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the Dodecalope @dodec

More playable non-humans please. I'm sick of "realistic human" being the standard we measure games and their graphics by. We have all this power and we're using it on -that-?

@dodec There are few games with nonhuman main characters and it's really disappointing :< Ōkami is the only one that comes to mind right now.

@dodec Well, and games like Stellaris and Sword of the Stars, where you can play as alien species, but that's more indirect.

...Morrigi are pretty great though.

@Felthry Ōkami was indeed pretty great and I regret not playing it earlier; I only finished it for the first time a few months ago.

Give me realistic looking scaly things and I'm happy. With this much processing power, actually doing the physics and rendering for individual scale movements should be darn near trivial.

@dodec one game i really loved for this is Ghost of a Tale. if you wanna feel like a mouse i highly recommend it


cut scene quality khajits! pour the money into that

@dodec I guesssss, but first let's have more than a few archetypes of realistic humans as protagonists?? It doesn't seem like all the possibilities of that has been explored, and that's like... more politically relevant imho?? But ye, "realism" is a bit overrated.

@dodec I'm somewhat annoyed at "realistic human" being the standard for a lot of visual art in general. :/

It's not like the humans being made are largely generalised anyway, people just rarely acknowledge that.