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Dragon-self pronouns; CW for compactness 

secret technique: perfect sourdough bread and give your landlord loaves of it to build positive rapport. may only work if your landlord is your roommate's mom

"With the power of Friendship, Love, and this gun I found, I banish you evildoer!" --the worst magical girl ever

Man I can never come up with fun things to draw that won't take a million years to get my brain on.

Adding two cups of flour to the water instead of three (mistake! Oops) in this recipe seems to be working ok, but the bread smells WAY fermented in comparison. The dough smells straight up like a can of beer, haha. I hope it comes out alright.

I really gotta stop being lazy and hack up these chickens.

Realistically the women in my family are like 6 feet tall save my mom so I think the 'girl now, clothes too big' trope wouldn't work out

Being someone's big sister sounds like fun. Unfortunately, I am a goblin.

shortstack in hotpants 

Eventually I'm going to have to buy ghost peppers and just make my own.

Ah good...I found a hot sauce with some ZING finally. It's some ghost pepper wing sauce but it's a start. Maybe if I mix enough into curry...

This manga about this guy and his top-heavy boss falling for one another clumsily is cute, but I really like it 'cause the artist puts drawings of the boss in great outfits at the end of most chapters and it's great inspiration

All I really want is a nice, biohazard-spec curry

I'm not even SAD I'm just tired and uninterested which is worse cause you can't cheer up bored

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