meatloaf but I spiced it up all kinda tex mex so it's tangy and spicy and J U I C Y

And I just made bread, so the meatloaf sandwiches I make tomorrow are gonna blow my stitches out

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I believe we can get rid of AI art by simply tagging everything we draw with absolute twaddle for the next six months. just tag everything "ogdsjghgoiuh48t09nds" and only properly tag hands you've drawn wrong on purpose.

AI losers inherently have no desire to put in effort--hence paying someone to make a computer mass-plagiarize actual work instead of learning to draw--so if they gotta skim garbage inputs manually they'll give up and find a new trend to dickride.

NSFW; minimal-clothed hyper-endowed stuffed dragon 

Reno has a knack for finding shirts that exist because of high school screen printing classes in thrift shops and then wearing them until they fall apart. I'll be making one with HUGE norks for Substar shortly. Tomorrow prob'ly.

visually confusing text, eye contact 

questions nobody actually has ever asked

NSFW; plushie dragon nudity, pubic hair, bare nipples 

Local stuffed idiot ends up in the woods with hot coffee and too tired to care, news at 11

(CSP has a 360 panorama background feature I was screwing with briefly, which is why there is no effort to ink or color in earnest)

I hate the introvert/extrovert thing; I'm an introvert by all measures. I burn out on people HARD. But I still want the community experience I just don't know how to swooce in naturally.

But if you line me up for a social encounter I'll really jump up and interact! And overact! And then keep going and ruin it!! Because I don't get the concept of stop and start!

Which isn't at all what I ever hear described as an introvert. I get drawn in and blow every bit of energy I've got (probably ruining everyone else's vibe) and have to curl up and recover later.

introvert but also a firework. hate it! It sucks! I want a new brain!

WTT: cringe fail brain for brain that works PST!!

NSFW; hyper-sized, accessorized, groin bulge 

Old doodle. Reno the cumbersomely endowed ship mechanic making use of the extra...surface area we'll say, to strap on tools for the job.

Saw a post joking about a theoretical long conversation chain about the best non-milk thing to lactate and passed it over the thinktank* and I've come up with the best answer that makes everyone happy and unhappy at once:
Gnocchi. The best non-milk thing to lactate is raw gnocchi.

*the thinktank is just me, talking to myself in the shower or when listening to loud music and I don't think anyone can hear me

NSFW; big monster, multiple breasts and genitals 

old old art...The kinds of things I find in my archive... I should rejuvenate this for Halloween

Idea for a new kind of vtuber:


vtubers who use voice synthesizers/vocoders to sound like vocaloids, but all they do is livestream hitting bongs and rating different kinds of weed. in copius amounts. like a mukbang for bong rips

NSFW; large breasts and lipples/lip nipples 

Lipples are fun but for halloween I think they're enhanced by hints of sharp teeth inside, really bump up that monster anatomy factor.

Life hack! If you're a cheapskate like me and also walk around barefoot and need to forcibly exfoliate your feet:

A wad of tinfoil'll get the job done and is way cheaper than some hoity toity hunk of shaped pumice!

NSFW; giant breasts, balls, wing-wong. stuffed/plushie dragon monster 

Halloween vibes

NSFW; exposed boob and shadow of dingdong 

You seen this meme goin around?

Chelle did.

So did They.

This is an issue for me because I am weirdly better at just being mean and telling people to fuck off in person than I am online, the reverse of most folks I think.

If I met any of you tops in person I'd just call you a mean name and cut you in line at the store.

I don't know if this is just a furry problem, but after ~15 years around furries I've learned "top" and "dom" just mean "self centered brat who only cares about what they want and won't listen if you don't hit them in the mouth"

Every furry I've met who's a self-described top or dom are universally the most insufferably inconsiderate people

I reposted an old art and it got really popular on birdsite and now I'm scared of my notifications

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