Kinky Idea (physical and mental changes) 

Off a DA two-part picture set about what happens when the horny harem hypno wears off:

Physical TF that starts out with mind control that perfectly adapts your mindset to the new form, and then it wears off and you are going "huh. Huuuuuh."

And you have to decide how much of that mindset to keep for yourself since you're still in the same body.

Like how you can get tossed in a pool and find that you like to swim, but you don't necessarily want to stay in the pool all the time. Mental TF that shows you what you can be but not what you have to be.

Normally I'm not into mental TF on the level of a personality rewrite; compulsions are fun, feeling different sensations and loving them is awesome, but getting a whole new personality robs me of the character-related fun of dealing with the changes. But this feels like a version I could handle. This make sense to anyone?

@Phorm Also I saw the Baron drawing of Teff and it's lovely! And very generous of you to make that donation. πŸ™‚

Hey I don't get too real around here, but I'm in the middle of some unstable, stressful circumstances, so I just want to say that I value my friends out there and I hope you're doing okay tonight.

Naturally the gorgons give out rock candy, which was funny the first time

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Do genies just leave a bowl of candy outside the bottle with a sign that says TAKE ONE

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Saying "I'll take the trick" to every grown-up trick-or-treater in a witch, gorgon or genie costume

Does a busty genie refer to their set as "big super-naturals?"

I think in the past year I have complimented more people on what their fursonas are wearing in a commission than I've complimented what people are wearing in meatspace

Genie Stuff (little NSFW) 

They do comms! They live in Russia though, so they can't use PayPal.

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🎡 Woah, we're halfway there
Woah, inking on the sketch layer 🎡

Horny Statue TF 

"Wow, this mineral bath feels great! I could stay here forever."

Wonderful gold statue TF by @anthracite! I figured I'd relax, sexily, as a golden statue for a bit. Or even longer. 😁

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