My newest adventure is attempting an art doll! I am sculpting the head and feet with the intention to cast the parts! Here's my progress.

Here is the raffle prize for @stasanie of her griffon character, Viridian! She was definitely fun to draw! and thanks for letting me make her a bit silly cx

I promise i am not dead, although i came close! (JK) i am just getting over a flu that lasted me 2 weeks.. please have some smol i did :D

I got my friend Yuki on twitter, in an art exchange so i made her a gif of her pacapiller character named Hoshi! Some might recognize the gif i used for reference hehe

Sorry for my lack of activity here lately! I definitely have been in a bit of an art slump.. but here's some photos I got with my drone..

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all my friends c:

NSFW, Male Genitals, Female nudity 

Completed comm for @Metaph and @Phoenix_Borealis of their characters of the same names. The asked me for a sexy moment in the corral between the two of them so here's my best interpretation!
I spent a ton of time figuring out the anatomy and everything else to make it perfect. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the comm info sheet for the christmas gifs! $50cdn each! Send me a PM with your ref sheet and which one you like the most :3

Heres the last YCH example! Will be posting the sales sheet shortly! c: Made this one for my friend Shinerai of her character Lhyz!

@Metaph says "oh no, it's Canadian outside!" 🤣 yes. Very hahaha

Sorry for my lack of art posting. I am trying to get better about having more content uploaded so I can get more engagement. But sadly life is not giving me lemons, but rather bricks. I'm working on it. Stay tuned!

Heres the second example for the YCH gifs I will be opening up comms for soon!
Again i cant figure out why things are posting here.. I see a little 500 box popup in the bottom left corner when i try to upload stuff. :c

I made a new gif but i cant upload it for some reason so please check out my twitter to see it :D I plan to open YCH comms for xmas gifts shortly for these so stay tuned!

PHEW OK sorry for the upload spam guys c': i think most of what i will be posting of older art has been posted. I am quite please with how far i have come in the last few years.. I have made some really wonderful friends and some real improvements on my art skill as well as broadening my horizons a bit! I am excited to be part of the Mastodon community now and I hope to make many more friends!

I am bad at posting often but I do hope what I do end up posting will be worth it!

I am in a discord server with my dear friend and we like to do art exchanges, so here are a few of the ones I have participated in :D

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