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FOOD, rambling about togetherness Show more

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Dragon-self pronouns; CW for compactness Show more

I'm so passionately angry that they made these meathead care SO MUCH about a useless robot. I wanted this story to be a throwaway--but they're human enough to care about their disposable drones, so now i have to pay attention!!

Oh my god
I'm playing Gears of War 5 with some friends, right? One scene, condensed:
"We need to get out of here!"
"But Dave (a flying roomba with a taser) is still out there!"
"Who cares, Dave's a robot!"
"That's not his fault!!!!"

jesus christ. actually some of the most enjoyable, believable characterization. And I hate that these idiots I don't care about are like, real people who care about stupid shit in a believable way.

You know what's wild? Plain popcorn is a vegetable

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Really wanted to cook some chicken breasts to have lunchmeat but the chicken is frozen so I guess I'll make...potatoes and an egg or two to munch right now. And more coffee. I know it's 7pm, who cares

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