i got like, a random burst of the go energy but its fucking laaaaate what am i doiinnggg

vrchat, kinda uncanny valley 

shave and lotioned me legs, so sleek...aa....

I'm very gay and very tiny science has yet to explain how one can fit so much gay in such compact space

food, request for ideas 

the owl house season 2 coming soon aaaaaaaa

can't tell if I'm dragony or koboldy today and it's making me feel all scrambled in my head guhhhh

Zest echoed


Zest echoed

i am a handy kobold to have around :KoboldUwU:

i am also proud of myself for being able to do a lot of these things myself!

been working on de-winterizing camper and doing maintenance before the season starts up here and it is weird like.. actually having drive to do something. this is finally getting me out of, like, the winter/lockdown rut

i wanna go camping so baadddd

rrrhrarararararr... (dragon summoning incantation)

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Dragon Style

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