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Vaeri, Copper Dragonwrought kobold Battle Dancer
For @youdidntseemeh@twitter.com
Thank you for commissioning me!

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commission for @sexhomaru@twitter.com

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I was very motivated to bust out my easel last night and paint a crystalline dragon ✌️

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My half of an art trade with @RedIzaK@twitter.com I loved drawing these nerdy sweeties 💜 😍

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A soft scaly friend has been spotted in the woods 🐉💛

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Apparently it's , so here's a dragon I appreciate! 🐉💖

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"and from over the mountain came her. A slender red dragon with -of all things- headtails, and a plated chest that shone of gold. Kastelle met her eyes and it came flooding back; this was his wife, Titanium, very much not dead."

(excerpt from edgy 2014 writings)

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Okay so thanks to @F_for_Frostie@twitter.com I recently discovered there's a long-lost Disney Short about a friendly dragon who helps out a young squire, and that this wasn't picked up for a full Disney Afternoon series is something I will die mad about.

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Dragon Style

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