Today's activities were about as densely packed as a neutron star, yet everything got done, some things by complete coincidence. for a lot of it I had the feeling of just being along for the ride, however I am still exhausted.

Hello estrogen, it's nice to finally meet you. Let's get to know each other.

Currently annoyed with Americans who are using a face mask as a bra for their chin(s) rather than an effective virus mitigation device

art illustration: nude wolf lady with caffiene. 

Small win of the day:

Finding the indelible marker BEFORE it goes in the laundry machine...

Windows is weird, I use Linux.

I have gotten into using VIM long enough that I don't like it when I don't have it.

Still learning Python.
Starting to learn Blender.

Today's events: woke up too early. bleargh. coffee. yay! work. work. practice python during lunch. had a cucumber chili popcicle to cool off with. work. work. clock off. yay! laundry day, found a missing thumb drive (those events are correlated, but it still works!) took chocolate to a friend. tried on new clothes. very yummy leftovers for dinner.

Seattle in green from a hilltop, welcome to the Emerald City.

Klingon Gagh in a tin == can of worms ??

my accomplishment today was ordering a used book from an actual book shop. because reasons.

I found some hand sanitizer in stock today, so I picked up two containers. it looked completely normal, no dyes or artificial scents listed. Once I opened the seal I discovered it was definitely -not- isopropyl based. It had the distinct aroma of extremely harsh very cheap moonshine. A few milliliters was all it took to make the office smell like a dive bar.

sumeshi + natto + nori == rice and bean burrito ??

today I have been trying to get gnuCOBOL to do things. this will require more coffee.

*needs a dragon lap to lay her head on or a wing to curl up under, petting would be appreciated*

coding homework, learning by example :)

code originally found on the 99 of cups from Tarot of the silicon dawn

Today's activities:
1: drink more coffee
2: learn python

Today's milestone: I have used vim long enough that I finally started my own .vimrc file. Its small now, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for long. :)

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