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@Dragon_Manual During lockdowns I wrote a novel and made audiobook on YouTube 🙂 you can also find print and kindle on Amazon. Full Audiobook is free to share and enjoy with friends 🤠

“Founders Keep” Chapter 1 By M R R Lopez

Happy Valentines day, everyone~ Please make sure you show your dragon the requisite level of love and care as mandated by dragon law.


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It’s fun how the soft shape rendering approach I did in this character designs takes a bit more of time to accomplish , yet the end result is so satisfying . One of my goals is to accomplish this goal in a more efficient way. ✨🐉

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I’m still going through the games I got last steam sale.. What are you playing right now? 🐲🎮


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I hope you have a fun and comfortable holiday! Don’t let the santa Claws bite XD ❤️🐲


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"Come ooon. What did you expect?"

This quote from Loki trailer bought me in a second, sorry not sorry.

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We all have that one indulgent food item we love to order, right? 🍛🥩🍕


Dragons are immune to all diseases, but we are all socially distancing this holiday season to inspire the mortals to do the same. Being perfect includes setting a good example.

Can you pet the dragon?


Okay a little.

... I'll tell you when to stop.

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First fluffy derp dragon done! Commission for @KalfyART

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Follow us for daily motivational dragon comics! ❤️🐲

And thanks for the Retweets! ❤️

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Patreon is one of the best ways you can support me and the work that I do. Pledges start at just $1 a month and rewards include behind the scenes look at new products, process photos, as well as exclusive products just for my patrons. patreon.com/VerdantSculpts

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Did someone say Zodiac Dragons enamel pins?! Our Kickstarter just passed 50% yesterday! 14 enamel pin designs! Ophiuchus THE BIG ONE! Which one is your Zodiac Dragon?


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Of we go! Finished commission for @ClydeNightwing!

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So many layers to this film: family, friendship, generational values, questions about the meaning of life.

But for now... here’s some


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