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Miss Dragon @Edelwood@dragon.style

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I also kinda want to give the dragon-self some horns (as always. Lack of horns feels un dragon-y). But I think they'd just make everything too busy. There's already a lot of garbage attached to my head!!

I got MANY THING done today, I feel good

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Did not get enough done today. I got a good start and just. zoned. out. ugh

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art idea before I forget: dragon tantrum stopped by small headpats

got me a bag of licorice all sorts hell yeah brother

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Having to dial stabilization back up because my hands seem to have lost all memory of tablet use ugh

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I didn't get shots of me riding off on the chocobo with this itty bitty cat paladin on the back...Oof

Also welcome back dragons, dragon appreciators, dragoons who made a typo and everyone else!

Video game wedding, cause it happened. (i'm the tall one.)

The mount you get is great. I ride it sidesaddle and look dainty (for a given seven foot tall value of dainty).

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Anybody wanna come to a wedding in FFXIV tomorrow, on the Excalibur server, Saturday the 19th at 3pm PST?

youths!.png but context appropriate for my morning

on second thought maybe the tablet hasn't ever gotten a full charge either, I sorta would just plug it in and leave it...