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The plot of tonight's starfinder game:
A slave revolt and a boarding action are interrupted by an alien domestic dispute, and forgotten name revelations.

Also a Skittermander helped random combatants.

Crap. I forgot the party for tonight's game at home.

I'll need to stop home after work.

how many different flavors of elf does voltron need?

a tiger clips through the ground and is forcefully ejected from a hole in a tree.

this is the flaw of the jungle?

Dream/reality Show more

started watching power of myth on netflix.

I had watched it a very long time ago. Not sure it really holds up as well when one is not an anxious teenager in the middle of the night.

I should really stop doing things when I am hungry.

"radiation levels are dropping, why?"
"we suspect subatomic particles are afraid of bob"

Today is off to a bad, if somewhat predictable start.

I wonder what the caloric expenditure is for a raccoon to climb a 23 story building.
And what is the calory value of a can of cat food is.

A raccoon climbed 23 stories just to be trapped by a cage with cat food.

The 2026 world cup has been scheduled in my back yard.

I do not want to be anywhere near here when it happens.

I wish this raccoon had legs long enough to put on a motor cycle.
a team of 2 robots and a trash panda would kind of rule

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I painted a very important mini today.

a cauldron full of stew.