I spent my Saturday helping a local trans-masc friend move <3 🌈

meanwhile my smartwatch says I should exercise more today. :dragn_sweats:

I came in to work early this morning for an in person meeting. Not only was I on time, I was the only one that showed up.

Wolf lady current setting:

Blackberry vanilla breve latte.

HRT milestones:

I restrung my acoustic guitar before starting to practice for the first time in way too long to discover that "oh, my boob is in the way now"

I am amused. <3

My replacement dishes arrived today, in the correct number of pieces!

My new dinnerware set was delivered!

I got way more pieces than I ordered...

TMI, sex ed, safety, pro tip, don't make this mistake 



I now have a dvd copy of green lantern and deadpool. I am putting these together on the shelf because I know Ryan Reynolds would like that.


I think I just came up with a new joke...

What programming language does IKEA use?


PNW weather report:

Come back tomorrow for another exciting episode.

Tonight's dinner, food, alcohol 

PNW weather report:

Good night solstice, dream of rainbows 🌈

Wolf lady current setting:

Tea, Earl grey, hot.

Wolf lady current mode:

City girl.

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