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Hello there, Fediverse!

I'm Phorm. I'm a vixen, and a chemist, and most importantly: I'm a genie. I spend a little too much time puttering about the internet, and a non-zero amount of time being shamelessly horny on main (Though admittedly a lot of it can be crypto-horny).

As I sometimes discuss sensitive topics, I'm a bit wary about followers. If you'd like to follow me, please note:

1.) Please be over 18 (I lean NSFW)

2.) Please send me a DM first, particularly if we have a previous connection

3.) Please note that I am BEYOND genie obsessed and if you follow me you will be getting a face full of GENIE.

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Hello Mastodon. Hello Dragon.Style.

Some of you here know me, but most likely do not. I'm Phorm. I'm a rather mundane thing, work in chemistry, and spend too much time puttering about the internet. I'm not a dragon, but I think dragons are keen.

I fancy myself a genie. I am obsessed with genies. Like VERY obsessed with genies. I spend way too much time talking about genies. In fact, I'll likely be rambling about genie research in this space often.

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Unfortunately, Super Blood Werewolves in the Bay Area are canceled tonight on account of rain storms.

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So I keep hearing that apparently Mastodon is doomed?

Thank god. That's absolutely right. It's doomed! Everyone should look for other options, or just go back to Twitter. Mastodon is a useless and pointless exercise, and it was a platform destined for failure.


Are they gone?

Okay, good. Break out the porn and turn up the music.

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Is it kind of screwed up that I'm more excited to see what the live action Dumbo movie does with the Pink Elephants on Parade sequence, than I am for the entire live action Aladdin movie?

(Better gosh darn preserve the Harem/Belly dance portion, dangit)

2017: Things are going to get worse before they get better.

2018: Things are going to get worse.

2019: Things are worse.

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