I really want to watch a space opera show that just goes all in on how weird and diverse human cultures would get given super science and a whole galaxy to screw around in

it's one of those days where there's too many things to do and not enough time to do any of them 100%

you ever wonder how loud a sound underwater needs to be for passing to notice it with sonar?

like if you were to sink a machine into the sea that just sat there drumming and ringing bells or something would anyone ever know?

inflatable fetish, clown 

Food, old people 

The doomsday clock. 

apparently this is a very "get stuff done" kind of week for all my dumb hobbies

Inflatable fetish 

metal + 

inflatable fetish, drawing 

Inflatable fetish, no photo 

I swear my phone is trying to mess with me by auto correcting the s off of the end of plural nouns and conjugated verbs...

nj pol, +++ 


inflatable fetish 

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