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you know, with all the notifications sites push in your face these days, they sure are bad about the stuff you actually care about and sign up for. yeah sure, lemme watch the last 10 minutes of this stream you never notified me about until now!

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writing is just talking to yourself, and roleplaying is just talking to yourself but with other people

this explains a lot

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@anthracite only the ones who aren't being cool about having hit the dragon lottery

@001zlnv I think I am proposing "Eustace" as a slur for "human tf'd into dragon".

Shower thought: I have nuking all my tweets older than three months now.

What if this was built into Mastodon?

Possible enhancements:
๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿพ let the user have toots get set to listener-only/direct instead of deleted
๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿพ maybe an option to mail some kind of archive to the user before they're deleted (make sure this mail doesn't get cached on the instance's side, as an admin I do not want to have to keep track of any more of your private info than I absolutely must)

I'm doing my first ever livestream tomorrow (Friday) evening!
If you like, please come watch me stream FF4 randomized!

I'm excited to try the randomizer (thanks to @PrincessRaspberry for telling me about it).
There will surely be spoilers, but don't worry; Aeris doesn't die in this one. n_u;

Starting at 5 PM PST, I'll be going all evening and probably late into the night, so if you have some time, please drop in and cheer me on at

Side note if anyone has good art for lizardfolk and kobolds, particularly lizardfolk and kobold children (woo NPCs), @ me.

For years, Mattel marketed a Barbie typewriter. When they switched from mechanical to electronic typewriters, they chose to license from a Slovenian manufacturer, Mehano, who readily supplied their E-115 (and later 116-118) model.

But these typewriters had a secret: hold SHIFT and LOCK, and press one of the first four keys on the first row, and the typewriter switches into substitution-cipher mode, encoding whatever you type:

Even if nobody responds to you telling your story, there's a chance--a good one!--that you touched someone anyway.

I've seen it happen.

I've been that person who was touched.

Thank you for sharing your heart. โค๏ธ

"Humans are so lucky. Your monthly shedding is so discreet and largely unseen," Tro'k sighed, scratching at her sagging, flaking neck, causing small scales to drift off her. She was quite a sight - back on her home planet it wasn't an uncommon sight, but most folks on Earth weren't used to it and found it gross enough to sneer at.

I patted her hand, "Believe you me, if I could solve my monthly shedding overnight with a hot shower, I'd trade."

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batman's costume doesn't have a nose. zubat doesn't have a nose. no clipart-scale depictions of bats have faces at all. nobody seems to think this is a glaring omission in their design.

look, bats have faces. bats have a LOT of face. they are the very OPPOSITE of featureless. if you are going to design a bat, then it doesn't really look like a bat unless it has a ton of face. possibly more face than is entirely attractive. does it really have to have that nose. really.

bats are not elegant winged orbs. they are rats with ludicrous faces that crawled into the darkness? i like elegant winged orbs, but are they really batlike?

old #space #dragon commission i did

do you ever look at your old art and wonder "wow how'd i do that?"

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