I think I'd ripped the music out of it and it had a very French name in the credits of that file. The Amiga version was handled by Infogrames, and the music was new for that. I'm not committed enough to find a MOD ripper tool and use it on a virtual Amiga to be 100% sure of this though. :)

Elliot was a designer at Broderbund who worked on Shufflepuck, all the Carmens, and some other stuff: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauren_E

@anthracite OMG, I remember that on the Mac. What a treat to retrieve that memory. thanks!

@anthracite I had it on the Mac in black and white with no music, but even then it was a damn fun game. The sound effect for the alien who says "Fnee fnee fnee" when you beat them lives rent-free in my head.


:dragneyes: :dragnthinkflare:

There's something familiar about this. A distant memory in the crevices of my mind...

Whatever version of this I may or may not have known, it wasn't *this* version... but...


It started life on the Mac as a B&W game, and got ported to the Amiga, ST, MSDOS, the NES, and a few other platforms.

This music wasn’t in the Mac version as far as I know. Dunno about any other versions, I had an Amiga.


I have no idea where I'd have seen it. MSDOS, maybe, but that would imply my parents had it on our computer when I was a wee hatchling, and I don't think they did? If I saw it at school, I guess it would've been the Mac version. (I don't remember the music, so that checks out.)

What mostly rings a bell is the glass breaking effect when the puck goes over the edge. Which is confusing, because I'm sure I'd remember the aliens, too.

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