all genders!

@frameacloud It wasn't already?! Have I been using it wrong?


I've only seen it used for older men, but if you've seen it in use for other genders already, then that's cool.

@frameacloud It maybe biases things that I had friends younger than me of several genders intentionally dye themselves gray. Such an interesting trend that was

@frameacloud i love this idea but i have a perhaps counterpoint:

the term "silver vixen" is suffused with unimaginable sapphic energy to the point that my cishet ass can only look at it in awe from the other side of the room

"Silver vixen" is truly an awe-inspiring suggestion!! I hope it enters common use to empower and enchant, and that it never ends up being used in a misogynistic way.

@frameacloud yeah I’ve definitely seen this used tbis way a Lot already :)

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