How are my dragons doing today?

@dodec Have you seen these drawings of snake people creatively wearing boots? They made me think of you, because they seem like the kind of thing that you like.

trans humor (~) 

a recommended trans book (+) 

asking for help, boosts OK 

zen koan 

Brought to you by realizing that to me, 251 seems mostly red because 5 is in the tens place, whereas 215 is mostly silvery white because 1 is in the tens place, which changes the 2 to a more intense black and the 5 to pink. I don't know why my brain made up rules that were so complicated. You would think the numerals would stay the same color no matter what column they're in, and what numerals are with them.

Like fridge magnets, which are thought to be how most people end up with letter-color associations:

Folks with - have you ever been able to change the associations that you have with certain glyphs? I want to try to change the color associations I have with numbers, so that they're more logical. I'm concerned that might be something that can't be changed, at least not without making a confusing mess.

futuristic unisex sci-fi name generator (cw: rude words) 

Dragon Appreciation Day (long, +) 

I dreamed this: the spy, the alchemist duke, and the felling of the crown (cw length, violence) 

Steal this idea: a live-action show where all the dialog for human actors is just audio of actual cat noises, dubbed in Jingle Cats style. So everybody's talking to each other like all is normal, but all their dialog is replaced by meows and prrs that suggest the right tone of voice and lip synch.

And then, and THEN, there's a scene where they have a cat, and when the cat meows, it's dubbed with a bass human voice just saying the word "meow" in the least catlike way possible.

I wrote a short parable-like story. I might draw something tonight, too, laer on.

I could paste the whole thing here, and it would fit below the 7777-character limit, but that seems like it'd be unpleasant to scroll through. So have a PDF link instead:

history (~) 

how would you describe the differences between forum etiquette vs what's normal on social media? i'm trying to write a guide for the alt+h forum since a lot of our userbase is only used to say, twitter and tumblr. all i can think of so far:
- double posting is generally discouraged
- likes (or equivalent) are only for Really Good Posts
- grammar standards tend to be higher
- the circumstances under which necro-ing threads is allowed (i feel like this one is pretty variable)

#TIL that the kind of #art that looks like writing, but isn't, is called "asemic writing".…
(Thanks to @welshpixie for mentioning it)

The next Wikipedia article I want to build will be about the enarees, the trans-feminine shamans of the ancient Scythian peoples. I'm digging through the JSTOR archives about them first. Do you happen to know some excellent print/online sources about enarees that I'm not likely to stumble across in my usual search pattern?

(One of those thoughts that I keep meaning to turn into a Theri There comic sometime.)

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