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Worldbuilding documents: Universal Lack of Consequences, settings modifiers to make a place safe and fun for everyone. Vermillion Pokemecha Frontier, a setting I wouldn't mind living in long term. Cerulean Space, a silly fake spacefaring MMO in physical space all about having fun with toys.

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do you ever do the thing where an artist you like puts out a new album but like, you're busy on the day it comes out or something so you don't listen immediately

then years later you go "wait fuck i never heard the new album"

Oh no someone on tiktok is streaming their 3d printer just shitting the bed while they're asleep thinking they're printing something great

Interested in an active furry muck with anything-goes light IC RPing in a schizotech setting; a planetoid ship hurtling through space? Come check out Spindizzy! We have open plots on the regular and you can hang out as yourself!

I'm riding a motivation high from the end of GDQ last night. I didn't write my usual summary post but I always get a little thrill out of seeing the community I've been in for nigh on 10 years now and helped build is doing such big things.

I don't do much for GDQ now. I commentate a run every now and then, so I can't say "I built this" or anything, but my contributions are spattered through the hobby and that's enough for vee >:3

Yooo check this out!!

#art / #MastoArt / #wolf / #SVG / #Inkscape

[if you can't see one of the icons, that's normal; one is black and one is white. They're the same thing.]

open for a fat dragon 

"a picture is worth a thousand words" is actually false. digitized archival scans of culturally significant written works, which contain millions of words, are outliers and should not be counted Stepmania modded chart showcase is up next. You won't want to miss this - visually complex charts played on pad by SpootyBiscuit

it's extremely easy to not make fun of people who aren't hurting anyone. like if people just talk about things they like and aren't putting down anyone else you have to actively go out of your way to not leave them alone. and yet it's so normal here somehow

weird childhood memory that resurfaced out of nowhere: spending a weekend painstakingly reformatting a GameFAQs Shadow the Hedgehog walkthrough so I could print the entire thing off on our ailing inkjet without my dad yelling at me for wasting printer paper

the final result was in, like, 6pt font, four pages to a page, double-sided. I think I had more fun writing the Word macro to reflow the 80-character lines than i did actually playing the game

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