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Gem-Green Pillow Dragon

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Dragon-self pronouns; CW for compactness Show more

I got shit done today so I get to doodle naked dragons. Show more

nsfw incomplete junk; huge bits and things Show more

[munches oatmeal and muses about feeling stagnant as an artist]

God the telegram phone app sucks so bad. I uninstalled it and now my phone gets almost four days of life compared to maybe two. not that I use it a lot but that's the point. I don't use it, and nothing made it hoover up less battery.

mega-sized NSFW cartoon dragon things Show more

NSFW art; macro, Huge Cartoony Bits Show more

thoughts Show more

I need to draw but also, I have these blankets that i am under, and wow. wow!!

Job loss, selling stuff to pay bills Show more

nsfw; art stream; commissions Show more

Programs that don't remove the flashing cursor from text entry fields when you move focus to another window: Why? Who hurt you?

Stylus went through a second day of drawing with no issue, so I think it might actually be gucci now

Aaaa this finally is up on Spotify so this is just all I'm gonna listen to for the next week

I'm failing at art things in ways I'm not sure how to q..uantify? Qualify? I'm getting uninteresting to people, anyway.