post oral surgery complaining 

so sayonara wild hearts is super cool gosh

just played it for the first time today (it's something I've been meaning to get for a while, being bedridden was a good excuse cx)

vrchat, alcohol 

seeking help in Unity/VRChat 

seeking help in Unity/VRChat 

blender using the word "decimate" instead of like... "reduce" or "optimize" or something is kinda metal....

vrchat avatar customizing 

Overheard conversation:
"Every time [person] posts something racist, I just roll my eyes and scroll past."
"Why don't you block her, baby?"
"Because sometimes she posts legitimately funny shit."

And that's it, folks. That's why white people are still fucking racist in 2021. Because we'll put a para-fucking-social relationship above opposing oppression.

remember when you could install a program on hacked 3DSs that literally downloaded games right from nintendo's servers and installed them onto your console? that was good as hell


kobold purring a wanted ad in the newspaper for a dragon to sleep under

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Dragon Style

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