Oh hey it’s my birthday today. I should get myself something insanely frivolous.

Most likely though I will be getting some laundry done. It has been past time for that for like a week but it’s been way too cold to want to drag stuff the three blocks to the laundromat.

@anthracite happy birthday! Perhaps a little treat to enjoy while working through laundry is in order :3

hope you have a lovely day!

@anthracite Happy birthday!

One year or another I will remember just how many of us cluster around this week...


Happiest of Birthdays to you!!

You are wonderful, and I appreciate you tremendously. I hope that all your birthday wishes come true today.

@anthracite Happy hatchday! May you spend it in frivolous and potentially kinky pursuits!


Happy hatchday, enjoy the gift of clean laundry that you had to wash yourself. :)


Happy Birthday! And do get yourself something completely frivolous.

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