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Brass Merino

Dragons that hoard things other than gold boost if you agree
Update: I was able to switch it back to another account. Wonder if there's some kind of versioning discrepancy. Fedilab keeps crashing when I open in it and I can't get it to stay open long enough to switch to another account. How to fix?

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my local theater's marquee lmfao

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A dragon is a cat who got what they wished for. *curls up in a sunbeam and goes to sleep*

Got a tail to go with my wings and I am fucking majestic

Every day is Appreciate a Dragon Day

as the humans say...i am feeling cute, but i may delete this, later

*has a new laptop*

*rawrs in HD*

gift sketch for @brassmerino !! merino loafing comfortably on her yarn hoard

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According to the calendar alert that just popped up, will be one year old as of next Sunday. Thanks to everyone who’s made it something worth running.

someone is going to h*ck for this
(no listed source from my source)

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