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soft pixel snowcone

Pir can call up his imaginary friend, which is Cute and Good, but Toothy can also call up Pir, which is… metaphysically confusing

“Am I Zhuangzi dreaming of a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming of Zhuangzi?”

i'm gonna be liverar-ing this book apparently... liverar looks too much like it might be an actual word in some European language Show more

I just love that this thing exists. That someone out there both had an extremely niche-audience, but so far pretty interesting, story to tell about the weird overlap between commercialised Christian media and videogame history, and was in a good position to publish it.

Little labours of niche love like that, that actually get out there and get seen and appreciated by someone (in this case, me)-- those make me smile. I kind of wanna write to the author.

basically "weird unlicensed videogames" and "the bizarre niche interpretations of religion that USians are strangely adept at coming up with" are two of my special interests, so y'all know I had to buy a $5 ebook about Wisdom Tree

(It's Bible Adventures: Boss Fight Books Book 7, if you're interested)

What I was actually trying to pull was this, which I believe is the best pair of opening quotes to a book that I've ever seen

Just saw this in my screenshots folder captioned "tfwyourfinalevolution"

the jengabus is coming and ahh fuck it toppled over again. why are we playing this in a moving bus

the french wikipedia page for lions has an thermogram of a lion for some reason

"Out of print" should be a particularly filthy vulgarity whose literal meaning is confusing for anyone under thirty by this point, not a state actual books can have.

We're at a "dinosaur gallery" and I would unironically hang this in my room tbh

(image: a landscape painting, but it includes two long-necked dinosaurs walking by a shoreline, beneath a pale lavender sky)

"Momma! Look! The glass-bottom boat's arrived! Right on schedule!"

"Sure has. Have fun, Kiyo. I'll just be over here, doing anything else, because the novelty wore off for me years ago."

Kiyo hurried over, pressing his face against the glass.

The camera flashes nearly blinded him, as always, but he didn't care. Human legs and feet were disconcertingly gross, but what they chose to cover them in? Footwear was truly IMPRESSIVE.

#tootfic #microfiction #writing #urbanfantasy #terylstales #mermay

Been working on beefing up my portfolio these last couple months with some reworks of older pieces. Its nice going back to old things with more technical know how and being like !!!?!? when comparing them. Need to get the hydra more tree like but im feeling it
#wip #mastoart #art #dragon #hydra

So while trying to get my brain back in gear for art. I did a little thing for a certain cutie?

Mitten have a birthday. And now mitten have a dwol hybird :D

Okay, so the layout is probably going to change, but:

Phantasy Star, post 1!

Look at the cute Natu with a donut! Don't you want to buy it coffee so it would have a set?
(due to some health issues I'm late on a job and could use a couple of bucks ;) ) #creativetoots #mastoart
You can also buy it as a sticker!

Speaking of Yoshi's Island, this is so painfully 90s I feel like it HAD to have been ironic even though I know it isn't

It's just............ who decides to market a game about cute pastel crayon dinosaurs with *zooms camera in and out* WHOA AWESOME KILLER GRAPHICS *closeup of shocked dude face*

(I know the answer is "a 90s Nintendo of America spawned by a culture that would only buy Kirby if he was Angry", but still.)

EmuVR. For when you want to emulate not only an old video game console, but your teenage bedroom in the 1980s along with it. Well, someone else's teenage bedroom that you could modify some if you really wanted to put in the effort.

Be sure to check out the video demonstrating its meticulous emulation of the experience of *plugging your consoles into televisions*.

Also I've been trying to figure out since 1995 what the name "Nep-Enut" was supposed to mean. I kept thinking it must be something backwards, but reversing the entire thing just gets you "tune-pen".

Turns out you only read half of it backwards: "Nep-Tune".

Just... if it takes 20+ years and a wiki to figure out your pun/reference, it ain't that good, guys.