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I'm still waiting for the decentralized, federated, open source alternative to VRChat.

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Dragon type: Somewhere between Smaug and Llewellyn.

A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"We have heard of the wonders of Earth," the alien said, "so have come to experience..."
They began reading off a list.
"Chocolate. Chilis. Coffee. Cats. Cinnamon. Cloudberries."
"We have things that start with other letters too."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

if you have never used the --patch (-p) switch with git, you are missing out.
It's supported by add, commit, checkout, reset.

Basically any command that moves things things to/from the working tree/index, and it allows you to select what to move

It's amazing.

...And carries you back through time to the moment you lost your last HP. The effect from your enemy's point of view is that suddenly you're completely, fully restored, and have a tan as well.

But if you cast it and within 30 days you aren't reduced to 0 HP, then after 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, to fulfill its bargain, the winged lion comes and BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF YOU, so it can then carry you away to the place of healing etc.

This is what Vancian magic means to me!

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One time I wrote a spell of protection. How it works is, you cast it, and then any time in the next 30 days, if you're ever reduced to 0 HP, a winged lion comes and carries you away to a place of healing, where you're fed, cared for, massaged, allowed to rest, pampered, exercised, however long it takes until all your HP are restored. Then the winged lion returns...

It was meltingly hot, which was a problem for someone made of ice.

She stared at her hands, normally a perfect cloudy glass, now slick and shrinking.

'That's it,' said her roommate. 'You're coming to work with me.'

The cold storage at the supermarket was bitingly refreshing and she soon felt like herself again.

Her roommate's co-workers were all very understanding. 'There just isn't good air con in the UK,' said one. 'Sometimes I think about hiding in there myself!'

#microfiction #TootFic

"The message we just sent to welcome Earth," the Emperor of the Known Universe said, "can we cancel that?"
"No, it's been sent. It's electromagnetic waves, moving at the speed of light."
"Can we explode a star to drown it out?"
"In theory, yes, but why?"
"There was a typo in it."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

It's handy right? It's a traditional Chinese chop carving vice design. Ohhh I like the PCB slot...


Probably the most-used print I've made - a remix of the screwless vice from Still in daily use and still draws interest from people who see it in action.
#3dprinting #functionalprints #gadgets


It was with great patience that the werewolf waited.

His pack-leader had given him a very clear instruction, and he wanted to impress.

He got peanut-butter when he impressed. His tail thumped against the wall at the thought.


He grabbed his tail, giving a sheepish nod to the librarian.

Finally, story-time came to an end.

"Ah, there's your uncle over there."

His tiny human niece scampered over.

It was a very safe walk home.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

I have made a weird musical instrument. It is some kind of electronic just intonation kalimba I guess? With stars?

mh kinda - I guess 

Sick of this idiotic need to please someone else with my "productivity."

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mh kinda - I guess 

I'm weary.

As distinct from being tired, or sleepy, or fatigued. Or exhausted.

As a dentist, do you recommend:

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The results are in, and the consensus (such as it is) is that dragons are not kobolds, and kobolds both are and are not dragons. With strong support for the question being fundamentally wrong in both cases.

Seems about right to me, actually.

Also, a few good replies presenting some different viewpoints on the kobold/dragon identity relationship.

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A smol danger floof and a wild danger floof friends♥️

"Have you heard, they've found out magic is real!"
"I heard."
"Anyone can learn, it's all logical, like programming."
"Aren't you excited?"
"I'm a programmer. I wouldn't trust any programmer with magic."
"Hang on..."
"Coffee? You conjured coffee? Show me!"
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

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