My roommate liked it a lot too, so hopefully the chicken jerky I'm planning to make will be good.

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i made beef jerky, it's really tasty. i cut some slices too thick so they're a little wonky texture wise, but when i defrost this bag of chicken boobs i'll be more consistent

if a dragon gives you a pet name it probably means you're part of their hoard in some way so, keep that in mind, cause dragons get REAL upset if things in their hoard get damaged or go missing

ahhh nice sinus-clearing chili. i needed this. i am GACKED up to the eyeballs for some reason, it's awful

technically not explicit but plushie-dragon posing very suggestively in lingerie 

That the water park has a lost and found for entire swimsuits is weird enough but somehow nobody questions it, apparently people just lose their entire outfits and nobody notices

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technically not explicit but plushie-dragon posing very suggestively in lingerie 

The most difficult part about working at Blackwater Rapids is sometimes Reno gets into the Lost & Found swimsuits and poses sexily and you realize the park mascot kinda got some cake and maybe you aren't THAT attached to this job--

NSFW; giant furry cartoon genitals, dubious anatomy, body hair 

A body size and shape I'm calling the "70/30 beef grrl"

You know, like ground beef. 30% fat, 70% meat.

more sketchy experimentation, including an attempt at inking a doodle of @Edelwood, my hands still remember how to do this evidently

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NSFW art stream link

i draw butt and boob and possibly a benis

L + Burnt roux + can't taste the shrimp + rubbery catfish + dry fried chicken + slimy okra + not enough tea bags in your sun tea + sugar free pecan pie

it aint' water under the bridge; i learned how to swim

A semi-brief expulsion about perception of being sick 

Actually hang on, it's kinda fucked up how like

You can wake up with a buncha extra goop in your head, leaking out of the front of your face or sliding down the back of your throat

Maybe you're dehydrated real bad or have a weird, specific allergy that only crops up one one particular mushroom ring blooms in your yard or just are real sensitive to overcast days

But there's some cornstarch and paper glue nonsense plugging up your head, you got a headache, you can only breathe fuckwise, to the left, or upside down, every 4th breath you gotta swallow SOMETHING but also not set off your gag reflex on some bungee cord booger

But somehow that isn't really "being sick"? It's just weird what our barometer for "sick" is (a lot of it is fever-related--like you're not Really Sick until your body's trying to cook you in your own skin to hopefully kill a pathogen before your brain denatures)

i had this GRAND plan to make a pie-adjacent thing and then I didn't cause I just could not be fucked to leave bed. bleh

NSFW; excessively sized sexparts of all shape and stripe 

uhhhhh big

I have wondered if I have The Autisms because of the way I ... Violently fixate and respond to Food Stuff. Not food itself, like the preparation and history and accessibility of it.

Like how shitty the 'lmao brits just eat boiled paste' meme is and 'white people don't use spices' and 'asians eat cats' just stuff like that. it's WRONG. or missing some context sometimes. or lying by omission! Like "white food doesn't have spices" technically correct, utilizes more herbs, smoke, and broths.

And I get so... unbelievably irrationally angry. I get less upset about being called slurs than I do about food elitism.

There is no point to this post, I took my braincase off and let the steam make marks on the internet for a moment. Apologies!

Not to knock french culinary arts but the holy trinity smells a damn treat better while cooking than mirepoix

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