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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

There is one dude who shows up at the Chillout Lounge that my con roomies turn their room into who has claimed to be (a) an vampire and (b) Lucifer. He is pretty enough to be either - a skinny boy with an indeterminate accent and long blonde hair, and an easy social air.

Whatever truth there is to his stories, I can’t say. But identifying as those things? That’s a warning I think I’ll heed.

@anthracite I think there are several messages that “I want to be dangerous” simultaneously communicate. I’m not sure any of them are a good look.

@baxil I mean it’s not like “rar I’m a dragon” doesn’t contain some “I wanna be dangerous” messages too. And that boy is super cute and I might not turn down a fling. But yeah.