@interneteh I wrote "help yourself, then help others" about... three years ago, now?

and that five word phrase has still never been topped in terms of instructions for living for me.

you can even capitalize any of the five words to drive a completely unique point home for each.

@chr @brassmerino Hey, just finished this review and thought you try night be interested in this book for ah, reasons


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Ariss the Eternal.

The first personal illustration I did after going freelance in 2017! I still love her 🔥

there are two wolves inside you. you're plural and a furry

Hmmmm, does anyone have opinions on Coywolf fursonas? Are there other coywolves around? Are there sterotypes I should know about?

re: Question for furries and scalies and co, wall o' text 

@Pyrite @chr @brassmerino I've long heard furryness just as "an interest in anthropomorphic media", which includes both people with more intense interests and people with more casual interests? Also, @chr, you're therian/kin, right? (You mentioned that in a recent post and also, you're, well, a dragon.) So that's a thing that can overlap with furryness but isn't remotely defining of furryness.

Need some help from #autistic #autism folks! I've got a friend on who's working on paper and needs some resources.

Here's what she says: "...to write a paper on how the Neurodiversity Movement is a resistance to effect of neoliberalism hegemonic educational trends upon autistic people. I want to demonstrate how Autism Speaks is part of the hegemony and how society ignores the fact that they don't work for the best interest of autistic people."

Boosts welcome! TY for anything you can offer!

The Princess Bride remake talks may remind us all that we need more campy movies full of bisexuals flirting at each other through swordfights and wit.

It's Bi Awareness Week apparently. Shout-outs to my valid bi folks out there, which is all of them.

I came out as pansexual recently and I still feel a little weird about it but... be aware of that too.

*dives into a pile of your freshly dried laundry* warm.... :blobmiou: *sheds tiny white pixels all over it*

pawoo.net is now suspended on dragon.style, goodbye Japanese followbots.

@anthracite getting follows from a bunch of pawoo accounts with identical bios. Seems sketchy.


TIL how hard it is to take a candid of yourself


The best sex is when you don’t realize how badly you needed it until you get started

Dragons that hoard things other than gold boost if you agree

Update: I was able to switch it back to another account. Wonder if there's some kind of versioning discrepancy.

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@tom79@mastodon.social Fedilab keeps crashing when I open dragon.style in it and I can't get it to stay open long enough to switch to another account. How to fix?


The orgasm that three dimensions does not give you enough degrees of freedom to experience fully

lewd adjacent, anxiety 

I bought myself a Bad Dragon last month at my partner's suggestion, and it felt like an anxiety-inducingly significant purchase but ultimately a good one

Then I forgot about it for a while and went on with my life

Now it's here and it exists and I'm anxious again, not just about having/using it but also about my partner wanting to watch me use it

it did come with a vinyl sticker and some cherry and cream hard candy, though, so that's nice

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