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And then the Dwarf who I had given a swig of Enlarge Person crits something for 50some damage. Ha. The shit rules for ranged attacks messing with my bombs and crossbow shots pay off finally.

Today in Pathfinder, I remembered my character has Throw Anything, so I've picked up every crowbar we've found and just throw them at people since I'm out of bombs.

Good lord I nearly sneezed while holding my full coffee mug. That would've been disastrous.

ugh i still have to fix my insurance and bank and car registration and title and uuuuuuuuuuuugh

I gotta say, all my general anxiety about this move aside, there's TWO really affectionate kitties here, and so it's not really THAT bad, cause at any time, anywhere in the house I get meowed at and a cat starts rubbin' on me, and that's pretty ok.

There's lightning bugs out in Ohio.


never seen them before.

neat, amazon prime just got me a free copy of Cultist SImulator.

Woohoo, bought a small folding table to use as a desk. Just enough space for the basic computer parts. If i can wall-mount this speaker bar, I'll have good surface for my tablet too.

God damnit I need to go places but don't have a house key.

I am in Ohio now and I guess that happened. I don't wanna drive that far again ever.

oh boy driving this far is kinda stressful

ugh i just want to leave but everything's in the way.

[squirms into sleeping bag and listens to We All Lift Together on loop]

anyone with experience know how well apartment complexes handle you going "actually I need a 2 bedroom not a 3"

[sobs exhaustedly into hands] AUGH

how 2 fly

1) lift left foot
3) don't fall for gravity's lies