Babe, don't forget to put the biblically accurate angel atop the tree

Twitch, capitalism, ads during charity streams 

Twitch makes money from charity streams via subs, ads, and bits.
This is UV to bring it to people's attention.

Also the main character of 16 looks like the guy from FF Paradise whatever and the one they put on the 14 box and bit like Noctis in 15 after he molded. SE has lost it's imagination.

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twitch, transphobia, ableism 

Twitch have added a bunch of new charities to their list, and two of them are the LGB alliance - a transphobic hate group - and Autism Speaks - an ableist hate group.

This can't be allowed to stand. Please use the link below if you have a twitch account to vote for this issue:

Final Fantasy XVI, you're still a dude, only not a pretty one this time!

I wonder how many Steam Decks were given to bots, scalpers and resellers

And the continuing tradition of "You can play a girl in the sequel, men first ya know"

Ah a Kojima game with a woman and of course she's holding a male baby.

Ugh the drive my bots use is down. It's been making noise since I got it and it looks like it might die soon.

Ugh the new story for the new PSO2 region is "Man pain" complete with a dude with a mask and another sex doll. SEGA is just not good at stories are they? Always have to cater to the otaku crowd who only see women as objects.

The rich people in this show acting SOOOooo POOOoor when they already have more than most.

This show really loves to make Catholicism ridiculous and it's great.

Hey, MN people, the Minnesota Police licensing board is about to vote on a rule that states that law enforcement officers cannot be members of white supremacist or hate organizations. The MN Police Federation is opposed to this and pushing to get it dropped. Please sign this petition supporting this rule. If you can, get your organization to sign on to this letter. Please spread the word! #MNastodon

Watching a TV show and the Catholic Church in it is all scared and wants a person gone cuz she predicts the end of the Catholic Church.
What if God was the Devil and Christianity was the biggest con he ever pulled.

the big problem with the idea of a Tesla phone is that Samsung already made a phone that would burst into flames at random, it's been done

Some of the sketches drawn for the cutscenes of Phantasy Star 1 and shown during the TGS 2003.

I wonder if Linux users would be able to make the computer accessible if they built it for another person.

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