This is amazing and I really kinda want to try to make a Magic Mirror of my own.

This "cat" was just mandatory and a very good use of machine learning.

I spent probably too much time this evening using a mouse to draw bad cats in order to leverage machine learning interpret my drawings into "real" cats. This might be my favorite.

painterly dismemberment (Tirandentes Quartered) 

Chillhop, raccoon, YT link 

OWW screenshots, juvenile humor 

I came across this strange little game called Occupy White Walls (OWW) in which one is an artist mannequin curating a gallery full of art suggested by "an escaped, sentient, and secretive Artificial Intelligence ".

I'm pretty sure it's not particularly good. However, I've managed to spend a good hour or so buying art and building a tiny gallery so other mannequins can leave me money so I can buy more art and unlock better building materials. And the cycle goes on.

Daily Tarot Draw: Death

I'll just be over here laughing and crying at the same time, thank you.

I hope everyone is doing okay. It's been awhile since I've checked in. Hi!

Here's an iteration of a project I've been helping out with lately. Just in case anyone was interested in playing Battleship via Twitch. 😂

I dreamed of a cat that was missing half its tail. Except it wasn't the half one would expect to be missing. From the base of the spine to halfway up there was nothing. The rest of the tail floated behind, like a fluffy apostrophe punctuating its butt.

I am playing a game called Cheeky Chooks on account of it being called Cheeky Chooks. Also, it's free. I'm not sure if these chooks are particularly cheeky but they are cute.

I want this sad birb doll so badly and I have no idea why because the head is so strange.

Okay, it's the chest to hip ratio that gets me. That's why. And the wing arms and bird feet. Strange bird thing I love you.

So this happened. My ten year old goddaughter hijacked her mom's keyboard to let me know...

More xtian grumblings/"humor" (~) 

mfw I'm a better Christian than most Christians and I'm not Christian.

I friend of mine gave me a heads-up that there exists a fan reboot of City of Heroes. So, of course, I had to create a character. Meet Tallulah "Tiny Tarot" Jones.

The lengthy list of banned users posted for the sake of "transparency" probably should have been another heads up. Ah well.

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