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Welcome. Primary mastodontal activity will now be here. Refer to @CeruleanK for toots prior to October 2018.

I've been fascinated with performances of "Failing" by Tom Johnson, and when I think I've seen them all, YouTube finds and serves up another one to me about once a day. This is the most popular one, because it shows the score:

I don't feel like I can really mark the end of 2020 until the inauguration, but gosh, goodbye Flash. I made sure to revisit the Differences games by Ivory before I uninstalled. "Find 6 Differences" was weirdly important to me as a night person.

Poker Quest 

ph is mh, fonts 

If anyone comes even later than I to Monument Valley and unspoiled, be advised that the 5th Anniversary Edition of this charming little tribute to M.C. Escher starts in "party mode" which gives your character an assortment of hats/masks precisely calculated to spoil almost every slightest thematic turn to come including the ending, which is impressive for a work so short.

My parents got me an Amazon Fire for xmas, knowing I would never get a tablet for myself because I live in one room with a computer on my desk, and society has heretofore failed to impress upon me that certain things belong on a whole other computer that you hold by the edges and keep with the throw cushions. I am doing my best to get accustomed to it and find uses for it, starting with Monument Valley. But I am tempted to affix a big handle to the back.

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I somehow got a little hooked on dashcam videos, not because I need to see any more of the worst of humanity, but out of a nostalgia for what it's like to go places. Yeah, those guys are trying to kill each other, but what a pretty sky, and hey, a diner, I'd stop at that diner…

Poker Quest, CW fictional pet harm 

games: Poker Quest 

Ozymandias, All Star 

It happened again: My phone fell back two hours to Alaska time, and will only allow me to set it to Pacific if I decouple the clock from the network. Not sure which is more improbable, that I'm the only one in the area who experiences this, or that I'm not and nothing has been done about it.


It is gratifying to be able to vote in the middle of the night with no one around. To do one thing I need to at any time it is convenient for me.

jon bois, criticism 

Being in the dark with only my thoughts for five hours, in the hope of regulating my untamable sleep pattern for the sake of an appointment I made a month ago, is always such a good time (it is not a good time)

Ozymandias, All Star 

The exercise of repeatedly jumping off something and trying to break through the floor is still part of Animal's regimen. If they ever succeed, they are not going to like what they find down here.

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