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why yes, I do have an electric stove that has awful hot spots and slopes to one side, how did you guess

Also, electric stoves work by way of little satans dancing around the paths of the coils like a meditation labryinth, rubbing their stinky red buttcheeks on the metal and your pot. That's why the coils glow and why they're SO AWFUL AT HEATING THINGS UP OR HOLDING A PAN LEVEL

time to shove starch in my face until I die

hear me out here...

Seinfeld, but the characters are henchmen, each working under a different comic book super villain.

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if you had hooves would you NEVER stub your toes, or given what hooves are, would it mean it's even worse to stub your toes?


Keep feelin' something on my foot and I look down basically hoping it is, in this order:
Piece of food
Piece of cloth
A hair
Basically anything
A jumping spider
Any other bug

other dream I had (I often have two, cause I wake up halfway through my sleep pattern):
Hanging out with friend
TORNADO SIRENS GO OFF (in Nevada?? we were in Reno btw)
Outside there's just 30 tornadoes coming down like some shitty disaster movie
One lands OUTSIDE THE HOUSE and starts sucking me out of the window. I know that's not how they work at all, but this is a dream, so...just roll with it.
As I'm being dragged into the sky I see my father in like a...reinforced saferoom, looking out of the window to it.
He's eating pizza, watching me get hauled into oblivion with a look on his face like "Well, that's sure an event that's happening that doesn't affect me at all."
Then I woke up.

just carrying it over my shoulder like a robbery sack full of money

had a dream i got in trouble at the airport for trying to bring a full like, lawn garbage bag of bread on a plane

need to start a youtube and be Binging With Babish With Lunatic Energy

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[browses through usual internet haunts for 15 minutes]

Thinking about it is there is one thing I gotta be fairly desperate to eat and that's extremely overcooked pasta. But we're talking MAD overcooked, like been sitting in warm water for DAYS, practically-consistency-of-snot overcooked.

I need to clone myself so I can cook AND draw at the same time. Gah!

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