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Worldbuilding documents: Universal Lack of Consequences, settings modifiers to make a place safe and fun for everyone. Vermillion Pokemecha Frontier, a setting I wouldn't mind living in long term. Cerulean Space, a silly fake spacefaring MMO in physical space all about having fun with toys.

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Interested in an active furry muck with anything-goes light IC RPing in a schizotech setting; a planetoid ship hurtling through space? Come check out Spindizzy! We have open plots on the regular and you can hang out as yourself!

thinking about that one tumblr post about a youtube channel they wanted to make

it would be an educational channel about botany but in-character as someone from a future where humanity is at war with plants, so they went back in time to try to help us know our enemy better for when the time comes

i have this system in incorporeal that lets you package a corporea request (like "5 stone") as an item (like "corporea ticket: [5 stone]") so, i have this one thing that exists *to represent another thing*. and i need to figure out how to make them interact nicely in a not confusing way.

also because requests are *for* items and these tickets are just items, theres no reason you can't corporea ticket: [1 corporea ticket: [1 corporea ticket: [1 corporea ticket: [10 cake]]]] but im probably going to remove that.

mod design stuff;

so like Botania corporea is based off this idea of, you build a system, manually tell it where to move items, and it works

and Incorporeal is like, well that's cool, but what if you could build a system to automatically tell your system how to move items, and they work in tandem.

and the cygnus/rhododendrite stuff is another level of abstraction on top of that. and i just keep wanting to climb up the tower lmao

the greatest disappointment of my life was learning that "gba-enhanced" game boy games, that did cool extra shit when you played them in a gba, aren't actually using any of the enhanced processing power or whatever. they can't, in fact, it's completely unavailable to them. all they're doing is detecting the gba and turning on some content that would have worked on the game boy just fine, like you can romhack it into working flawlessly on a game boy

(using both a pullup and pulldown resistor on the same wire so i can detect when something is asserting 0, something is asserting 1, or when nothing is asserting anything at all) finally... FileNotFound

Still not 100% sure about the next few pages of the story (I know how it ends, just not how to get there), so in the meantime here's another Elseways citizen.
Marcia Waltz (part of the Waltz family of multi-headed canids) is a comedian and singer at the Diamond Heart Club in Polywood. She often appears on stage with Marco, but her solo stand-up act is one of the most popular shows they put on. She's a common guest on TV shows as well, where her quick wit and talent for improvisation shine.

fallen london: railway mid/lategame 

@Patashu PI Q4 2021 Prospectus: The Next Opportunity is One Metalevel of Reality Higher

today in pokégirl fashion: the best part about being a gardevoir is that you look equally good in boyish and girly outfits!

(art by

Twelve heads, twenty-four arms, twelve legs, twelve tails. Not exactly a full times-twelve across the board, but close enough, and you can imagine what a mess his insides must be. And this whole mass has a single mind controlling all of it, getting an order of magnitude more sensory information than normal, which took a lifetime to adjust to. But it's a sensation he wouldn't change for anything. Learning to handle the overload has been well worth it for a body that capable.

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