Watching someone play MH3U and like... they are in the desert and.. I recognize that level design... it's in Rise. Rise uses so much asset flipping.
Not that it's a bad thing, but when I can see where the assets are flipped wholesale from, it's just lazy. And they want $600 for the complete game (Yes DLC makes up a complete game)

Are the Masons the oldest boys club that's still around?

Monster Hunter music from 1-3/Tri was better than World on

@ifixcoinops youtube is a fascist propaganda site first and foremost tbh. It doesn't NEED to be, but that's what google lets it be

@SlaytheSystem I've been writing about this:

"When the HIV rate among cisgender, hetero women started skyrocketing, many people were truly baffled. Not because scientists didn't know this was possible and highly likely, but because homophobic framing had wrecked our ability to communicate about risk with people."

And we've learned absolutely nothing since it seems.

zombie movies always have the zombies reaching through a crack in the door or the window or something & all the survivors just panic & can't push them back. Do none of them own cats?? Where's the survivor with 3 cats at home casually smacking 10 zombie arms back from the doorway & snapping it shut?

So here's hoping the Denuvo DLC DRM gets cracked so it can be pirated to all hell and back like World was (it didn't have DRM so you could just.. say you had it without buying it)

And fuck all you whiny capitalist shit stains that will say it's some how "THEFT" to "steal" an online check that flips a single bit from 0 to 1 that is already ON YOUR COMPUTER.

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I do hate that MonHUn WOrld and Rise started the DLCfest bullshit. You shouldn't have to pay to edit your character that is stored ON YOUR COMPUTER. Also the people screeching that "It's only cosmetics!!" It's like $500 of cosmetics.. like any kind of cosmetic they COULD HAVE put into the game they didn't just to charge you for it.

I remember when the cosmetics were IN THE GAME YOU PAID MONEY FOR!

Honestly playing MonHun Rise I'm more enjoying doing all the extra stuff like take pictures of wildlife and discovering camps than hunting the monsters.

Could you imagine the creative and innovative explosion there would be if everyone's needs were met? It is a damn fucking shame we're being robbed of that by the greedy.

Horrifying account of what looks like scientific misconduct (possibly fraud). The whole theory of how Alzheimer's works and the lines of research to cure it may be grounded on false evidence for the last 15 years or so.

This was predictable. Facebook/Meta is now encrypting the QP data so that Firefox and other privacy conscious browsers that strip the tracking data can't. Only way to avoid it is to not use Facebook at all. #DeleteFacebook #SurveillanceCapitalism…

academia's concept of merit, and especially the way it frowns upon those who it deems meritless, is deeply nauseating, and i don't think we call it out nearly enough

StarTrek SNW Spoiler 

I also hate that once again they kill off the only disabled character. I get that he has to be out of the way for Scotty, but having him kill himself is.... :| Could have had him be under constant cold to keep the eggs at bay and that the Enterprise didn't have an equipped sickbay to do the research on it so he has to go elsewhere.... Where he could show up later.

I mean without the discoball eyes they are just generic lizardmen... and we already have the Saurian...

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Watching Star Trek Strange New WOrlds and they redesigned the Gorn. While I like most of the design, they made them OP with ...egg spit? and they took away the discoball eyes. :|

If I made a game and a bunch of people used it's category on Twitch for something else... I'd be both angry and sad. Angry because it's for MY game and these fucks are using it for some shitty time wasting thing. Angry because Twitch won't do anything about it and sad that nobody is actually playing the game of the category they are stealing.

Stay away from "RPG Developer Bakin" on Steam. The company released Smile Game Builder and then barely supported it and had $300 worth of DLC for it so this is just going to be another disappointment.

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