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Did you hear about the time Will Smith went to Notre Dame in Paris and bought several half-quart bottles with nothing in them but wind that had blown through the cathedral's belfry? 

They were the French pints of bell air.

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Dragon art, big landscape
Commission in which I go exploring a fantastic landscape.
Art by Themefinland.

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I'm still waiting for the decentralized, federated, open source alternative to VRChat.

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Dragon type: Somewhere between Smaug and Llewellyn.

I asked a librarian if she had a book about Pavlov's dog and Schrödinger's cat?

She said it rang a bell, but she wasn't sure if it was there or not.

I'm beyond thrilled and honored that for the first time ever one of my artworks has been juried into Infected by Art!

"Golden Hour" is part of an ongoing dragon/nature series that means a whole lot to me. Thank you judges and everyone for the support! 💚

#InfectedByArt #IBA #watercolor #dragon #painting

A bundle of clamouring voices, tiny as their owners with their colourful skins.

"But smells like food!"

"Is not food. You think everything food."

"Could be food. Has worms in it maybe?"

"No worms. Funguses though. Maybe tasty funguses."

"You try! Find out if good."

"Don't like funguses. YOU try!"

Stepping into the shed, I reached in through the squabbling crowd and picked up the sack from amongst them. "Can you all please leave the compost alone?"

#Microfiction #GoblinWeek

Twitter engineers—or outsiders who hack them—can tweet from any user account without being detected, according to a new whistleblower complaint to the Federal Trade Commission shared exclusively with The Washington Post.

Secondhand MacBooks are being turned into parts because recyclers have no way to login and factory reset the machines, which are often just a couple years old.

KT somehow spots a quarter on a tall building and wishes he could just fly up to get it.

Okay that is precious
RT @Panthera_Arven
Shielding tiny hoomans from the rain.
Extra large Patreon reward for wonderful supporter @AzelDragon !❤️
Commissions are currently closed, and the last few LIMITED art reward spots are available on PATREON!!
#dragons #dragon

Blues: The world is fucked
Punk: The world is fucked and I'm pissed
Emo: The world is fucked and I'm sad
Grunge: The world is fucked and I'm medicated
Ska: The world is fucked and I have a trumpet

Researching mines in northern Spain I came across this curious object. It's a canary cage designed to keep the canary alive in the event of a gas leak. If a miner saw the canary laying at the bottom of the cage it was time to abandon everything and leave the mine, but not without first closing the latched glass door and opening the valve of the oxygen bottle to save the bird. A miner would do that on their way out and take the bird with them. It's a signifier of the miner's legendary sense of solidarity, no lives lost to the mine on a miners watch. A solidarity that was also crucial in the fight for workers rights, creating safer and more humane working conditions, achievements of unionization and solidarity that some of us still enjoy today.

If you haven't already today, remember to pat your local dragon!

I for one recommend defederating from all non self-hostable instances.

Nip this in the bud before it spreads.

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