belly meme, just keeps inflating between frames 

got a weird question, are any of the fancy xbox controller equivalents crush resistant?

not like getting mad and throwing it, but like I just hit the shoulder buttons way too hard and I keep breaking controllers. So I'm trying to figure out if I should get a fancy one to have it last longer or just buy the cheepest on the assumption that they're gonna just keep breaking

Minor spoiler for a startrek tng episode about borg. 

Robot kobold pirates 

Oh a rat just ran across the parking lot. I hope is wasn't one of the lab techs.

Waiting in line for a covid test while the system refuses to process the insurance of the person in front of me.

You know for a free test.

Fucking insurance companies.

Why do so many critters have light colored bellies?

steal this idea, game I want to play 

Miniature, psychic alien, so many tentacles 

I was not aware you could buy TSA seized knives by the pound.

I want a pottery competition in the style of forged in fire, get a silly project, do the project, the judge hurls your project at something silly, then they try to drink coffee out of the remains

please get vaccinated for covid if u are able

If I wear a mask the robot does not recognize me as human.

This is interesting/useful, yes.

Find the cat! 

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