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In case you missed it, switching.social has a search page for public domain eBooks:


It uses a custom DuckDuckGo search for ebooks in Gutenberg, Adelaide University, Wikisource, Gutenberg Australia, Gutenberg Canada, Faded Page, Standard eBooks, Runeberg.org, Lonnrot.net and dbnl.org

If you know of any other sources of PD eBooks, especially non-English sources, let me know.

#eBooks #PublicDomain #Books #Literature #Libre

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Netflix's series _The Dragon Prince_ is good. Show more

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If we developed the technology to make you grow a tail, & you were one of the very first to get one, one hassle would be that your tail would keep you from fitting any trousers sold anywhere. Fashion's not sold en masse to your demographic, just regular humans. It'd only be an infinitesimal expense on top of getting a tail, but you'd have to get all your trousers Show more

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Hi, Alynna! I'm glad to see you're running a Mastodon instance, that's cool.

This page says that this morphological freedom project works together with you. What can you tell me about the veracity of the information on their site? Is it really more of a sci-fi story site, or is it in earnest? vulpinedesigns.co.uk/contactus

Are these morphological freedom sites just art/jokes/hoaxes/scams? Or are they earnestly what they claim to be? Either way, do I know anybody involved in 'em?


@anthracite I think I found a glitch? For the last few days, in the Home column, when I get to the bottom and tap "load more," it never loads more. Yesterday, it only let me view toots up to 4 hours back, before running into this problem. Today, it's only letting me view toots up to 1 hour back. It might have to do with number of toots rather than time, or it might be random.

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Link to article that mentions rape, which has a video that describes rape. Show more

I just noticed the "Druatch" otherkin dragon runes appear to be available on Etsy in card form, though I don't see Isedon Goldwing credited for them in this listing. etsy.com/listing/279351950

Someday I want to make a woodburned set of Druatch runes. Here's the original site about them. dragon-runes.com

Some of Devin Proctor's fascinating academic papers about otherkin have been made available to the public by the author. gwu.academia.edu/DevinProctor

h/t @qdot

A Kickstarter for wearable animatronic tails, with motions controlled by an app, and potentially also made to respond to Fitbit data or phone notifications: kickstarter.com/projects/theta

(h/t to @Dex )

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