Pinned rar bundle for racial justice and equality: lists of games that are accessible, have representation, etc. 

Pinned rar


violence (not current) 

I just found another game in the bundle that might be blind-friendly. It's a dungeon-crawl that is strictly an audio game. It's called "The Dark by Eric Koziol."

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo 

mutual aid, trans, The Uplift Fund 

buffy the vampire slayer, morbid humor 

Do any of you know a good brand of high-quality squishy gel shoe inserts? The kind that make it so you can walk all day without hurting? The kind I liked isn't made anymore.

self care, bundle (+) 

Easter; the game bundle from last June (+) 

Easter; the game bundle from last June (+) 

Here's a brief language survey:

Anyone of any gender can participate, as long as they live in an English-speaking country. It will close no sooner than Saturday 10th April at 12 noon UK time (BST).

I'm glad April Fool is over, because now it can be April Magician. Then tomorrow it can be April High Priestess.

I'm fixing dinner. Do you think "Ol' Tater Scrubbins" would be the best name for a...

mutual aid request 

One more push: We're trying to rescue a floor loom from NY and deliver it to an anarchist collective in NC that will use it to clothe themselves and the homeless in the area. If you've got stimulus money looking for a cause, please consider this one.

The YouShouldKnow subreddit actually has quite a bit of useful information for people in poverty in the US.

A guide to getting cheaper insulin:

Cheap or free computers for low-income folks:

bathroom humor 

On that note! Statisticians, can you help out?

I'm going to need some software that can handle a LOT of calculations on a fairly average computer, involving probably 50,000 survey responses. The most important factor is user-friendliness.

Any recommendations?

talking to my Pixel Pet 

talking to my Pixel Pet 

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