Found an appointment for today to get flu shot and covid booster. Unfortunately it is just far enough away that I am uncertain how early I need to leave here to arrive in time. So guess I'll be standing around waiting for a while.

Rpg, robot death 

Oh no robot squad 2 was crushed by a wizard in a single attack.

Comically tiny hammer 

I had to go pick up a new pair of cutters today, and while I was at the hardware store I found this. A tiny hammer so funny I had to buy it.

Why is the army publishing website ads with kerning that looks like the designer had a stroke in the middle of making it.

What is it about the bodies of dead demigods that makes people immediately jump to "I should use this to make a weapon"


This is one of the few times I can say that all possible readings of "she is trying" are correct of a caller at the same time.

I have suddenly realized there is nothing stopping any npc in eclipse phase from being a Muppet

oh neat, a letter from the department of taxation that isn't bad news!

I'm aware those are really horse quarters and that quarter horses are something different.

Still funny to me.

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I kind of like that Kentucky put a horse on the quarter.
You can have a pile of quarter horses.


Ok made enough dinner for at least the beginning of the week.
3 potatoes, can of tomato, can of chick peas, little frozen spinach, a red pepper, some oil, some garam masala, some old bay, and some cayane

LFG *shrug* 

I love LFG nonsense. join a team, things are mostly working get half way through the dungeon, one person drops. "oh hold on I'll call my friend" Calls his friend. Immediately switches languages. dungeon requires you to match symbols with call outs. I have no idea what either of them are saying and don't have time to learn mandarin mid fight. Guess I'm done for the day.

this week has been nothing but going from one instance of "are you fucking kidding me" to another


Just stressed out waiting to find out if I'm burning a second day off on waiting for my car to get fixed.

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