though I miss some of the emojis I used back on snouts I appreciate that I can actually just open the emoji browser and find what I want here

Unicorn Zest facts: before unicorn fursona, my sona was a regular ol horse. and when I was coming to terms with being trans I decided to redesign them as a unicorn! For this reason they're very special to me =w=

here's unicorn Zest btw :3

they're my oldest (still in use) fursona and I kinda consider them my "default" and like, the most 'me' of em all!

Selfies, eye contact, it me 

Selfies, eye contact, it me 

Selfies, eye contact, it me 

so I skimmed through my archive from Snouts- I'm probably gonna repost some selfies soon :3

I wanna play around in VRchat now that I got a Kinect set up- I know there's the meetup tomorrow but, anyone wanna today maybe :3


open if you're a fearsome and powerful dragon 

the amount of replies this post got affirms that I am in the right place

oops I fell back asleep (surprising nobody)

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Dragon Style

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