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New page of Theri There, my comic about otherkin! In which a cat takes a day off work.
Discussion thread at:
If you like it, you can buy me a coffee:

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these are resources for blocking some of the yuckier websites from appearing in your search results 

Isn't it annoying when you're searching on Google or Duckduckgo, & the top results are hate groups, conspiracy theories, phishing, & the same Pinterest post over and over? Or when you end up on a web page that you would rather not have touched with a ten-foot pole?

I just finished this project that helps fix that. These files have lists of more than 28,000 urls that you can paste into url blocking browser extensions. On Firefox, I recommend the extensions uBlacklist (to block them from your search results) and Whitelist-Blacklist-Blocker (to block you from accidentally visiting them).

This project is not for childproofing the web. It's more for queer adults like me who don't have time for TERFs or other nonsense. The "about" file in the folder gives sources for where much of the list came from, such as from Southern Poverty Law's list of hate groups, and Media Bias Fact Check's list of pseudoscience sites.

Enjoy your better-quality web search results!

Pinned post bundle for racial justice and equality: lists of games that are accessible, have representation, etc. 

I made a doc that helps you find games and other stuff in the bundle for racial justice and equality.

The doc has lists of games that meet certain accessibility requirements (blind-friendly, etc) or not (warnings about games that have especially bad flashing lights). It also has lists of games with various kinds of representation (POC, WLW, trans, etc). And then it has some lists of some other interesting kinds of content (educational, self care, etc). It's a work in progress, but it has a lot already!

Read it here, and comment with stuff to add:

voice resources for trans people on T 

This article was just published a few months ago. It has a detailed timeline of voice changes.

Tessa Romano, "Types of Testosterone Therapy and their Effects on the Voices of Transgender Singers," Journal of Singing, Vol. 78, no. 3., 2022,

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I just decided my should be my art account, while my should be my personal account.

Just posted today, "Cast, page 1" is the newest page of Theri There, my comic about therians and otherkin. You can read it (with accessible transcript) and write comments at:

We're in the last 31 hours of the "TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas!" bundle - there's tonight and tomorrow and that's it.

- 🎒

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Gender hormone therapy question 

I’m considering microdosing T with the gel but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone know if there’s a guide, a text hotline, an organization for Black trans people, or resources on Tik Tok of Black or Blasian trans people talking about microdosing T?

I’m curious about permanent changes as well as good things to know, I’m just wanting to affirm my enby identity a bit more

Folks who are considering transition and unsure how to start or what options exist: you can DM me questions about your transition. I'm no doctor or lawyer, so I can't give medical or legal advice, but I can help you develop more useful questions you can ask your doctors and other professionals, and guide you to relevant reading.

parenting in a tech dystopia 

gonna be training my kid to recognize
Which Face Is Real?

Admin note:
Please make your CWs descriptive. Communities use them for informed consent, not auto-hiding irrelevant info. If your choice of CW phrasing requires foreknowledge of current events to filter an upsetting topic, it's not serving its purpose.

This comes up a lot, but I'm currently speaking about referring to "Texas" or "politics" without making it clear that you're writing about transphobia. One word CWs are great but they should be the actual warning. If it would be something distressing in itself you can always use a more general warning and provide a specific "TW:..." line within, with more information for too-hasty clickers or user filters.

what's up gamers, anyone know how to deal with a stalker without the police being involved?

The Fediverse has lots of blind and partially-sighted users who rely on audio screen reader software to tell them what is going on.

Here's how to make your posts more suitable for screen readers:

-Use CamelCase on hashtags, where each new word has a capital letter, for example #DogsOfMastodon instead of #dogsofmastodon. CamelCase makes it much easier for screen readers to see the different words and read them out properly.

-Don't use long groups of emoji all next to each other, these are really irritating to hear read out loud.

-Add text descriptions to images and videos before you post them. Do this by attaching the file and clicking "edit" before you post it, then add the description.

p.s. The Mastodon bug where CamelCase hashtags were being accidentally replaced has now been fixed (

#FediTips #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y

does anyone who is visually impaired or otherwise rely on screen readers have any experience with trying to use linux ?

from what i can tell the linux experience seems pretty hostile to screen readers, and there's not very much resources dedicated to orca, which seems to be the main implementation .

please share your experiences with me if you can, i want to try to make things better .

please boost :boost_requested:

It’s Creator Day on Itch, meaning they’re waiving the platform sale cut for the day.

Itch is already a great marketplace for letting the seller choose the marketplace cut, but this also means lots of stuff is reduced price today.

Maybe find a new game, book, comic or some music!

I wonder if anybody has modified a pulse oximeter to play computer games with it or on it yet.

*notices the return of the rar button in this instance*
*clears throat*

The HEPA filter in my room: *changes its indicator light to red & spins up its fan louder*

Me: oh, u sniffed a dirt?

I wish Dapper Dragon Scale Polish hadn't been discontinued immediately after I found out it existed.

Sorry, I don't accept follows from people who are under 18.

> Congratulations! You are now eligible for The Wikipedia Library.
> Over 90 of the world's top subscription-only databases, free for Wikipedians of all backgrounds

Wow, I can now access the entire MIT Press and JSTOR database. {{citation needed}} is an easier job now. #Wikipedia

re: wheelchair vr 

@frameacloud @rats

*raises hand*

so, augmented reality and accessibility are...deep interests of mine, and this interface (treadmill style for navigating VR in an actual wheelchair) is absolutely doable...and currently outside my space constraints to implemement.

Have been looking at a way to make a pokemon-go-esque clone something accessible for my partner, and I was looking at suspending the chair slightly and just using rotary encoders.

The "feel" of inertia is not there...yet...but am contemplating / testing different brakes to give a feeling of drag eg rolling up a hill, with a travel motor to help the feel of rolling down and the wheels spinning in your hands.

Long project. Nothing to release yet. Needs integration with an actual VR system instead of my microcontroller with testbed with trimpots and a "test" button.

Absolutely doable tho, with a bit of hackery and time...

i am once again asking for video games with wheelchair using protagonists that arent relying on the same dozen ableist tropes i've seen all my life

"we can't add wheelchairs to (game) how will they get to (important location)?!" is not the defense you think it is

(this is more "lamenting out loud" but if you do know of any i'm all ears)

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