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on a non-disgusting topic, nyc had to turn off a subway line today because of goats on the tracks.

(the goats went to a hopefully non-euphamistic farm upstate)

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Is it wrong to leave notes, in random places, implying that Ea-Nasir of Ur owes me copper ingots, just to annoy/confuse future archeologists?

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theft. Show more

hmmm this little dude has a punch glove and a mohawk... what color should I make the mohawk? (I always seem to default to turquoise or pink)

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remember to use this for a future RPG campaign Show more

@001zlnv That doesn't work very well for a number of reasons including but not limited to the fact that any activitypub based social network can federate with Masto communities.

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minor paranoia Show more

... there's a food bot now?
*starts a timer until briggands rob the food bot.

That feeling when you hear your email beep, and think it is the tracking number you've been waiting for, but it is really just an ad for something you haven't used in a decade.

Well time to go give a broken computer amnesia.