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Hello there, Fediverse!

I'm Phorm. I'm a vixen, and a chemist, and most importantly: I'm a genie. I spend a little too much time puttering about the internet, and a non-zero amount of time being shamelessly horny on main (Though admittedly a lot of it can be crypto-horny).

As I sometimes discuss sensitive topics, I'm a bit wary about followers. If you'd like to follow me, please note:

1.) Please be over 18 (I lean NSFW)

2.) Please send me a DM first, particularly if we have a previous connection

3.) Please note that I am BEYOND genie obsessed and if you follow me you will be getting a face full of GENIE.

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Hello Mastodon. Hello Dragon.Style.

Some of you here know me, but most likely do not. I'm Phorm. I'm a rather mundane thing, work in chemistry, and spend too much time puttering about the internet. I'm not a dragon, but I think dragons are keen.

I fancy myself a genie. I am obsessed with genies. Like VERY obsessed with genies. I spend way too much time talking about genies. In fact, I'll likely be rambling about genie research in this space often.


Evil wins.

I'm out.

See you all after the extinction.

What a Fuckin' take, I hate humanity, Racism (--) 

Misogyny, Internet CHUDs, Nasty 

It's not about furries, TTcE 

Woo (~+) 

Unpleasant Dream 

🎶 Jellicle cat, jellicle cat
At the box office, made a bit splat
Critics don't like? It's not important
Jellicle cat

Is it deep art, or is it just bad?
Does coherency matter when the dancing is rad?
Or will it transform into a meme fad?
Nobody knows, Jellicle cat🎶

Roses are red
Life's quite a rat race
May you flee Capitalism
With Tim Curry in SPACE

Gender Badfeels 

US Pol (--) 

Work (-) 

Fictional Media Observation, Oblique Pol, (~-) 

Pretty sure we've reached the point in this age of the internet when anyone unironically using the term "SJW" can be summarily discounted as an utter shithead.

The existence of poutine and lomo saltado implies a wide range of gravy/sauce and french fry based cuisine.


Why couldn't the world be plagued with Rapid Onset Tiddy Syndrome instead?

Work, Health, Anxiety (~-) 

Work, Health, Anxiety (~-) 

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