So, I was in a car accident today. traffic came to a stop on the interstate driving through Seattle. I came to stop with traffic. the driver behind me did not come to a stop.

I am ok. I am sore. I have had a medical examination. paperwork has been done. I am taking tomorrow off.

it was my work car. It just got back from the body shop on Monday.

I have been crying for most of today….

Checking in, I've been quiet lately. still here, trying to be good to myself, feeling very lonely lately.

HRT milestones:

My bra straps are in a twist…

I kinda got quiet there for a bit, had a lot going on. Still here, catching my breath now.

Wulf lady current setting:

Apple ginger green tea

HRT milestones

Today's dose takes me through my first full year of running estrogen on unlicensed hardware 💜🎉 🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️🐺

Wolf lady current setting:

Blackberry white chocolate latte.

First day after surgery that I am not completely exhausted. *tailwags*

Mastadon client for MacOS?

Pls can has recommendation?

I have been rather quiet for a few days now, a lot going on, a surgery coming up, and moving into a new laptop 🍎

I am a few days away from 11 months of hrt, and very happy with that. a close friend has told me that my body has been changing quite a bit.

work is... work. the stress that has been coming with that has reduced down to a low simmer, rather than the rolling boil it had been during the time I had an active harasser. so that's ok-ish now.

I am taking most of August off to recover. both on the mental and physical side.

I spent my Saturday helping a local trans-masc friend move <3 🌈

meanwhile my smartwatch says I should exercise more today. :dragn_sweats:

I came in to work early this morning for an in person meeting. Not only was I on time, I was the only one that showed up.

Wolf lady current setting:

Blackberry vanilla breve latte.

HRT milestones:

I restrung my acoustic guitar before starting to practice for the first time in way too long to discover that "oh, my boob is in the way now"

I am amused. <3

My replacement dishes arrived today, in the correct number of pieces!

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