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🎢I am a kobold and I got cute claws
a wagging tail and a toothy maw🎢

🎢scritch my scales and brush my mane
you're my whole world and I'm yours all day🎢

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Pinned rar

saw a pickup with a fishnet hung over the tailgate and all I could think was "that trucks gay"

alone at dragon home gonna chew on all the furniture and electric cords

I am in a cheesecake factory waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

open for a fat dragon 

appreciate a dragon day extends to all draconic beings

I'm squishing a dragon between my thighs as we play Nintendo


I haven't even been here a day and I already broke something in khr's apartment ;w; :koboldpeek:

underappreciated thing that dragons do 

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Dragon Style

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