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By the way mastofriendiverse, I am on Telegram and if I am following you here I’d probably love to talk to you on Telegram (or just make dragon noises at you), PM me here if you want my Telegram info!

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Remember when you could just awoo and half the fediverse would awoo back

I thought that was the most charming thing

The other 2% of climate scientists disagree about whether dragons are good, exceptionally good, or very great

98% of climate scientists agree that dragons are good

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Started a new character in FFXIV a few days ago even though I have multiple old characters at the Heavensward level cap (doubtlessly no longer the level cap) because I can’t remember how the game works anymore and I’m still not actually sure if I want to keep going on the new character or get back to one of my old characters and maybe figure out how to change to Red Mage or Blue Mage and start from there since presumably those start from level one anyway

Programming professionally seems daunting because each opening has like 8 different languages and subsystems they want you to be proficient in and each one probably takes a phonebook-sized textbook to become proficient in and are constantly being updated and like I don’t understand how people keep up with this stuff one or two languages are hard enough KUDOS TO YOU PROGRAMMERS

Also shout-out to state historical societies that allow broad-based membership and access to historical databases and collections to ordinary people and not just credentialed academia or institutions

Americans used to identify with their state first and their country second and now it’s the other way around. That change didn’t happen around the civil war like one might think at first glance (it lasted much longer than that). I have a suspicion that the nationalism used to drum up support for US participation in World War 1 and World War 2 is actually what lead to the identity shift, and before COVID hit I was planning to explore that in the Missouri Historical Society’s Library and Research Center, but alas...

You’ve heard of Gay Rights but let me take you to a new place.

In 500 feet make a Gay Left

My hobby: trying and failing to correctly guess how locals pronounce clearly foreign-derived place names in rural America. You can bet the pronunciation of Bois d’Arc, MO is NOT the same as the French pronunciation, but can you guess the correct corruption of the French? It’s BO-dark, say the rural tow drivers I have already pissed off halfway through my first sentence.

New Madrid? New MAD-rid

Versailles, MO? Same as the French, actually, don’t be so rude

Lacléde? Luh-KLEED.

My favorite is not rural at all, L’enfant Plaza in DC, near where I lived for 12 years, and I still don’t know how locals pronounce it, just that I get confused stares every time I pronounce it in French

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you either die a humanities major or live long enough to become a bartender

Image found on Isomorphismes on tumblr, I’ve also seen it on reddit and youtube so idk real source but population of US in units of population of Canada

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Dave Made a Maze is hilarious and a lot better done than I was expecting

Box turtle found a box and loves it a little too much this is the first time he has emerged in about 24 hours

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I was informed it was the month of dragons.
No new dragon art from me ...yet.
I did paint over Avalice's illustration though and revamped his colours!

Hopefully I'll get a piece or two done this month!

#dragon #MastoArt

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