Have you tried following the on screen instructions?

Is there any funnier gachapon toy than tiny versions of gachapon machines?


If you're ever in Lyndhurst nj
Go to jerk and gyro.

Their jerk kabab sandwich is amazing! They take a kabab of jerk chicken, grill it, chop it, serve it on a grilled pita with lettuce tomato cucumber onion, and then put tattziki, and jerk sauce on it.

I knew their more Caribbean stuff was good, but this is an inspired combo.

Tabletop games, star trek 

Chibi borg and enterprise crew, that is a bit of a odd choice GF9.

And there's a chibi gowron with duras sisters add on...


annoyed grumbling, ebay 

ok.. why is it always some ass who doesn't have his payment methods set right that wins the auction


I so love how the majority of time selling stuff on ebay is just watching the item sit at minimum bid with 1 bidder, and like 35 people watching it. then a flurry of bullshit happens in the last two minutes and the final price ends up completely random.

oh wait no, it drives me up the damn wall.


A friend brought me this pile of weird 40ish year old mech models.

Rpgs, nonexplicit mention of sex 

Ok so of all the stuff I tried different for eclipse phase 2, I really did not think "the deck of down time hook ups" was gonna be the thing folks really enjoyed.

Basically during session one, a player mentioned that on the night before a mission, her character planned to pick up someone random to sleep with.

I am terrible at improving that kind of stuff, so I started writing note cards with a very short description of the person on the front and a little detail of what they got up to that night, and any plot hooks for it.

And I am surprised that it went over well enough that I need to replenish the deck before next game.

Also that the first draw off the deck was the only one in it so far who has no genitalia.

Destiny 2, I'm doing it wrong 


Using sweet business in crucible 💀
Using sweet business in iron banner :dragn_mlem:
Persuading the entire team to use sweet business 🔇 🔥 :dragneyes:

uspol, mnpol, theocratic hellscape (+) 


Governor Tim Walz has issued an executive order against any future "Fugitive Trans" bills.

"Gov Tim Walz has just made Minnesota a trans refugee state with an EO!

He will decline extradition requests.
He will refuse subpoenas.
No resource can be used to enforce bans.

They will be the first state to upgrade to dark blue, safest states in my map."



That is some confusingly oily chicken


She wrote her name three times in this email, and it is different each time.

inflatable fetish 

Where did that pull string come from?


It must be spring, cat's operating his walk up window again

Art, fetish 

That thing where you're not sure if something is a technical/skill limit or an intentional part of the work in a fetish picture.

In this case giant/giantess photos where they're interacting with an unpainted white mini as a part of the scene.

I just can't decide if it's like an outgrowth of the drone thing and the mini victim is meant to be anonymized or if they just don't know how to paint a mini.

a message to cis people 

When people say "Trans Rights Are Human Rights", what they mean is that our fight is your fight too.

Shall people have bodily autonomy or not?

Shall healthcare be a human right or not?

Shall people have equal rights and opportunities regardless of their gender or not?

If trans people can't have rights, no one has rights, not really. They'll start with us, but it won't end there.

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