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Dragon-self pronouns; CW for compactness 

also I should add a large chef's knife is assumed. That's everyone's base kit, because you can do a lot with a knife so everyone gets to have one specific knife of their choice.


Cooking show:

A bunch of professional chefs competing together. They get told:

"You're making a dish with chicken as the central ingredient" (for example). But not what the dish is!

Then, they can pick two pots or pans (or any cooking vessel they can specify that goes on the stove or in the oven), and three hand utensils. No electric mixers but say, a hand crank egg beater is fine.

THEN they're told what they have to cook.

Be neat to see what a pro can do with the wrong tools when pursuing a specific goal.

NSFW; nudity, dragon butt, hypersexual silliness 

NSFW, hyper, sketch; massive dragon wedding tackle 

This song here is OPPRESSIVELY funky:

And I can't play hunting horn without it. weird.

Realized this shot hides the dreads. Oops. That hair's an armor piece actually. This is the actual hair growing off her head.

Oh yeah. This is The Look. (When did they add dreads? I don't remember that. Oh well!)

...cause it's got milk AND eggs and goes amazingly with meat

my roommate's decided to be vegan which isn't really a problem except now if i make cornbread it feels like gloating

skimpy clothes, female monster hunter thing 

*does the 'cooking corn bread' dragon dance. it mostly involves wiggling in anticipation in front of the oven.*

me, walking into the gas station: *waves to gal working register*
her: "hey you want a free pizza?"
me: You just said like four magic words at once, yes I do!

Mechanically being poisoned by Willoughsby inflicts Fatigue, Daze, and some modest damage. Fatigue sucks. Daze means you can't do anything. Like, at all. You can't move or react. You just sort of stand there--no penalty to defenses but you don't get to have a say anymore. It lasts for two rounds and just gets worse as the poison keeps being applied. (If you were wondering about the crunch implications)

Today in pathfinder a bloodsucking monster from beyond the stars lashed out and bit my alchemist.

It immediately succumbed to his innate poison and was rendered unable to act.

Do not bite Jefferson Thurgood Bakerson Shelby-Marie Cooper Willoughsby. He tastes like paralysis and sociopathy.

Also the full look in armor. (That's not my hair, that's the helmet, but I like the wild mane so the helmet stays un-hidden).

So far there are maybe two damage statuses I can't straight up ignore and those are the SUPER POISON and the TOXIC DEATH AIR specific to one zone, everything else I just laugh off and keep fighting like a troll you forgot to bring a torch to deal with

I'm having a blast running a healing-focused horn in Monster Hunter. I feel like the T-1000. Monsters slam me for 70% of my HP and if I have my songs up, I end up just recovering all the damage before I stand up.

And then I hit them in the face so hard they get brain damage and forget how to walk.

[pouts with a towel wrapped around head]

this is the worst part of dreads.

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