aa just a sec something got messed up when i shrank the gifs for masto,,,

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VRC Meetup Photos 

did another stream buddy commission and i feel really proud of this one :3

client is not awake rn so im gonna wait to post until she gets the chance to see it

I really gotta fucking,,,,,,,,decide on a colour palette still. so I can like commission stuff for myself and things aaaaaa

I wish to draw myself or have myself drawn with a big shirt with sleeves that are too long and drape past way my claws,,,,

looking through old design revisions as if they were baby photos

I actually have a real soft spot for this early design of kobold where the lines between me and dragon were a little more blurred

look at themmmm


cannabis related 

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here's a lil video showing off a couple stream buddy commissions ive done (no audio)

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Notice to mutuals 

uh oh zest got into the koboldnip again

musing about social media 

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Furry art pda, minor ec 

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Dragon Style

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