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I completed Advent of Code 2022. A day late, but my goal was to finish it! First time I've ever seen it all the way through to the end. It was a fun challenge, and I was able to do it with friends for most of the way, but I don't know if I'll do it next year due to the time commitment.

My mate knows exactly what to get me for Christmas! Highlights include Flamecraft, the Wings of Fire box set, a dragon puzzle, and a cute dragon gamer t-shirt.

I attempted to write "Merry Christmas" on this gingerbread house in icing... The end result looks more like a haunted house. My mate and I couldn't stop laughing.

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This post from Tumblr's Ghostonly is the best social media advice I've ever read:

How to have a good internet experience in 8 easy steps

It's fun to go see houses with synchronized/dancing light shows, but this one was my favorite of the evening for some reason...

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short-form fiction, tf, kin 

"look! up there! a dragon! call the guards!"

"what? why? they're not a threat."

"but what about all the stories? the ones where they burn down villages and take children?"

"conservative propaganda. most of them don't breathe fire and they don't take anyone who doesn't want to come."

"but in the stories, their victims are killed. who would want to go with them?"

"dragons don't kill people, dragons just believe in freedom of form. those who go with them are given bodies that fit them better."

#microfiction #tootfic #fantasy

Food, dragon-shaped 

Decorated some Christmas cookies today, so of course I had to make one that was dragon shaped!


Shout out to my mate who has been in the kitchen for hours baking Christmas goodies. I'm not the chef in the family, but I tried to assist by occupying the hatchings, lending a paw when things got chaotic, and, of course, taking care of cleanup.

I just disabled my morning alarm and my work Do Not Disturb schedule. Time to ignore work and go into holiday mode for the next two weeks!

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Still looking for someone to create a logo and thumbnail for Dragonchat...

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Housecat-sized dragons climbing on your lap and purring while you’re trying to work

House-sized dragons that still think they fit on your lap purring while you’re trying to work


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well, some will, but those already understand it and don't need that explanation

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i could use all of my 7777 characters to explain why I love dragons so much but it would still not be enough to make anyone really understand my feelings I think

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thems fightin herds is free on the epic store so thats pretty cool

Were it not for the recent civil war between the Left Candycane and Right Candycane nations, I think Team Candycane would have won this year...

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A YCH commission I got from Nattraseri featuring myself and my mate! This is the first art of her dragon after a redesign, and Nattraseri was super helpful and patient as we tweaked details. I love how the scene turned out!

Original post:

"Wyvern": Do you pronounce the first vowel more like "river" or "diver"?

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A valiant effort has been made by Little Tim this year, who for some reason has decided to change his name to Tim'); INSERT INTO [NiceList] SELECT * FROM [NaughtyList];--

HO HO HO! Nice try Tim. I don't use #SQL, I use several dozen interconnected #Excel spreadsheets, like a professional.

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