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food and poison 

I was worried I might run out of Taskmaster soon, but it turns out there have been versions in like seven more countries. The Norwegian one seems good, so I'm watching a series of that as a break from the original, because Series 8 is kind of a downer.

Curse Dale Carnegie for teaching everyone that people will like you better if you find out their name and address them with it.

It took three years, but when I use the apartment building's website, I no longer stare at the header photo the size of a full screen on every page for several minutes waiting for the rest of the page to load in front of it.

drat these computers 

Asking English for consistency in its forms is usually a joke, but sometimes it genuinely seems like words are missing. The quality of being honest is honesty. You're telling me there's no "earnesty"? And why is a party offering amnesty never described as "amnest"?

old uspol, adventure games 

The weather thing on the Windows taskbar periodically showing completely false AQI warnings all day is weirdly stressful considering that if they were confirmed accurate I wouldn't really be bothered.

In retrospect it's surprising that it took so long before someone decided to make a Discworld concept album. This is the first as far as I know, it's short, and it's pretty good.

"A Monster's Expedition (Through Puzzling Exhibitions)" is calming and eminently satisfying, no matter how challenging it gets. I want to find everything in it.

There is a big wave of furry fandom nostalgia going around, and all I can think of is what a shitshow it all was. It is embarrassing to think I lost so much sleep at ill-run events seeking validation from such a septic pool of petty infamy.

covid analogy, literature 

the scottish play 

Local elections matter. 

home furnishings, music 


This wasn't going to be as simple as "tape", but I find solutions. I am now fully prepared for when I actually need to use this powerful air conditioner for a few days approximately a year from now.

If anyone nearby has a use for the leftovers of the giant insulation sheet I cut this from (half-inch styrofoam with reflective surface, a 57"x26" piece and a 48"x39" piece), just ask me for it.

The new air conditioner works! Later I should devise a better way to insulate the window around the flimsy exhaust plate, but I'm impressed with how quickly it's pumping heat out of the room. The fridge recovered by itself today too.

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