silly tf thing, hydra 

"You know that old prophecy that was translated last century, and then was lost?"
"The 'As great evil arises, a hero shall vanquish it and bring a golden age' one?"
"Yes. Another source has been found and translated."
"Um. 'When times are bad, be kind, and work together.'"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Today's gender is an excited, ghastly dragon.

A quick VRChat PSA, please boost:

Large meetups can be resource-intensive, so clear your cache beforehand. Here's how you do it:
1. Open the Settings menu.
2. Open Advanced Settings
3. Click "Clear Downloaded Content Cache".
4. Log out and then log back in.

If your memory usage is under a gigabyte, you should be fine. If it's more than 10 gigabytes though, you should definitely clear it.

did another streambuddy commission! This is for @ nilbold over on twitter

I'm not ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure which way you read this but I'm gonna just assume it's standard manga fare as it is the funniest

(to a gay couple) so which of you's the dragon and which one's the kobold

[dragon trailing sparkles from their nostrils as they curl tighter around their hoard of pronouns gathered from gender conquests]

Kind of a minor reason, but one reason I want to learn how to solder is because my mouse left click switch is degrading and I want to solder a new one in its place rather than spend another Too Much Money for a new mouse of the same model.

I'm supposed to get ready for another quiz tomorrow, and I can't focus on anything but squishy, glossy dragons.

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