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Is there a rated G word for "shitpost"?

If I said "poopost" would anybody know what I was talking about

Yesterday I sewed a mermaid pillow. Okay, I had a lot of help. Okay, I watched it get sewn. I did make the design choices, though!

I decided to back it with cherry-red fun fur, for pettable texture variety, so it's more a sea monster pillow.

Today, going about my day, a few times I've noticed that I've shed an iridescent scale from off my person. This strangely delights me.

What is a good kind of bluetooth headphones for music? In terms of good fidelity but not scary expensive?

The medical bills from last November continue to pile up at a rather unfortunate pace, and I’m still not even close to ready to go back to full-time work.

I would really appreciate any help people can give, even just spreading the word helps. patreon.com/fluffy


I'd been meaning to watch Disney's Atlantis since it came out. Finally watched it tonight. It's so my jam. Wish I'd seen it back then, I would've been obsessed.

How does one go about being a dragon, anyway?

Any tips?

For the time being, I have moved my main instance to dragon.style. Please follow me at @frameacloud so as not to miss anything.

My fam and I went to a thrift store and bought a stack of VHS tapes for a few cents apiece. A bunch of Disney movies I've never gotten to see. Watched Bambi for the first time last night.

I was so fed up with getting bad & wrong haircuts for $ that I decided I might as well do one just as badly for myself. Not only does it look closer to what I want than haircutters ever give me, but it's also curiously satisfying to know that I'm the one who accidentally cut a little chunk out of the side.

Then it dawned on me that I may face a similar problem if I ever decide on a tattoo. Sheesh, if pros can give me a completely different haircut than the one I ask for, that must happen with more permanent body stuff.

In the Solresol language, you could save an audiobook in .midi format. So much cyberpunk potential.

1993: on the internet nobody knows you're a dog
2017: the NSA is confused and concerned by your continued very public claims of being a dog

If the Romans can copy their pantheon from the Greeks, and not only rename it all, but even drastically tailor it to Roman values, then it's just as fine to tailor yours, too.

The Archive.org emulator runs in browser, turns out! Not like running Basilisk at all. I just played Scarab of Ra for a bit. It works, the controls and audio have some minor problems that don't interfere with gameplay. Psst, @CeruleanK, looks like Archive.org has Crystal Quest, too!

slow night
wings curve
on the shoreline

Oh, looks like there's a true emulation of Scarab of Ra on archive.org, too. I wonder how hard it is to get *that* emulator up and running? archive.org/details/ScarabOfRa

Oh my gosh!! Someone made a web-based emulation of Scarab of Ra from 1988! lightningmanic.github.io/ I've never seen any emulations of it at all before, and I've missed it terribly ever since my Mac went to silicon heaven!