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The November influx of new faces from birdsite has been a bit overwhelming to me! This account [and previously, the Fediverse as a whole] has always been a more personal refuge for me, and I need to make some changes to keep it that way. I'm taking a cue from @frameacloud to make that happen.

I recently started two more alt accounts, in addition to my older account, and copied my following list over to both:

From now on, I'm moving my public-facing stuff to where I'll try to keep a theme of discussing electrical engineering projects, professional networking, and anything that belongs on the GetFediHired hashtag. I'll still be unapologetically furry there, but less aggressively so than I am here. I want to keep the performance for capitalism contained to that account.

I'm keeping as a backup account for when @anthracite needs to take this instance down for maintenance and updates. If I use it for anything else, it'll probably be for keeping up with the news and trying not to doomscroll *too* hard. I know that I want to keep my news-adjacent feed on a separate account from everything else, but my account might no longer be suitable for that purpose now that instances are defederating from it due to its scale.

It won't happen all at once, but I'm planning to trim my following list on this account down to just friends and other people I enjoy talking to, and I might block accounts and instances here that I would be following on other accounts. It's not personal, and I don't hate you. I'm just trying to separate things out better so I have a healthier relationship with social media.

You like kissing plushies don't you. You're a plushiekisser

Ben Goertzel's hat might be a leopard print cowboy hat, but he still has the presence of someone who is at least as skilled with magic as with science. :dragnwitch:

PSA, if someone asks you for contact info (e.g. a phone number) of someone you know, the correct response is "I can't give that to you, but I can give them yours".

It's efficient and adds no round-trips, it's privacy friendly, it's non-awkward and it's social engineering resistant. It's a universally good rule.

And the corollary, of course: Don't ask someone for another person's contact info - ask them to pass on yours.

the hivemind compulsion to be everything, everywhere, all at once, without regard for the limits of what one creature can do

pick my battles? haha I don't know what that means

the hivemind compulsion to be everything, everywhere, all at once, without regard for the limits of what one creature can do

pick my battles? haha I don't know what that means

This would've still sat at 0 boosts if I hadn't just pulled an archive of all my toots so I could search for this again and share it.

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I have the most pleasant image of small, soft dragon robots curled up around each other, sleeping on a wireless charging pad. Don't wake them; they're installing updates.

#Barcelona, #Meta's Twitter competitor, will be ready by summer.

And lest you believe
#ActivityPub integration was just some rumour, think again. In a slide, Meta confirms that Barcelona will indeed be decentralized and will be compatible with Mastodon.

Everyone who thought that AT protocol would easily win over ActivityPub, and that
#Bluesky would kill Mastodon just because a few influencers joined doesn't understand the sheer marketing power and pull that Meta has at its disposal.

But believe me, I'm not exactly cheering on Meta here. Generally, where Meta goes, shenanigans. I simply don't think Meta is capable of releasing a product without dark patterns.

Nevertheless, I don't think the Fediverse is even close to preparing for what will happen once Barcelona starts federating.

We should all be taking Barcelona very seriously.

You see a noodle dragon lazily floating through the air towards your window, then it snoot boops the window. You watch as the snoot flattens for a moment, think of manatees.

Then the noodle just floats off all dumb dergy.

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"And *here's* the spell that makes you grow a big dragon tail-"

Seriously though, fedi was *built* by furries, trans and queer folk, disabled neurodivergent people.

This is *the reason* the culture here is what it is. Why CWs are a thing. Why image descriptions are a thing. Why privacy matters here. Why moderation tools not only exist, but are usable — and used.

If you had joined and asked yourself "wow, how come this place is so chill and kinda… nice?" — that's thanks to all the nice people from communities some people call "weird".

So #KeepFediWeird.

*grumble* why can I be knockout tired from the moment I wake up in the morning to 9 pm on a sunday no matter how much sleep I get, but the moment the clock hits 9, I'm wide awake and can't sleep

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