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Hello there, Fediverse!

I'm Phorm. I'm a vixen, and a chemist, and most importantly: I'm a genie. I spend a little too much time puttering about the internet, and a non-zero amount of time being shamelessly horny on main (Though admittedly a lot of it can be crypto-horny).

As I sometimes discuss sensitive topics, I'm a bit wary about followers. If you'd like to follow me, please note:

1.) Please be over 18 (I lean NSFW)

2.) Please send me a DM first, particularly if we have a previous connection

3.) Please note that I am BEYOND genie obsessed and if you follow me you will be getting a face full of GENIE.

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Hello Mastodon. Hello Dragon.Style.

Some of you here know me, but most likely do not. I'm Phorm. I'm a rather mundane thing, work in chemistry, and spend too much time puttering about the internet. I'm not a dragon, but I think dragons are keen.

I fancy myself a genie. I am obsessed with genies. Like VERY obsessed with genies. I spend way too much time talking about genies. In fact, I'll likely be rambling about genie research in this space often.

Transphobia (-) 

Gender (-) 

VIrtual Genie 

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Got That Jet Set Spirit 

Closeted Struggles 

In brief, minimal, ephemeral moments, Twitter can be good sometimes. (Warning for Birdsite) 

:burning_cop_car: :burning_cop_car: :burning_cop_car: :burning_cop_car: :burning_cop_car:

Please enjoy this sick motorbike doing a wicked jump over burning cop cars.

Rad to the max!

Me: Damnit, I can't buy a PS5 for love or money.

Brain: You should spend the money you were going to put toward a PS5 on gigantic cartoon titties.

Me: Maybe I should spend the money I was going to put toward a PS5 on gigantic cartoon titties.

*Stands above menacingly, with an outstretched finger pointed down toward you.*

Omae wa mou Djinndeiru.

Virtual Insanity (LONG, Stupid, Virtual Bodies, Virtual Spaces, Virtual Presentation, Dysphoria, Gender) 

Computer, show me what you would get if you crossed me with Burt Gummer.

‼️ 🍾 ‼️

. . .

💕 🍾 💕


Me: I'm not having a great Monday.

INBOX: *An email, sent by a high level director, with a glaring typo in the first word of the subject line, addressed to the entire company*

Me: Well, at least I ain't having THAT Monday.

Is she, you know... *Inserts index finger into an 'O' made with her other hand*

... In a bottle?

Today I wish all of creation void.

I wish for a false vacuum decay event to obliterate the universe to the level of nullifying all baryonic matter.

Pride (-) 

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