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I love my new icon, but it was quite painful changing it from our wedding gift from @Drachorn , because honestly this is one of my favorite things ever. It's so beautiful!

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NSFW Scaley Art, Nutidy and Genitals 

My husband, @Metaph and I got this stunning and sexy commission from the very talented @Drachorn .

This is a kinky fantasy I had a long time ago, and it's so good to see it fleshed out in so much detail. She did this much better than I ever would have hoped for. Every time I got an update on the progress of this piece, I thought "Oh wow, it looks so awesome, it's gotta be mostly done by now." Every time I thought it was just about done she came back with more detail, and it got more and more perfect every time I saw it. This went above and beyond my expectations.

Drachorn is such a talented artist! I am so happy and grateful to have so much of her work on my profile. :dragnheart: Thank you so much, Drachorn! I love this piece so much!

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@Metaph and I have a super talented friend who made us this adorable gif, and she's totally open for comms! She also did my profile pic and banner/kobold ref sheet.


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Wifebold Lives! (Ref Sheet) 

Someone finally held me still enough to get a picture!

@Metaph and I have a very talented friend (who is open for commissions) who made me this reference sheet for wifebold. She/It is very pleased to meetcha!

You can find more of the artist's stuff and commission her on DeviantArt.

Here is her Caard too!

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Sonas as an expression of gender, pronouns, long post 

My sonas are important to me for different reasons, and a lot of the elements that went into their current makeup are a result of my changing identity and sense of self over the years. They are an expression of my struggles and joys and the ways I relate to the world and the ones I love. They are not exactly who I am, but they are representative of my life and history, and I value and love every aspect of them.

I am adding pronouns to my sonas as a way of furthering their relationship to how I experience my own gender. All of them are she, because I am she, but I am a much softer she than I tend to express, mostly because I don't really care how I am precieved by most of the world and sometimes even enjoy when people call me by the "wrong" pronouns. I have expressed this gender indifference before and even hinted at a kind of gender neutrality for my first sona, but I've never outright stated it before, and I'm ready to embrace that part of them and that part of me.

My older sona, a polar bear/phoenix, started in my youth as just an affinity for Phoenix that grew and affixed in my identity as a kind of inward expression of my emotions and the ways I react to and bounce back from struggles. The bear was added in high school, at first just for the sake of creating a sona to relate to furry friends, but the cool, even nature of the bear came to be a balancer for the phoenix, and the sliding scale between them came to be how I thought about myself and the mood cycles I go through. The bear and phoenix are distinct states of being while at the same time working together and balancing each other out. For that reason, I like having they/them for these two.

The kobold is new. Sometimes I throw her in with the other two, but she is not fully integrated into the first sona. I am more protective of Phoenix Borealis and like their individuality, and the kobold represents a new and different time of my life and more recent developments as a person. Kobold is also her own person and very much kobold. She has a lot in common with the parrot mentality I picked up from my cockatiels. She's spunky and lively and needy and actually more animal than my first sona. For that reason, I would like to adopt "it" as kibold's pronouns. I have always liked the word "it" in general because it can mean literally anything, and there's something about it as a pronoun that feeds into the animal/pet part of me that makes me feel validated in different ways from other gender neutral pronouns.

TL/DR: Poleybirb is they/them, Kobold is it, all are she. I am opening up the floor for any and all pronouns to be thrown at me, but I am still she. Don't worry about calling me by the "wrong" thing though, because you actually can't.

Poleybold loves you!

Re Drink (non alcoholic, but very colorful) in a water bottle 

20 minutes after refilling the bottle and 2 hours after refilling the bottle. This stuff is cool!

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Drink (non alcoholic, but very colorful) in a water bottle 

I made strawberry and pea flower infused water, and dear lord, it's the most beautiful drink I've ever seen!

we shouldn't be measuring in fluid ounces, nobody uses that. just measure in how many heatherhandfuls

Gift art (slight NSFW for female nudity, but no nippers or junk) for my birthday, subtoot not on Masto 

My best friend got me birthday art by an artist called Kreit ᚨᛟ. It's me and my 22-year-old cockatiel, Stormy. 💜

Shopping +, Pride/pronouns 

Got myself some new "coconut whip" flavored toothpaste, and it's really fresh. I got some coconut lime mouthwash to go with it and a new toothbrush head.

It's really nice having options that aren't just either mint flavored or kids' toothpaste. I used to really hate mint, and although I like it now in some things, toothpaste is just too strong a flavor, so I have been using kids' toothpastes mostly for a long time. This one isn't marketed to kids though, so yay, I get to feel like a grown-up and have clean teeth without mint!

The brand is hismile, and they're pretty affordable as far as toothpaste goes (and the mouthwash brand is Listerine botanicals). They had other tempting flavors like peach tea, mango sorbet and watermelon. Am definitely looking forward to trying more!

The store had a really nice Pride display, and I got myself a she/they button. I don't know what I'm going to put it on or when I'm going to wear it, but I'm glad to have it. It's like 1/2 step to the nametag I want at work. Lol They also had some pronoun and quote journals, rainbow ties and lanyards and suspenders, stickers and other fun things.

Today's gender is creative and the sound of whale calls.

Gift art (slight NSFW for female nudity, but no nippers or junk) for my birthday, subtoot not on Masto 

My best friend got me birthday art by an artist called Kreit ᚨᛟ. It's me and my 22-year-old cockatiel, Stormy. 💜


Kookee, Koo-kee!
Kookee, Koo-kee!

Toot-toot, tuh-toot toot-toot!
Toot-toot, tuh-toot toot-toot!

Common insecurities/anxiety talking 

I'm not like anybody else; just a weirdo, and not in the good/fun ways that most other people are.

I'm an imposter in every aspect of my life and being. I'm not real or good enough for any community I exist in.

I'm a bad person for struggling with simple things like cleaning, and it takes me too long to fulfill promises to do such things.

I'll never have a good job that I like and that I can be really proud of. The only way people want me to work with them is if I do it for free. I'll never get "my chance."

I'm too whiny and annoying, and everybody either is or will be tired of hearing about it.

Damn, my brain is mean. None of this is true, but that doesn't stop me from feeling like or worrying that it is when I just don't have the energy to fight it off.

The beautiful Amboseli with a background of Mt Kilimanjaro

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