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*reverb* BIG WATER! small chicken!


I won a game of warhammer 40k today by making robot skeletons sprint across a field and then take a nap on top of a flag directly in front of enemy tanks.

their cryptek stayed in the deployment zone to hang out and bbq.

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There's a new bubble bobble game?

Digdug when?

I don't usually do a lot of retoots, but that corn information is amazing, and I am embarrassed I did not know this before.

When the Spanish returned to Spain with corn, it spread across the continent where it took hold in many rural towns. Unfortunately, the process of nixtamalization did not also immigrate with them- presumably because of a lack of understanding of nutrition, and the flawed thought that mechanical separation was good enough.

It was not.

The result were sweeping outbreaks of pellegra and kwashiorkor, diseases linked to famine and serious nutrient deficiencies.

Maize 🌽 that has undergone nixtamalization is easier to grind, better tasting, lower (up to 90% reduction) in carcinogenic compounds from mycotoxin infestations.

It also unbinds niacin that is otherwise indigestible to humans and makes it available for us to absorb, warding off serious outbreaks of illnesses such as pellegra which occur in countries were corn in a staple food, but has not undergone treatment, and lastly reduces the amount of protein zein, creating a balance amino chain.

Maize that underwent nixtamalization was ground down into a much, much finer powder (called masa flour) than most Americans might be used to seeing. In the states, we're most familiar with cornmeal, dried ground corn that did not undergo this special method.

Whats the difference? Cornmeal cannot be made independently into a dough while masa flour only needs the addition of water and salt. There is also a key difference in nutrients.

Photo below. Hover for text.

❗ Nixtamalization ❗ is the process of cooking down corn with lime, either as an addition in chunks or as it was most likely discovered, cooked on top or inside of lime cookware.

Now, technically, this can be accomplished with any alkaline solution (wood ash lye is another option) but its most likely limestone was used, so we'll stick with lime. The corn would be cooked, soaked for several hours, then washed thoroughly, hulled (made easier by this process), and finally processed.

Ha ha ha already needing to make my work schedule through Christmas

Ok I just had a legit reason to say "In the DISTANT past the year 2000!"

mutton chops are not the same as being a werewolf

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