I don't want to get ready for work, I just want to be a dragon

@NoodleTime His name’s properly spelled Llewellyn, and I’m sure he says it often!

black friday capitalism 

all the vrchat base discounts i've collected so far:

lorcantheavali.gumroad.com/ — everything free with "blackfriday" code
rezilloryker.gumroad.com/ — 40% off with "Thanksgiving" code
xtosca.gumroad.com/ — 25% off with "BlackFriday" code
cleanerwolf.gumroad.com/l/clea — 5€ discount, no code needed
meelo3d.gumroad.com/ — 20% off with "NOV" code

Birdsite News, massive data breach, CW 

Fair warning for all those with a bird site account, there have been multiple security breaches that have taken emails and phone numbers that are tied to the name of your account.

This is all VERY recent, and while no passwords have been leaked, this does mean that someone can pay a hacker to confirm if your professional email is linked to LGBTQ+/NSFW/Furry Twitter accounts.

We interrupt this timeline to bring you the following message:

Some news came out about Hive recently, long story short, the lead developers are not great. ((CW: Ablism, Slurs. Birdsite)) 

fediblock meta 

It's important to not give instances dedicated to and actively encourage hate and other negative behaviour (i.e. Nazis) attention or exposure, and that's where blocks are most effective.

However, on the contrary, when there's only a difference in opinion, philosophy or moderation style, it's important to examine the previous points, and that you don't always have to agree with everyone. 'Bad' people can also be found everywhere and are inevitable, even in the safest spaces.

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fediblock meta 

I've seen defederation decisions being taken recently, and there are a bunch of things I've noticed and lessons learned.

It's important to keep in mind that:

1. Admins and moderators can make mistakes, and some things can slip by, especially on larger instances. It does not mean that this is how they want to run their instance. They may also take decisions that they then review and eventually reverse. Sometimes things also end up being resolved diplomatically between people.

We now have a healthy ecosystem of furry fediverse relays, with relay.asonix.dog and relay.tiggi.es both being open to join requests alongside relay.awoo.today

Reach out to @asonix and @LeoBurr if you'd like to join these, respectively!

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By unbanning Trump (amongst many others) Elon Musk is purposefully making Twitter (and by extension the world) an unsafe place for marginalized people all over the world.

We should not simply flee from Twitter, but actively work together to break its power.

Consider your stay on Mastodon a political statement, because that's what it really is. And consider not just focussing on your own comfort, away from the ruckus of hateful tweeters, but also contributing on building a lasting infrastructure were all people can be safe. And you don't need to be technical to do that. Promote using the Fediverse as a political and philosophical necessity.

It should be clear to you by now that media (be it social or otherwise) in corporate hands can never be truly safe. Maybe safe enough for you, but not safe for everyone.

We need decentralized, community owned, non-profit media, with a likewise technical infrastructure.

For safety.
For equality.
For democracy.
For freedom.

For our future.
#birdsite #ElonMusk #meta #Politics #democracy #Fediverse #Fascism

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Imagine a piece of tissue paper.

Coat it with cyanotype chemicals.

Fold it into an origami crane.

Let it be a crane for a while, in any place with a bit of light. Ignore it, play with it, whatever.

After a while, unfold it. Develop.

You'll get an image.

The image is the memory of it's experience as an origami crane.

Repeat. Every crane's experience - and hence every image - will be unique.

Here's 4 out of the >750 I've made so far.

#blueprint #origami #orizuru #metamorphogram #memory

I throw a wireless speaker playing 100gecs into the auditorium of a highly conservative church and watch as everyone sitting in the pews turns to a fine dust

I just love this simple comic
Unsure of artist c-rber.us doesn't bring anything up

A list of some Mastodon servers for alterhumans (otherkin, therians, plurals, furries, etc); cw: some have suggestive/adult content 

@frameacloud Since a lot of the smaller/niche instances are closing/becoming invite at the moment, I'll also open weyr.social by approval for any dragon or otherkin in need.

A list of some Mastodon servers for alterhumans (otherkin, therians, plurals, furries, etc); cw: some have suggestive/adult content 

For dragons:
* dragonchat.org: open to new accounts.
* dragonscave.space: open to new accounts, by approval.
* dragon.style: closed.

For furries:
* awoo.space: invite only.
* beach.city: open to new accounts, by approval.
* chitter.xyz: by approval.
* meemu.org: invite only.
* meow.social: temporarily closed.
* tech.lgbt: invite only.
* vulpine.club: invite only.
* yiff.life: invite only.

For specific furry fetishes, adult content warning for these in particular:
* blimps.xyz: by approval.
* gulp.cafe: by approval.
* wobbl.xyz: by approval.

For otherkin & plural systems:
* derg.land: invite only.

For ponies, bronies, & pegasisters:
* equestria.social: by approval.

For plural systems:
* derg.land: invite only.
* plural.cafe: by approval.

For therian furries:
* critter.zone: by approval.

CW: Tech Support Woes 

I really do not like know-it-alls calling in that think they know how a system works when in reality they really don't

Seeing some posts talking about fediblocking turning Mastodon into a "filter bubble." No. We absolutely do not need abusive or fascist views to have a high level of intellectual diversity. Full stop. That hate can fester somewhere else.

After 20 years of social media, the experiment has been run. Hateful people are unconvinced by rational argument, so there's no point engaging with them.

This is a rotten, disingenuous, meritless argument, from A to Z.

Fascism is to be defeated, not debated.

#fediverse does anyone know of an instance or few i could direct a furry artist friend of mine toward?

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