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Welcome. Primary mastodontal activity will now be here. Refer to @CeruleanK for toots prior to October 2018.

My gaming time lately is mostly spent with Portal pinball by Zen. It's unusually difficult for pinball; everything's very fast, and the list of steps required for most objectives can only be described as completely unreasonable. But it's a difficulty I respect. I like it. It helps that the Portal theme is executed well; though it isn't heavy on actual portals, it uses the characters and other elements entertainingly and much more faithfully than other licensed stuff.

bad food 

bad food 

CW all the tiring world stuff 

The dynamic musical theming of Them's Fightin' Herds kind of makes me want to hear the "Paprika is winning" version of a whole bunch of tunes from other sources.

Okay, this is enough for a start! Please go to if you want to read the beginning of my new comic, "Hain and the Half Coin"!

Unboxed my new microwave. Inaugurating it with the free bag of popcorn I still have from when I moved in. I guess the broken one will become some kind of furniture for a while.

All right, it looks like I have enough now to work with.

Okay, I will try the six character fan art challenge. Make your suggestions, but be aware that there's a lot of very popular stuff I am just not into, and I will have to skip over anything that requires more research than interests me. Responses may be picked from multiple platforms.

isolation side effects 

Don't buy a Sharp microwave oven, I guess. This one is unusable after only two years. It's a pretty bad time for it.

Well, that went fine, and I probably got more than I need if they're going to make me go back weekly for one box of tissues. Hopefully wearing my driving gloves the whole time was good for something.

All right, it's time. I've stayed in this whole time, and I don't know what it's like out there, but I'm all out of most things and the food I have left would last me one more day. I'm going to Safeway.

My microwave oven just turned on by itself for a few brief bursts. Guess I'll keep it unplugged, but I may still use it. I don't think I can be surprised by anything anymore.

social anxiety 

If you wonder what I've been doing with my time, I'm trying to start an entirely new comic. I know the shape of the story, and I've given it a setting that allows me to make things up as I go.

But I don't quite have a page, because I've had some false starts creating the establishing shots. And I keep rewriting the lines that go with them. This last has stopped me in my tracks because it tells me I should use type instead of hand lettering, and I can't seem to find a font with the right voice, which has me looking at making one for myself since that is a thing I do. So instead of engaging my imagination I'm back to squinting at alphabets.

Spoilers: Return of the Obra Dinn 

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