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Have any of you had good personal experience with using a lawyer's assistance to force health insurance companies to cover procedures, especially transgender health care (which is supposed to be covered by the insurance policy anyway)? I need recommendations for individual lawyers who you've personally had good experiences with about this.

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I'm not having any luck finding it... "Japanese, cat, video" could be the one of the most hopeless combinations of search terms to look through on the Internet.

I'm trying to find a Youtube channel I saw years ago. They were Japanese instructional videos about how to use a sewing machine, with the conceit that the person sewing is a cat. You never see anybody's hands in the videos, just cat paws. I thought maybe they were called Miss Kitty, but I can't find them. I think I heard about them on BoingBoing. Anyone know where to find these videos?

Here's some interesting reading. Specific examples of lady knights with dates and citations.

Is the medieval lady knight historically accurate?

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In Skamania County (Washington state, US), it is illegal to kill Bigfoot, just in case they exist. (Fair enough: would-be Bigfoot hunters kept looking for them in the forest there, and could be dangerous to others. Never wear a ghillie suit in Rainier Valley.) On account of being adopted on April Fool's Day, 1969, this law is called Ordinance 69-01. Nice.

Garden lesson learned: I think you're probably supposed to lay out the soaker hose *before* you sow seeds. *looks guiltily at tiny seedlings that got clobbered while I was trying to push and pull the soaker hose into just the right arrangement of switchbacks*

Time traveller from 2012: "Tell me about what fandoms get big in 2020. Is everybody in the world a Homestuck?"

You in 2020: "Uh... our situation could be described that way, sure."

Have you ever noticed that in Deep Space 9, when Odo sets up a furniture to practice shapeshifting on, a bunch of that furniture is large-size Tangle Toys?

who's at risk for going blind from Prozac? 

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I'm gonna reread the Baker Thief over from the beginning.

An Internet meme oracle would be practical in that it gets down to what the idea is behind divination based on random number generation selecting nuanced cultural symbolism that can then be subjectively relatable, and the use of contemporary imagery might be more familiar and therefore effective than some of the more archaic imagery in the Tarot, is what I'm saying.

The incense swirls gently as the fortuneteller turns over the first card in the reading she is doing for you. She examines it and says, "Ah, you've gotten the card 'Is This A Pigeon?' The spirits are telling you that you are misinterpreting something in your situation." She turns over the second card, and says gravely, "Perhaps that misapprehension was directed by others, because the next card is 'You Are Not Immune To Propaganda.'"

TIL in optics, astigmatism and stigmatism are antonyms. However, when you're talking about eyes, they're synonyms?? Plus, stigmatism can also mean having stigmata, which is a paranormal phenomenon and not something your eye doctor would know what to do with at all.

The papers that come with the antidepressant fluoxetine (Prozac) say that people with certain conditions are at risk of getting serious vision loss and blindness from this medicine. But nobody can tell me just what would put you at risk! I talked to my nurse hotline, pharmacist, psychiatrist, and eye doctor, and none of them can answer this question. Do you know?

Sometimes I learn new things about my computer's features when my cat walks on the keyboard.

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