Has Kavanaugh considered remodeling his home to only have one door? Or perhaps asking local veterans to hang out inside with guns? /sarc


I'm at Berks Celtic Festival today. Good food, booze, and live music. 😀

Also, there us an Irish wolfhound rescue organization here, so there are adorable wolfhounds wandering around all over. 🥰


I'm getting sick of super-online leftists who will to do anything for the cause except, apparently, GO FUCKING VOTE 🤬

Am I the only one who finds it weird when people say "Happy Memorial Day"? I feel like it should be "Thoughtful Memorial Day" or "Somber Memorial Day" or something


Oh fuck, I just realized Elon is probably planning to run for the Republican nomination in two years...

I just saw "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once" and OMG, I'm crying RL now

TIL: apparently the hardest part about being an astronaut is putting on shoes because tying them makes you start spinning and then you can't find the other shoe


Is there a preferred method for quoting a tweet in a toot? :dragn_think:


A friend on birdsite is selling some rare M:TG cards to raise money to help trans youth in Florida. If that interests you:


Is Gen-X's perception as the "I don't care" generation because we actually care less, or do we care a lot and have learned to mask our feelings to maintain emotional distance from things that are causing us pain?

Dragon Style

I'm a grumpy queer dragon lady and this is my quiet cave for me and some friends.