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Just a reminder, most of my posting is at @fluffy and I mostly only use this instance for when I’m high.

(I am not currently high. This is just a PSA.)

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not deplatforming nazis is deplatforming everyone else

Just wanted to post about a dream I had: the next season of Vrnture Bros had an episode of “Venture Babies” where members of the guild traveled back and time and were hiding in a pond on the Venture compound, and young Dean and Hank discovered them and thought they were friendly monsters and the guild folks had to play along so they wouldn’t be discovered.

Bleh, queer.party is down again

note to self: resist the urge to shitpost on every slack i'm on, especially since most of them are like work and professional networking shit now

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Are you clean, fed, dressed, and rested?

ok time to switch to bon appétit cooking videos

oh shit things just got REAL SPOPOOOKY up in this series

also smoking weed while watching petscop: not the best idea i've had in a while

i'm tryin out some Naked Juice Kale Blazer and like

it tastes good but it smells like rancid salad

i am at just the right level

it is smoooooooooth sailing