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Theri There is my about . We didn’t reach the goal for it after a long time, so I decided to just update Theri There whenever I feel like it.
Read today's comic at frameacloud.dreamwidth.org/472


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If we developed the technology to make you grow a tail, & you were one of the very first to get one, one hassle would be that your tail would keep you from fitting any trousers sold anywhere. Fashion's not sold en masse to your demographic, just regular humans. It'd only be an infinitesimal expense on top of getting a tail, but you'd have to get all your trousers Show more

What are some historical events about gender that you think should be in this article, but aren't yet?

survey for alterhumans, otherkin, therians, fictionkin, etc (923 characters) Show more

I was studying a subject all day long that left me with a bad feeling. To get rid of the taste of it, I'd appreciate hearing about positive stuff about being trans, cool stuff in the news, random acts of kindness, and other upbeat stuff, please? 🎈

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I'm back from a 3-day total media fast that I used to shake off the thinking habits from the day job that I had just quit.

@gunner Thanks for the follow request. Where do we know one another from?

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AU where everybody thinks the opposite of a cat is a pig.

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The list of neutral names starting with A has been revamped! Now, almost all of them include a reference and meaning!

Check it out! nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Neutral_na

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Reminder that my main instance is currently @frameacloud instead, so see you there!

I'm switching which Masto instance I use the most. For now, this will be my alt instance, & @frameacloud will be my main instance. Please follow me there, because I don't duplicate toots between these accounts. If you've made a follow request before, & you didn't see it get accepted, please send a new follow request.