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Just a reminder, most of my posting is at @fluffy and I mostly only use this instance for when I’m high.

(I am not currently high. This is just a PSA.)

Wow whatever happened to Judy Tanuda anyway?

So many of these jokes rely on being in the 90s. Lots of pop culture references to things nobody has seen in 20 years

Holy shit the first episode has a shitty trans joke in it

God, fuck the 90s

HBO Max has the entire run of space ghost. Write I’ve never seen it in such good quality before. It’s always been YouTube clips and more resolution thumbnail videos (or cheap analog cable)

Whoops I fell asleep and missed all the good parts

Tim is such a terrible detective. I bet he also sucked as an insurance appraiser

Also you’d think he’d recognize pikachu’s voice

I guess I just called Bill Nighy a discount Rene Auberjonois oops

Old dude who is bad guy seems like a discount Rene Auberjonois

Man the Pokémon are so good looking in this

Fortunately I saw it totally sober in theaters so

Okay wow weed makes this movie hard to follow

Oh yeah also aspirational because everyone rides trains and most people treat their compassion animals with love and respect

Getting high and watching detective pikachu, an aspirational movie about using Pokémon tf to cure chronic illness

oh no i'm forgetting to play high ball and i'm wathicng youtube

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