Be careful when importing older games for video game consoles, they may be region-locked.

If you do want to play foreign games on an older consoles, however, there are a few options:

1. Play the game on an emulator. Emulators usually play games from any region.
2. Mod your console. This usually doesn't require you to alter the hardware nowadays. In most instances, you run an exploit and install software to allow you to play out-of-region games.

Are you not able to get a Mastercard in your country? In Europe, fintech banks like N26 and Revolut allow you to get a Mastercard for a one-time fee (at the time of writing, they also have no currency exchange fees).

Note: Somewhat off-topic, but if you experience IBAN discrimination in Europe, check this:

This one is especially for Google Pay users.

Did Google decide to release Google Pay in your country, but not the app to add/remove cards? You can sideload the Google Pay app ( or find it in Settings > Google > Settings for Google apps > Google Pay.

Did Google arbitrary restrict the use of Google Pay on Wear OS watches in your country? Use a VPN om your phone, and the Google Pay app should appear on your smartwatch after a while.

Imported a DVD/Blu-ray, but you can't play it because it's region-locked? DVDs of all regions work just fine in PCs using VLC, or you can use a program like MakeMKV to rip your DVD/Blu-ray in original quality, removing any region-locking and DRM.

Tip! When importing movies, look for the 4K Blu-ray version. 4K Blu-rays don't incorporate region-locking like DVD and (HD) Blu-ray.

Want to install a foreign app on iOS? Here you go:

1. Create a new Apple ID ( Select a country the app is available in. Spoof the address by finding an address (e.g. of a McDonalds) in that particular country. Make sure to remember the password.
2. Log out and log back in with your foreign Apple ID. You can do this in the App Store or your phone's settings.
3. Open the App Store. Do so if you are prompted to change the App Store's region. Find the app, download and install it.
4. You can now switch back to your original Apple ID. The App Store will propt you when an update for your foreign app is available. You will be asked for the password of your foreign account if you try to do so.

Can't get an app because it's not available in your country? Happened to me many times. Here's what to do on Android:

1. Install the Aurora Store ( It's an app store that sources apps directly from Google Play and has the ability to download apps only available outside of your country and without a Google account.
2. Go through the setup and login with an anonymous account.
3. Find a direct Google Play link to the app you wish to install. Open the link using Aurora Store (you may need to set Google Play not to open Google Play links in your phone's settings).
4. Install and enjoy! You can update the app using the Aurora Store, too.

Many video streaming services, unlike music streaming, incorporate geo restrictions. One of the first things to try is a VPN, which masks your IP address and spoofs your location. I personally use Windscribe.

If that doesn't work, and there is no other legal way to watch, well... I guess there's piracy. It's not your fault you can't give money when distributors actively prevent you from doing so.

Note: If you have an Android TV, connecting it to a VPN may cause your entire interface to change, be warned.

If you live in Europe, you will probably have come across the dreaded "this thing is not available in your country" message before. In this thread, I will explain a few ways of making life a little less suffering.

I've been looking into podcasts, but haven't found anything interesting. Any ideas (preferably podcasts that are on Spotify)?

Am I the only one who checks to see what t-shirts/sweaters say before buying them?

In Dutch, we say somebody is a "weird snoutsie" when someone is unusual. :dragnthinkhappy:

Finally made the switch back to Linux. Currently running "Dragon System" based on the recently-released Debian 11.

Just started playing Mini Motorways and have spent way too much time playing this game this evening. It's so satisfying once you've got a complex road system working smoothly, only for the game to throw more crap at you until you just cannot cope any longer... fun!

I think you would really like this game. @VK3VKK

How I visualise different units in my head 

How I visualise different units in my head 

Very excited about the future of smart homes 

The seventh console generation is probably my favourite. If anyone would be interested in random, quirky, nerdy facts about the Wii/PS3/DS, let me know.

Sorry Xbox 360, I considered paying for playing online ridiculous at the time. In fact, I still do, but oh how times have changed...

Also, shout out to Dolphin Emulator. How the heck can games from a console that was still current less than 10 years ago run on a phone — not built for gaming, focussed on efficiency and not power — flawlessly? Not to forget, since this is emulation, and the phone is running Android (apps don't have low-level access to the hardware), there is a massive amount of overhead too — seemingly not a problem.

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