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this, however, is a snow 'moff

I was always fascinated by the Sega Saturn, though I never had one. It felt like the ultimate console to me: the aesthetic was something so purely VIDEOGAMES ARE FUN AND BIZARRE, not the grim gritty feel that Sony's campaigns had that feels like it fed directly into today's dudebro culture.

Anyway I wrote a thing about it here a while back:

The MADE just got a couple of Virtua On cabinets and I'm going to play the heck out of them this weekend, hopefully

I've only ever played that game once and it was on a cab with broken controls, so

hey guys whats up chr here in the next installment of my new "sitting on things in @secondlife" series. today: ancient egypt

When I went out today, I decided I didn't have to work on Parallax. If all I wanted to do was color a that was perfectly cool.

It felt good to do something that I could finish in a timeframe measured in hours rather than months or years. I need that now and then.

gah the preview image focuses on literally the part I'm least proud of, please full view

sketchbook time: Crystal Needlion. Which is a thing I totally made up to have an excuse to draw crystals

And yes there was a Secret of Mana monster that's basically Sonic

It even comes in blue

(and @behemoff , if the thing about our art being classic someday has broken your mind, then consider that someday, I am sure, balancing a laptop on your bean bag chair while taking a hit of weed will seem rural and pastoral to someone. Or else, in the post-apocalyptic future, it'll be seen as the ancient customs of a long-forgotten supercivilization that left behind the remnants of technology that present scholars can only dream of. Archaeologists will love talking about it while making earthen clay pots out of straw like any normal modern person.)

It's kind of trippy. I've been sold the notion that the Masters of Art, truly peerless talents, are all in the past. That today's art is "pop culture" and yesterday's art is "high art". And yet you look on the front page of dA, you look at incredibly intricate cosplays and you realise that *these people* are the grand masters of our time and people will look back at cosplay and fandom and this particular time in history as part of a great art movement

......okay I have seen the great art of our time that will be exhibited in Museums Of The Future and it is this. These things are s cu l p t u r e s jeebus criminy

......okay wikimedia it's a bearded dragon eating a pear sue me

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@chr I See And Recognize Your Draconity From Across The Vast Server Universes. Hail And Well Met 🐉

is the destruction of the moon still an ill omen if you're the one who destroyed it?

Honestly I think one of my favorite things about the fact that I worked to make every NPC sprite unique is that the humans (they don't count ofc) actually do all have the same sprite.

The perfume bottles on @mysidia's dresser were giving her Vulpix snowglobe (leafglobe?) a lovely background

Balance is like a gyroscope. It's not something to be achieved, but a constant evolution. Adjust as needed.