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New page of Theri There, my comic about otherkin! In which a cat takes a day off work.
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these are resources for blocking some of the yuckier websites from appearing in your search results 

Pinned rar bundle for racial justice and equality: lists of games that are accessible, have representation, etc. 

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PSA is a bot sending spam DMs pretending to shill for the new official mastodon app and shortlinking to very obvious virus scams

do not visit that link (i did safely to investigate) and if you do, don't download whatever the fuck is on there


The current trends of software make too many barriers to creating it and push too many people to only consume it. I wish we'd bring back Flash and Hypercard, empower everyone to create games and software.

The fourth annual #CakeForTransFriendsDay (aka #TransCakeDay) is in one week, on 14th October! Cis people, be ready to make/buy cakes for your #trans friends. :D

(It made it onto the Holidays page of the Nonbinary Wiki - fame!

Reminder: October 14th is #CakeForTransFriendsDay! Cisgender people honour us and celebrate us and acknowledge that the world is transphobic by giving their #trans friends cake, ideally homemade but store bought is fine!

Also hi, I’m trans (nonbinary) and queer!


I declare #CakeForTransFriendsDay.

I'm fed up of "coming out" days that ask trans people to come out in an unsafe world, doing all the risky stuff, while cis people ignore us.

Today, 14th Oct, every year, the onus is on cis people to buy cake for their #trans, #nonbinary and otherwise genderly-interesting friends.

OH HEY today is #CakeForTransFriendsDay / #TransCakeDay, the day when cis people give cake (or preferred alternative) to their trans friends to support and celebrate their existence! :)

Are you using a screen reader to access Mastodon?

Facebook, whistleblower 

Hey, pals who are Pagan, what's your opinion of the forum at

In a study of US high schoolers in Pittsburgh, 9.2% of teens didn't identify as either male or female.

(This stands in great contrast with other studies because the methodology wasn't shit)

List of ASMR youtube links where the listener is a dragon 

trans hrt, diy, question, :BoostsOkAndMuchAppreciated: 

Two new pages of my comic about , "Theri There," in which the self cat day concludes. View the full size comic, transcript, and comments at:

I added a new section on my site for my interactive projects, currently including just "Life Timeliner," and "Block Many Yucky Sites."

I'm looking for a flu mask with a dragon snoot printed on it that looks like me. Have you seen any especially good ones around lately?

cartoon violence 

cartoon violence 

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