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Oppai Dragon @Edelwood@dragon.style

DATE IDEA: You and your date bring ingredients and your favorite loaf of bread and meet up and make sandwiches. And then you eat the sandwiches and talk. and maybe give extra sandwiches to people.

Wild how eating a bagel is acceptable but if you ate like, seven pieces of toast you'd look weird. Look how thick a bagel is!

Slightly more universal rambling: Yall ever eat something and then you're like "damn, I could eat that again"? but you ate it all and cooking a meal twice is a serious fatass move so you gotta sit there hungry.

I wish Tribes had come out like, 10 years later than it did. Tribes 2 would be a big thing now, and not a shitty microtransaction farm run by HiRez.
Oh well. Bad timeline and all.

I think Warframe's sound design is actually its most impressive merit. Don't get me wrong, the visuals are incredible, the core gameplay loop is largely coherent and consistent--but everything /sounds amazing/.
Video's a little loud, be aware.


A peek..not happy with it..gotta grab more references

I'm not ashamed of the stuff I draw (I mean beyond general "oh god that's so old it looks horrible to me now put it away skreeeee i'm melting" artist stuff)

My hesitation about work posting is always worrying about stepping over someone else's boundaries, 'cause mine are all but completely obliterated and I don't know what they look like anymore.

Violated my "don't shitpost on mastodon" guideline a bit, but in my defense, I am stupid.

memery shitpost Show more

[slithers back into the sewer grate] Until next time!

VORE NSFW; unrealistically huge cartoon dragon bits Show more

NSFW; unrealistically huge cartoon dragon bits Show more

I've got some fat dragon to post but I'm at the laundromat aaaaa.

today ended up being laundry day kinda by accident I guess.

Coffee! Dragon fuel. It gives dragons the strength to lay on a pile of stuff and look ravishing.

Thanksgiving? You mean...Savory Halloween?

for the first time in a long while my stress is all stuff that's entirely in my control and that... doesn't feel great still but it's better than drifting in the wind

Hey, I have open slots again~

I can do emoji sets of your OC, emojified version of yourself as a display pic, emoji for your Mastodon instance, Twitch partner emotes and more~

You can find details and rates at noct.zone/commissions

I vastly overestimated my maximum taco capacity

@Edelwood wondering if I don't have some kind of deficiency because I want to eat nothing but salt and sour things, double so if they're crunchy.