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Streaming Destiny 2 with a friend for the first stream of being a Twitch Affiliate, come hang out and vibe!

Streaming Destiny 2 PvP with a cute cat girl so come hang out! Only 10 more followers until I can get Affiliate status!

I’m still me, it’s a really really small change that ultimately changes nothing, people already referred to me as they quite a bit and I still identify as a guy, but y’know. Like I said, small things that don’t change anything but just make me a little bit happier uwu

I know im not trans and im like 99% sure im not non-binary but I just don’t identify fully as cis either. Cisheteronormative capitalistic society disgusts me. Don’t know if there’s a word for that and maybe it’s just a shorty reason but fuck it, asking my pronouns and giving a “they” just feels right and as one more middle finger to the system that hurts me and mine.

2022 is going to be a year of small changes and things to further boost my mental health and overall happiness. Little things that don't change anything but still have a positive impact on me. And continuing with the theme of "new start, new me" I'm going to see how he/they pronouns feel I think uwu

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Live with Final Fantasy XIV stuff! Only 18 followers away from the 50 I need to hit Affiliate, would be super grateful to anybody who pops in to hang out a bit and help reach that goal!

Hope to see y'all there <3

This has to be one of my favorite FF14 screenshots I’ve taken. Me DRK LB3ing while our group’s Astro pops off, just holy shit this game is gorgeous.

Getting set up to stream Risk of Rain with a friend, come hang out and vibe! Got a new compressor mic I'm testing out and am only 21 followers away from being set for Affiliate!

Live with some pre-stream chilling while we wait for folks to get on, then we'll be starting off with some Destiny 2! Come hang out and vibe and help me get to Affiliate!

We're still live and now we're shifting over to stream Monster Hunter Stories 2! Come hang out in chat and help me get to 50 followers so I can make Affiliate!

Streaming levelling in FF14 with @bupy, come hang out and vibe and help me find out if there's anything left to tweak for my stream!

Trying to get to 50 follows so I'm on track to hit affiliate in the next couple weeks, that's the biggest hurdle!

Love to see ya'll there <3

We've switched to Risk of Rain 2 to stress test framerate killing on the stream haha

come hang out in chat and vibe, and maybe give me a follow :eyes:

Still live with Destiny 2 PvP and I'm SUPER happy with how clean and smooth everything is running. Come hang out in chat and say hi!

Seeing if I can get a bit of a boost to followers and viewers so I can kickstart this channel up to Affiliate status!

We're now live with a pre stream! Will start streaming Destiny 2 shenanigans with a friend in about 10ish minutes! Come hang out!

Planning on doing another game Stream in about 30 minutes! Just another test stream to make sure everything is set up and working well. Come hang out, chat, and vibe!

Currently streaming Century: Age of Ashes to test out my new Twitch set up, come hang out if you'd like!

scammer update 

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