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My orientation is queer, full stop, so talk to me if you like me. Show more

Head's up, Value Village has their 99 cent t-shirt sale today (though I'm not sure if the sale is held on the same date at all locations?). They save their best shirts to put out for this sale, too. I was looking forward to it all year, and I just went there and restocked my wardrobe with t-shirts so wacky that I don't know where I'd have found them otherwise.

Make "silver fox" a gender-inclusive term of aesthetic admiration for older women and chic seniors of all genders!

NSFW. Asking for info & resources about some of the lesser-known options for bottom surgery for FTM & MTF spectra, so that I can create a sex ed infographic about them all. (OK to RT) Show more

PNW wildlife, food mention (+) Show more

law school Show more

Sexist language Show more

Hmm... books that are three inches thick, peppered with Latin phrases, filled with bizarre tragic stories about people with ridiculous puns in their made-up names? Law school is pretty much Hogwarts.

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The Wizard of Oz is dustbowl goth.

I uploaded a handful of my drawings to my art gallery.


Okay, my site frameacloud.com is looking better than it has in some time. I still have a lot I'd like to improve, but I'm comfortable with it, it's presentable.

What's the cheapest way to buy a whole lot of plain white printer paper these days?

actionable request re: sesame street anti-autism Show more

sesame street, autism advocacy, anti-autism, medicalization (---) Show more

For nonbinary people, struggle for recognition extends to romantic relationships

Many nonbinary people report having romantic partners who do not fully validate their gender identity.


Oh, and for that matter, what's the best ebook reader for iPad (for DRM-free books, loaded via Google Drive)?

In either case, I want to be able to do a lot of highlighting and annotating. I also want to be reasonably sure that I won't lose said annotations.

What's the nicest-looking ebook reader for on Windows desktop right now?

PSA about gender euphoria and dysphoria; educational mention of several kinds of genitals Show more