Other than this one (which I'm already going to rec), can anyone recommend me chill instances for a monster-identifying friend?

wherever tsu/swanblood is now i hope she's playing untitled goose game

Over on birdsite, FioraAeterna posted this list (as screencaps) for World Mental Health Day 2019, and I made this text version because it was relatively easy for me to do so and it seemed like a helpful accessibility addition: pastebin.com/7aegBtNq

A lot of these are tricks I already knew, but not all of them! And just in general I found it to be a really well written, concise list. (In a better world this stuff would all be common knowledge for adults, but I get that it isn't yet.)

(I'm sure people are going to think this is a mocking or parody toot so I'll say it now, it's not. I am also trans and I wholly support trans people. This is about those few of us who have additional kinds of dysphoria.)

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In the spirit of "say the thing you always wanted others to say to you":

Otherkin, you don't have to like being human.

You don't have to enjoy having a human body.

If you can't participate in body positivity past a certain point because your body is fundamentally Wrong and there's no surgery or hormones that could ever fix you, it's okay.

(If you can, that's also okay and it doesn't make you less valid! I just really needed this message to be out there.)

nara pic! 

Nara shed a layer and now is suddenly like twice the size he was before. I guess it makes sense for them to grow in spurts, but omg. All those lizard cells must have been made *so fast*.

megacorps being dicks 

we've learnt to accept navigating these minefields of deception as the price of using computers in any way.

setting up windows 10 for the 6 billionth time; microsoft gothic only it's real 

the sheer fact of how many screens i have to click past to avoid their New(tm) Enhanced© PrivacyExploit malware is horrific

the setup makes it sounds like i can only use the machine if i make an online account (which on the first screen is just called a "Microsoft account"-- classic dodgy advertising tactic, not letting you know entirely what you're in for until you're halfway committed). even i, as an experienced pc user, was almost fooled. but i looked around the screen, and there, in small text at the bottom, was the option "offline account".

i click it and i get a big splash screen. YOU CAN DO MORE THINGS WITH AN ONLINE ACCOUNT. i continue to click "offline account". it finally relents, but throws up a very prominent "OR USE YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT" button.

i have to turn off cortana twice during the setup process.

then i'm confronted with privacy settings, which is basically a big screen full of checkboxes that default to privacy violations, have to be manually ticked off, and display yellow "warning" text when you do.

i haven't felt this emotionally exploited since the neopets pound. the entire setup is designed to make you empathise with and welcome microsoft's robot spy into your home, while making you feel like your system is threatened for making basic privacy decisions

Recommended method for bonding with your bearded dragon, from your local hippie beardless dragon (cw weed): 

Right around lights out time, get high af, burrito them up in a blanky (right now I'm using a washcloth, his blankies are in the mail) and hold them against your chest while listening to soothing music.

He fell asleep right on me while we listened to an ocean sounds vid on youtube.

(May also work with cats, but they probably won't like the purrito. Just curl up with them instead.)

From belowmentioned survey (cw: long, species dysphoria) 

"If desired, provide reasoning for why your gender is or isn't related to your alterhuman identity. Be as brief or as lengthy as you wish."

I strongly feel that my discomfort with "gender" is due to having to fit into either a male or a female social, and sexual, role. I found the female role especially constraining due to the extra demands imposed upon female-presenting people, but I realised I equally don't wish to present as a male, or at least a male human. There is no human gender role that fits me and thus my feelings of gender dysphoria, of never being able to slot into a comfortable gender role because society and the way I look won't allow it, are directly born from species dysphoria.

"If desired, provide reasoning for why they are or aren't similar to each other. Be as brief or as lengthy as you wish."

Both involve feelings of being shaped wrong-- of being perceived wrongly by other people-- of being "in the wrong body", in my case. Many people argue that "trapped in the wrong body" is an inaccurate descriptor for them, but I feel it's right for me-- I can never adjust this body to be anything close to the body I desire.

survey about otherkin (ok to RT) 

One more thing: if you yourself identify as , , , , or , then you can take Emmet's survey about how that identity interacts with your gender, whether you're trans or not. The survey's open til July 1, 2019: theriotypical.tumblr.com/post/

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mental health (+, recovering), hell 

I need to masto more. Last year was not incomparable to hell-- I'd legitimately wonder sometimes if I was actually in it-- and I've become averse to places and things, even if harmless, that I was connected to during that time. But this place is full of such lovely people. ❤️

you know, with all the notifications sites push in your face these days, they sure are bad about the stuff you actually care about and sign up for. yeah sure, lemme watch the last 10 minutes of this stream you never notified me about until now!

otherkin; cw: apocalypse (+) 


i dunno why but thinking about what other species might possibly take over if humans ended makes me smile.

I hope something evolved from a more peaceful creature. I want to leave our legacy to intelligent, slow-moving herbivores.

otherkin; cw: apocalyptic ideas, but spun in a positive way 


Really makes you wonder if we otherkin were prescient all along, eh? If we already anticipated our becoming into something nonhuman--

I, for one, am eager to break the chains of humanity. Whether I am ready is another matter; but I am eager.

writing is just talking to yourself, and roleplaying is just talking to yourself but with other people

this explains a lot

mildly nsfw shower thought 

one thing brits and furries have in common: the phrase "get knotted" is in some way synonymous with "fuck off"

@anthracite only the ones who aren't being cool about having hit the dragon lottery

@001zlnv I think I am proposing "Eustace" as a slur for "human tf'd into dragon".

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