Why do people say Brave browser is privacy focused. The whole point of the thing is to show you ads BASED ON YOUR BROWSING. They track you. It's not private at all.

"By August 2016, the company had received at least US$7 million in angel investments from venture capital firms, including Peter Thiel's Founders Fund, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, Foundation Capital, and the Digital Currency Group.[28]"

Brave has an in built Crypto currency.

@Maverynthia Is there a good privacy focused browser out there? Legitimately asking I currently use Brave but wouldn't mind switching haha


I don't think so, honestly. But Brave is owned by corporate interests.

@Maverynthia Dang. I use a lot of DNS blocking for tracking and ads, but man it sucks knowing there aren't many options to avoid it entirely


Every time a new one pops up that is all privacy focused, it's soon bought up by Evil Corp. and compromises it's integrity. Same thing happened with the AdBlock extension which is why people switched to adBLock Origin.

@Maverynthia Yeah its very unfortunate :( Firefox was kind of the last bastion but even that is a bit iffy now. Not to mention anything not chrome based has compatibility issues sometimes

@Maverynthia @kizaing

Despite the strange decisions by Mozilla from time to time, I still believe that Firefox would be the best bet regarding security.


That’s the one that blocks ads and substitutes it’s own, unless you want to pay the site owner in its crypto, right? Which it will happily take and hold without much effort to inform the person it’s supposedly taking payments for.

My understanding is that Brave is supposed to keep the browsing information locally and use that information to request ads.

This sounds like cope at best considering requesting ads still allows them to build a profile on you. Maybe that's an improvement 🤷​ ?


It's back by vulture capitalists so they'll want some form of data to be able to make a profit.

@gabriel @Maverynthia I use it. I think ads are all cached locally and only shows what interests you. I think.

it's supposed to be more private than regular ads or something.

@Maverynthia People are so used to saying one thing but the exact opposite happening, it doesn't even register anymore.

@Maverynthia Not that it's not problematic in ways still, but to be fair, that's all both optional and opt-in.

@Maverynthia it’s worth noting that the feature is disabled by default.

@Maverynthia the ads they show you are mostly just scams, in a way they are worse than regular ads


"we value your privacy" = "we make money off of your usage data"

"we are privacy focused" = "we don't allow others to make money off of your usage data"

@Maverynthia I'm not a user, but can't you turn that off? At least Wikipedia says so.

@Maverynthia Besides, everyone knows the *real* privacy browser is Tor. Nothing's more private than that.

@Maverynthia my take on it is that it is a more transparent way of seeing ads, and browsing. They are still ad based, but block trackers, have you opt into specialized ads, pay you for your time and help you pay advertisers via autotipping (BAT). I use brave, Firefox was bulky and gave me print problems. I wouldn't be opposed to switching if there was a sophisticated option that had device sync and the like. It's FLOSS, so I'm happy for anyone making that step.


They block OTHER trackers. You are still being tracked by Brave. It's like if Facebook had a browser. They'd tailor it so only Facebook got the money. They are still backed by vulture capitalists who only see you as a product.

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