Why is it so hard to find properly spicy food in Seattle?


HRT milestones:

I now have cute bandaids to use after giving myself hormones *tailwags*

HRT milestones: medical 


A post to troll @zebratron2084 just a little:

The big guy has had lots of company today ☺️

HRT milestones 

Alcohol mention 

New art time!

All of the thank yous to @anthracite for this artwork. I have been coming to terms with being a trans woman, and reconciling that with the masculine dominated profession of machinery or vehicle repair that I work in. This picture helps a -lot- with that.

today has been mostly much needed down-time.. I am trying to be ok with that.

After a sleep, a shower, a coffee and a food; the world is a slight less worse place.

Difficult dreams, CPTSD, lucid, (details omitted) 

HRT Milestones:

Estrogen tablets are ok.
Trans-dermal patches are terrible.
On Wednesday I become a pincushion, and start using intramuscular doses.

I brought doughnuts to work today.

I added a message to the box that I hope gets through 🌈

Happy transgender day of visibility! My name is Duske / Raine. I am a trans gender woman. I am celebrating with cake ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I got distracted while fixing my car and accidentally baked a pan of brownies.

Things Duske is doing today: car stuff 

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