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My orientation is queer, full stop, so talk to me if you like me. Show more

People try to grow palm trees in Seattle in order to pretend they've brought a vacation home with them, but palm trees in this London-like climate zone don't do anything other than project a pitiful Dickensian waif energy.

Funny thing when I got my new ID card. The DOL asked me if anything on it should change. I said yeah, I'd grown a little taller since my first ID as a teenager, or maybe I just hadn't measured it perfectly last time. So they updated my height on my new ID. They just... did it! They didn't check me with a ruler, or ask for a letter from a doctor confirming my height, or anything!

I dreamed this (insect death) Show more

Does anybody else get this weird sensory thing? Show more

Me @ the mountain : "what kind of weird low hanging cloud with foggy tree shapes are you"

personal, product endorsement for the first alarm clock I've really liked, I swear it's not a paid advertisement (+) Show more

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som ppl act like. the colour pink. has feelings. like the colour pink cares if a butch dyke doesnt like it. like every little girl who resented compulsory femininity owes an apology to this poor, innocent colour, how could we be so cruel

The only acceptable answer to "What causes people to be transgender?" is "A mad scientist, who might represent God, played by Bela Lugosi."

Oh, I got my student ID card yesterday! Where are the best discounts I can get with that rn?

My whole collection is all wrong for me now, & I want to build a new fresh one. Would you please recommend me some albums/musicians that:
1. are really fun, upbeat, & happy
2. don't have sexist lyrics
3. aren't overplayed (perhaps not played on the radio at all)
4. (optionally) come from this decade

The science of autism Show more

I want to buy a bed shaker alarm clock that doesn't have a huge visual display AND isn't battery powered. All the ones I'm seeing on Amazon are just one or the other.

As a car driver, what's something you did wrong for a long time before you learned better?

Finding out Pinterest's "gender" field is a custom form that even lets you put in emoji, of course I had to set mine as πŸ‰

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In case you missed it: the Twine game "You Are Jeff Bezos". You wake up one day as Jeff, and try to give away all of his money.

news: prosthetic tail as mobility aid Show more