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Dragon-self pronouns; CW for compactness 

NSFW; herein is a dragon with just an illogical amount of butt 

it was absolutely a chicken finger from a chain place and thus rated to endure 75F for 4 days before becoming inedible--purely because by that point it would have become too dry to bite into

I am above very little and I will absolutely eat the second half of a dish you don't want. Tooth marks and all. Just gimme a napkin to wipe it off.

I say this because I've seen the guy take an apple, take one bite, get distracted, then throw the only-bit-once apple out because the flesh was turning brown, like it'd gone bad

Dark food confession: My roommate threw a whole chicken finger in the trash can. It wasn't touching anything actually foul in there, just sitting on top of an empty chip bag. I took it and ate it.

I'm like 95% sure he threw it out because it was sitting on the counter for a few hours, or at worst, hit the floor for two seconds.

NSFW; herein is a dragon with just an illogical amount of butt 

NSFW; slimegirl nudity 

I should draw our administrator-dragon with a big butt

NSFW; nudity, dong growth 

None of that here. No grocery shopping at 3am. No corner store that doesn't card you after 11 across the street from a strip club. Ain't a burger joint worth a fuck open past 9. It's quiet and the people are polite though, but...

eh. they got their things to 'em. If we can just make leaving California by car illegal then Nevada would be perfect.

If you're from California, learned to drive there, and reading this, I'm sorry, you cannot fucking drive. Please get off the road, everyone hates you.

I had some CA plate asshole come at me the wrong way down a one way street and give ME the finger when I honked at his stupid ass. CA licenses should be invalid outside of the state.

actually miss that bit of my life back in Reno.

The Boys were a couple dudes I knew locally, and we'd all be up at 3am and I would ask 'em if they wanted to hit up a diner around then, pick them up in my car and we'd all just pile in and go to a greasy spoon in the dead of night.

There's some parts of being rural as I am right now that I like, but I really miss the always-available city bits of Reno, at least.

me 'n da boys rolling up to the burger king drive thru at 11pm to order 15 dollar menu cheeseburgers and two large root beers


I did not sauce heavy enough, but is tasty. it may not survive to a second meal tomorrow

I got out of bed at 1pm and made coffee and pulled pizza dough out of the fridge to come up to room temp, so I think I'm ahead of the curve for doing tasks today

FAT BOY FALL in full effect. I'm liking this look of "basically a grumpy living stuffed animal" for Reno

"I don't need to impress people, I just need to make something ... that I like and my family likes"

Good shit to keep in mind if you're cooking off youtube recipes. A Lot of those fuckers have food prep teams and stylists on hand. Their mise en place is outsourced and their plating is professional.

Don't compare yourself on those bits. Take a little longer, look a little messier, and cook something everyone loves anyway.

Camel By Camel by Sandy Marton actually slaps like fuck

The vocals aren't so great IMO. The BEAT is 11/10.

It's from that one Ankha animation you may have seen.

It's a baller song though.
I want to say it's unfortunate it's getting ears on it due to a pornographic video, but--if i made a song and then 30 years later someone walked up and went "Hey people are having sex to your music" I would think "Damn, I make people horny, I'm powerful as hell" so I don't know. You'd have to ask Sandy Marton himself if that's a bad thing or not.

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