clear orange over pink just works so much better for bright orange than any other orange paint I've tried!

I have learned lizard cyberzombies are excessively prepared for football and I cannot tackle them.

Fucking politics, death 

I was at a memorial service when the supreme court shit out that reprehensible crap.

So now I'm mad and sad at the same time.

work, death - 

on vacation. logged onto work email just to look up the location of a former coworker's memorial service tomorrow.

Immediately have people messaging me with tech problems.

fucking google hangouts.

Work, covid 

People bother me about always wearing a mask.

Another person in my department has covid now.

This is why I still wear a mask.

destiny 2 

Tradition upheld.
Dominus Gary humiliated.
Loot acquired.

I want a cartoon where every voice actor was just told "be Brian Blessed as hard as you can"

Fish, joke about the devil 

660 lb fresh water stingray

So close to river devil.

the most difficult choice in destiny 2 

do I wear the bird helmet, the tiger helmet, or the dinosaur helmet?


Finishing up a bunch of stuff that's been on my desk too long.

ph *shrug* 

it's absolutely beautiful outside.

so naturally my allergies are killing me and I'm stuck in doors...

oh good, fedex found the box they lost for 8 days...

ok did the dishes and the laundry, getting stuff done this morning

Republicans, do they listen to Kanye? 

... I hate how dangerously close pence keeps coming to quoting Kanye while arguing about if he is able to over turn elections.

He keeps getting a few words off from the lyrics of "power"

The FCC, Pol us 

I love that npr has to explain that they're allowed to air cursing if it's part of love testamony to congress.

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