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This account (Ayvaire) will be mostly used for personal posts, and writing, though I will retweet my art, too.

I will refer to people as "they/them" if I have no way to figure out their preferred pronouns.

This space welcomes nonhuman identities!

Staff at the Moxy doing howling sounds, very immersive.

She was flying for the first time. It felt surreal, but natural. She flew higher and higher. The clouds hung low and she couldn't wait to touch them. She couldn't comprehend how she was ever scared of heights before, in this moment she was afraid of ever leaving the skies again.

If they would get rid of the layer of fur they wear, the fur they steal from other animals they may enjoy the rain more. They wouldn't look as much like wet dogs whenever it pours down, you think. They are weird, but interesting company.

Funny where the comfort of the rain leads your thoughts, sometimes.

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Your tail gently brushes against the moist ground, while your nimble fore-claws scratch the wet floor. You smell petrichor, the scent of rain, a word a human taught you decades ago. They usually curse the rain, but the fondness of its smell you share with many of them.

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Imagine raindrops arrhythmically, but melodically drumming on your unfurled wing membranes, with a pleasant force, as little streams of rain gracefully cascade down between your majestic horns, all the way along your long, elegantly stretched-out neck.

Finished my part of a trade for @ayvaire Just in time for Maid's Day! Just as she has requested~

Short Story (long toot) 

Ayvaire, renowned as the teal pond dragoness, and Haru, a green bird of fortune boasting "banana-like features", meet for tea and pastry. During the early morning hours, both revel in their original beast forms.

As mythological beings residing in a bustling metropolis, they usually conceal their true identities. However, within their magically enhanced, incredibly spacious apartments, shaped to their needs and which effectively hide them, they can freely express themselves.

Ayvaire gazes out the window, her eyes fixed on the line of trees adorning the distant horizon. "Oh, Haru, sometimes I yearn for the old days when we observed the village from the mountains and forests." Ayvaire sighs.

"Those were the times when we received exciting tributes for our shrines each day, and my hatchlings roamed freely. We didn't need to adopt human guises as often."

Haru nods, their beak crammed with a donut. They gulp down the pastry and respond, "Indeed, it was pleasant back then—less city, more village, less territory to survey, and more tributes to snack upon. But we didn't have donuts, pizza, or cheeseburgers either." Haru assumes their humanoid form to snatch another donut. "Besides, hands are quite practical."

The dragon pours a fresh cup of green tea for the avian companion. "Admittedly, as a fireless dragon, I do appreciate having a stove. We can drink tea way more often." She pets Haru.
Also, I'm privileged and grateful to have you as a babysitter; I couldn't entrust my hatchlings to a human caregiver. A human would surely perish."

Haru chuckles. "Even for me, it's a legendary struggle."
"Oh, also, your little Ruvaire coined me as 'Auncle Haru,' and the others quickly caught on. I like it." Haru boasts.

"Yes, she has always been a remarkably imaginative little dragoness—perhaps the most creative among the 67," Ayvaire affirms. "As for you, the humans referred to you as Basan, even the most powerful Basan in history, if I recall correctly. Of course you would make an excellent, if not the best hatchling-sitter." Ayvaire praised her bird friend.

Haru grunts, mildly annoyed. "I am neither Basan, Tengu, nor Gryphon, but humans are fond of categorizing. I prefer to be known as a mighty banana bird. Or just Haru. Although, I suppose bananas are more of a recent addition to the national trade."

"Well, they called me various things too. My favorite was when they mistook me for a Kirin in my early dragon days. Oh, and for a brief period, they believed I was the offspring of Kuzuryūshin. It felt kind of honorable," Ayvaire reminisces.

"I still enjoy calling you a Mizuchi," Haru cackles.

"I am not an evil water serpent—well, not always. That group of noble individuals deserved their comeuppance when they believed my hatchlings would make prized trophies," she retorts, exhaling a plume of fragrant poison breath.

"Anyway, the big city doesn't bother me. It's the recent surge of demons that concerns me. We barely have time to savor tea and relish these delectable pastries," Haru sighs.

"We will find a way, just as we have for millennia. A few Yokai won't overwhelm us. I only wish people would treat their belongings with more care," Ayvaire concludes.

The two mythological creatures are interrupted by the doorbell.
Ayvaire's attention sharpens. "Ah! Of course. Haru, would you mind answering the door? It must be Kawane. I informed her that we require her assistance with the river demon. After all, it's her domain."

"Kawane? It's been quite some time since I last saw her! How exciting!" Haru replies with enthusiasm and gracefully dashes towards the door.

PWYW SMUT STREAM! #nsfw #stream #artstream

Give me your character and a kink and I'll doodle them in a sexy situation on steam. The more you spend the more work I will put into that doodle.

It's semi artistic liberty, I'll do what I think pushes buttons but I'll not do anything that would make you uncomfortable, so NOs are very appreciated.

Stream starts in about 10 minutes.

We did not get any taker for this in the Twitter ruins, so I will repost it here!

Yours truly and
want to collaborate for some full body colored hatchling art!

Cay will do the sketch, I will line and color it.

Give us your dragon, we will turn them hatchling.

One slot for now, 60 Euros.

Comment or DM to claim! Cay and Fleeks art examples below!


offering some PWYW doodle slots for my next stream. the more you're willing to spend the more effort I'll put into it.

Give me your character and the kink you want me to work with (my favorites are bondage, eggs, transformation (especially post-TF), "consensual noncon", and humiliation. I work the best with four legged ("feral") fantasy creatures.

claim in comments or just join my steam later.

#commissionsopen #nsfw #dragons #yiff #adultcommissionsopen

There is literally no reasonable explanation for transphobia. So it must be resentment. But of course the TERFs can't admit that because that would be bad optics.
Well, or they are straight up evil. Some of them must be. Evil. For the sake of being evil.

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I sometimes feel like TERFs are actually angry at trans people because they have miserable lives as women and don't want anyone else have a happy life as one.

I sometimes feel like TERFs are actually angry at trans people because they have a miserable lives as women and don't want anyone else have a happy life as one.

3 kobolds = approximately 1 tweet (I'm kobold fueled!)

My writing is very much inspired by my own wishes and desires. It's also often about dysphoria and finding your own place in life.

Please support me so I can spend more time with it.

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Peak trans is if you use your computer knowledge to either make a super popular platforming game or you hack a governments and corporations and expose their security issues.

Hey Terf cultists, I have a question for you:

What's a Woemni?

the sausages are actually vegan weeners

also, i ate it, of course. it was great, but I don't think I gained any benefits from it except feeling sated

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