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Dragon-self pronouns; CW for compactness 

I'm going to go mindlessly grind in PSO2 or something before I start being mean

I'm not real good at what I do but honestly why would you ever want to be, it's almost worth the pay cut to not deal with people bitching at your price points

like, don't buy it then? it's furry porn not potatoes and vitamin C

I can't believe a bespoke piece of luxury I bought from someone with ten or more years practicing the form of craft I desired wanted to be paid more than ten dollars an hour for ten years of experience, this is absurd!

me: yeah bet [writing your name down so i remember to charge you extra]

if you ever want a cheat code to make me not want to deal with you, just complain that art costs money straight to my face

Magic Item idea:

a ring that you activate and hold concentration on.

if you lose concentration without first taking action to end the spell effect it blasts you and your immediate surroundings with some stupid volume of damage, killing you instantly and possibly whoever was dumb enough to make you let go of the ring, the aptly named Dead Man's Switch

also i'm real jealous of kenji's knife drawer situation.

...and he cooks barefoot. like me! yay



I made this, but with chicken instead of the tofu. Also, I added kimchi brine to the sauce meant to coat it. I think it might actually be the best thing I've ever done to chicken and tomorrow I'm repeating it with proper flour breading instead of just corn starch. Sweet, spicy, fermentation-sour and crunchy. It's astoundingly good.

It's also probably already a proper Korean dish but I have no idea. I need to get my mitts on some ginger.

NSFW; huge dobonhonogogaloos & grass fed mega sausage 

today in lines that got no business being in my dreams:

"you deserve all the disrespect you get, because your friendship was fleeting, and pity is suspicious"

gonna make some oatmeal peanut butter cookies. oh yeah

cheerios and the various store brand stand-ins are a really good cereal

"now witness the firepower of this fully operational battlestation" I shout, forty minutes after eating two pints of chili. your blood runs cold. the doors are locked.

FUN FACTS about your local Edelwood Monster!

my dreads are getting near the length of my arms!

lewd meme-ish 

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