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The November influx of new faces from birdsite has been a bit overwhelming to me! This account [and previously, the Fediverse as a whole] has always been a more personal refuge for me, and I need to make some changes to keep it that way. I'm taking a cue from @frameacloud to make that happen.

I recently started two more alt accounts, in addition to my older account, and copied my following list over to both:

From now on, I'm moving my public-facing stuff to where I'll try to keep a theme of discussing electrical engineering projects, professional networking, and anything that belongs on the GetFediHired hashtag. I'll still be unapologetically furry there, but less aggressively so than I am here. I want to keep the performance for capitalism contained to that account.

I'm keeping as a backup account for when @anthracite needs to take this instance down for maintenance and updates. If I use it for anything else, it'll probably be for keeping up with the news and trying not to doomscroll *too* hard. I know that I want to keep my news-adjacent feed on a separate account from everything else, but my account might no longer be suitable for that purpose now that instances are defederating from it due to its scale.

It won't happen all at once, but I'm planning to trim my following list on this account down to just friends and other people I enjoy talking to, and I might block accounts and instances here that I would be following on other accounts. It's not personal, and I don't hate you. I'm just trying to separate things out better so I have a healthier relationship with social media.

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lmao everything is on fire in emerald boy's world

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It’s wild that so many people don’t consider covid a threat bc they aren’t disabled, when covid itself can disable you… Another covid induced autoimmune disease diagnosis today. Another difficult talk with a distraught patient on what it means to be immunocompromised in 2023.

huge paw~
plap paw~
bap bap paw~
squish bap paw beans

huge paw~
plap paw~
bap bap paw~
squish bap paw beans

huge paw~
plap paw~
bap bap paw~
squish bap paw beans

huge paw~
plap paw~
bap bap paw~
squish bap paw beans






[Tom Scott voice]
I am at the place where SSL is added and removed.

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“keep it professional”?? i already have to do that forty hours a week to survive. why would you /make/ a space that is that? i don't want to be ~professional~ and ~respectable~ and normie-masking-closeted-stifled; i want to be silly and free and /animal/

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imagine like someone with no concept for what coffee is, maybe even no concept of drinking liquids, nonetheless waking up and groggily putting the coffee grounds in the filter and starting the coffee maker, without realizing or understanding what they're doing

only they also get the same reaction to other habits that originated from other worlds, things that would be bizarre to earth people too

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Quark: I don’t think I can gaslight gatekeep girlboss my way out of this one.

So someone sneaked in a few shot of protracker in the Madoff Netfix docu series and disguised it as a banking software :D :D

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As you all probably know by now, Twitter will be disabling API access, with a one-week warning. This will break ConRoomies login.

I don’t think I’ll have the time and effort to switch authentication providers in one week.

All of this because an asshole tried to play stock manipulation games, got caught, and was forced to overpay for Twitter. Now he’s flailing to save money, and leaves a trail of destruction behind him.

I should be doing homework, but feeling stuck on intrusive thoughts

I just got laughed at for indicating a dead battery this way. 😵

gripes about human shape 

I don't want to be made of meat
(a single shape is too tight on me)
I want to fix or replace my parts when they break
I want to hold my friends and keep them safe from the passage of time
(i want to be the shiny squish)
(I want to flap my wings when I'm excited)
I want to help people fit into more comfortable shapes
[...just let me be dragons already]

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