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Hey @Mirina and @chr I love you both so much! Thank you for lifting me up every day and being the best partners a kobold could ask for!! :koboldbeam:

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🎢I am a kobold and I got cute claws
a wagging tail and a toothy maw🎢

🎢scritch my scales and brush my mane
you're my whole world and I'm yours all day🎢

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I read my feed most days but I haven't posted much recently. care about u guys β™₯️β™₯️

splat tim can't keep getting away with it

this is a callout post my dragon is a big clumsy dummy with a big dummy tail and a big dummy butt

petplay stuff and gay stuff 

curled up on a big cushion on the floor beside where my dragon was working and found out I'd fallen asleep for like an hour. woke up to being held and kisses =w=

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This is far too much to transcribe, my apologies. πŸ™ƒ

kobold needs gentlying and maybe some not gentlying

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lewd subtoot 

a dragon with too much lube on xeir paws to be able to grip the doorknob enough to open it

im so used to getting it/its'd that now when im not its like "huh"

if u don't love me at my [biting u]

then u don't deserve me at my [still biting u]

you can never go wrong with some ether

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