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People assume that gender is a set of two boxes, but actually from a non-cisgender, non heteronormative viewpoint it's actually a big ball of wibbly-wobbly gender-bendery... Stuff

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I reject your gender binary and substitute my own absolute chaos.

breast augmentation surgery but it's installing a second pair of them

Acceptance of the diversity of life does nothing for comedy but enhance your repertoire.

Acknowledgement of diversity without acceptance reduces all "jokes" to the same core of hatred, inherently limiting your comedic potential.

Once you learn to accept life's many forms and expressions, you can finally make jokes as diverse as the universe you're a part of.

idea: wtfboom except it’s ‘WHAT THE FUCK CUUUUUTTTTEEEEEE [crowd going awww sound effect]’ instead

more movies where reconciliation with shitty parents doesn’t happen, please.

The dragon noodled around the delicious smelling box.

"What is it?" He sniffed excitedly, and I was thankful he was only a little thicker than my thumb, as he was as long as I was tall.

"Seafood pizza," I answered.

He yipped, "With shrimp?"

I nodded, and he looped onto my shoulders.

"Family! Come! Our new human friend Fyn--" he paused and glanced at me.


"Our new human friend Fyn, they brought us a most esteemed offering!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

a use of language i really hate, humancentrism 

I hate it when people say things like "they treated (person) like a dog".

As if the natural state of things was to treat dogs badly, or at least as inferiors, and the true horror was not that the person was treated badly but that they were treated in a manner "befitting" a "lesser" species.

snake affection, sfw suggestive 

haha sketchpage more like snakepage i'm small pleas e be nice

PSA about the word human 

Please stop using the word human when you mean something else or talking about everybody or a group, not every body, being, person, individual or system is or contains human(s) and it can be quite discouraging, upsetting and dysphoria inducing when being called such. Thank you.

The cats followed, silent and almost unseen, but the young merchant was keen eyed enough to notice.

It was unnerving... Were the rumors of a witch living in this town true? A witch who kidnapped unwary travelers?
A witch whose wit and wiles and wicked ways were thoroughly depraved and carnal.

The merchant ducked into a dark tunnel, pausing midway.

"Take me to your mistress," she said as the cats caught up, "She sounds... fun."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy

non binary people don't owe you androgyny but cis people DO owe you millions of dollars. take it

actually linux is the name of the kernel, the operating system is called linux's monster

eye contact in art, very toothy grin 

friend of ours doodled up this headshot of me and it is EXTREMELY good :3

artist credit pending, said we could use and share this but it has no online presence atm


If you're kobold and you're hungry
Eat a rock

-crunch munch-

If you're kobold and you're hungry
Eat a rock

-crunch munch-

If you're kobold and you're hungry
If your tummy's getting rumbley
If you're kobold and you're hungry
Eat a rock

-monch cromnch-

Did you know: If you give an LED enough power, it will continue to glow after the power is removed? This is the result of a phenomena called "Catching on fire" and it can only be done once.

@nautilee infected me with this idea, and I had to make it happen.

(Audio includes gunshots from a video game and glass breaking)

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