-, Resource Usage 

So, I was thinking. Lets suppose we find a way to generate free energy, right? As much as we want. And we find a way to turn this energy into matter any way we want. And we find a way to dispose of the waste heat thus generated, and also invent anti-gravity to prevent us being crushed under the weight of our own accumulated stuff. Then, the only limiting resource left to us is space, which assuming no FTL, we can capture at a rate of 2C^3. Which is still not enough of a growth rate to keep up with our current exponential growth in resource usage... :/

-, Resource Usage 

Now, there is one flaw here, which is that space does technically expand, and at an exponential rate, too. So, if that continues, then under the given scenario we could, actually, keep up with our exponential growth rate. But, lets assume that the store of dark energy, whatever it is, eventually is exhausted and space stops growing exponentially. That returns us to not being able to keep up with our exponential growth and it's implications. Or, we could just not be able to invent all the crazy stuff I talked about in the first post. :/

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